Brand Comparison Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo: Brand Management and Research

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Japanese automotive producer Toyota is the one of most valuable automobile brands and ranked 8th best global brand interbrand Toyota is the producer of Lexus, Hino and Daihatsu car brands. The brand positioning statement of Toyota could also include that the brand is aware of current environmental issues and trys to mitigate these, and that they will try to fufill the requirements of consumers from around the world by creating a reliable, safe, innovative cars, using premiuim quality with comparatively low prices.

Toyota emphasises its strategy of being a known enviromentally friendly car company, producing hybrid technology cars and at the same time relatively low cost cars against competitors.

Volkswagen Group's Vision 2030 strategy could bring revolution to the brands

I will implement each of these concepts to the Volkswagan brand and will use secondary research to analyse each of them. They add that if the brand has a clear and identifiable identity, then consumers can easily know in their minds what the brand stands for and what it sells and this will make it more successful. According to De Chernatony , brand identity is original and distinctive and is the key idea of the brand and how the brand connects to their stakeholders.

Additionally, Nandan states brand identity comes from the company and highlights how the differentiated the product is and its particular features. According to Keller ,p there are six criteria for brand elements to be successful, these are as follows 1.

Brand Comparison Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo

Memorable 2. Meaningful 3. Likable 4. Transferable 5. Adaptable 6. Protectable The brand name of Volkswagen shows how they comminicate their identity to consumers. The name of Volkswagan will have a positive impact on consumers as consumers will instantly recognise this brand name and will associate it with a car that has a long history of being reliable and indicates high quality, and Germany itself has an association with high quality and engineering skills.

Volkswagen is also popular for producing very stylish, long lasting as well as aesthetically pleasing cars as well as considering environmental aspects.

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The picture below shows how the beetle used to look like and the new current one. Beetle always has fashionable, authentic style and the new beetle has a progressive look and is an innovative contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional Beetle. The logo is one of the most recognizable and strongest in the world. For Volkwagan, it is highly likely that if this question was asked of consumers, they would probably associate it with being reliable, safe, enviromentally friendly, luxury and so on.

These associations with what the brand is all about when consumers think of the brand is what makes the brand image.

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These all different associations with a brand by consumers are caused by the past experiences with brand, brand logo, brand name or advertisement of the brand De Chernatony This shows that brand image is consumer based. Brand image is also the way a specific brand positioned themself in the market for example how the customers perceives the product Nandan, Whereas identity is sent out by the company themselves as what they want the consumer to think about the brand Tony, Volkswagen has a good brand image in consumersminds in terms of enviromental factors as well as qualilty aspects.

Volkswagen as a brand gives image of being enviromentally friendly and that they are committed to the environment via the launch of BlueMotion technology.

Volkswagen Information

This technology includes all products, technologies and innovations that extremely improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Blue motions technology is both energy efficient and fun to drive. The aim applies all group production plants and corporate functions, and they are all working together towards acheiving this goal.

Volkswagen sustainable 3. Moreover, when customers experience the brand, customers will develop their own views of brand that will help them to personify brands. Brand personality focuses on what the brand says about the customer and how they feel being associated with brand De Chernatony, Aaker states that there are five main dimensions for a brand personality and these are Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication, and Ruggedness. Brand equity depends on some psychological indicators, which are percieved from the customers percpective and their point of view Kapferer, Later from my understanding I developed the brand pyramid and it below the shows figure.

Influential consumer ranking agency finds Peugeot as more reliable than Japanese or European rivals

Key characteristics of global brand is large availability and recognition, social responsibility, standardization, and a good level of quality. Johansson and Carlson, Johansson and Carlson opinion of right global brand should have to take important amount of market share in various diffirent major markets.

So Volkswagen should consider this application of glabal branding theory. It is very common for people globally to assoicate Germany with high quality, reliable cars and high engineering skills. Volkswagen performs in all key market segments with more than 70 different models. It supplies most of its cars to customers in major developing countries like India, China, and Brazil or its origin country, Germany.

The Volkswagen Group operates production plants in 19 European countries and a further eight different countries in continental America, Asia and Africa. The Volkswagen Group sells their vehicles in diffirent countries around the world VolkswagenAG Volkswagen global brand management managers mainly aim to focus on wishes and choice of customers today and in the future. Mazda had no immediate comment, while Hyundai did not respond to a request for comment. Carmakers have struggled to lower their average fleet emissions because of a shift in customer taste toward heavier, bigger SUVs sports utility vehicles , which make it harder to maintain the same levels of acceleration and comfort without increasing fuel consumption and pollution.

SUVs are now the most popular vehicle category in Europe, commanding a market share of Even Porsche, which makes lightweight sportscars, relies on sports utility vehicles for 61 percent of sales. As the industry-wide scale of excessive emissions prompted Brussels to push through tougher laws late last year, VW executives concluded that purely electric cars were the most efficient way to meet carbon dioxide goals across its fleet.

This was the point of no return, according to executives, when the company made the final electric investment decisions and committed to staying the course it had plotted after dieselgate. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States. Sustainable Business. Data was weighted to be representative of the entire U. Respondents for this survey were selected from among those who have agreed to participate in Harris Poll surveys. Because the sample is based on those who agreed to participate in our panel, no estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. Brand of the Year is determined by a simple ranking of brands.

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