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NOOK Book. Chapter 1 The Awakening of Jackson St. Clair Tremain Tuesday, June 8, There are ominous events that occur in the sea of life, that rise above all other activities and happenings like a shark's fin above the liquid surface of a rolling wave. And so it was for Jackson Tremain when he received a call from his grandmother informing him of the death of Sampson Davis. After the call he attempted to concentrate on his daily duties, keeping a measured stroke, swimming through the passing minutes, but the meaning and importance of the call began to circle in a tightening spiral around his consciousness.

He could ill afford such diversions. He had the tasks and responsibilities of a deputy city manager. Other areas that needed his full attention. He had fallen increasingly out of favor with the city manager, not for quantity nor quality of work but for things far more serious, differences in philosophy and style.

Thus he had other predators in sight, ones that ate more than simple flesh. Perhaps his response to the call might have been different if his whole morning had not begun in an unpleasant manner. Jackson had just arrived in his office when the phone began to ring. He glanced at his watch. It was seven-thirty. He put down his coffee and his cinnamon roll and picked up the receiver. As a deputy city manager, Jackson had listened quietly to many such tirades; it was part of his job.

He held the telephone between chin and shoulder and continued to drink his coffee, eat his cinnamon roll, and take notes all while being absolutely attentive.

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The mayor's angry voice growled into the phone, "We need a Community Police Review Commission resolution to adopt during tonight's city council meeting concerning this matter. Goddamn it, this is an election year! He recognized that the mayor had every reason to be upset. The night before, two white police officers wearing masks while on duty in a patrol car had cruised the Chinese district of the city shouting words like gook, Chink, and slope to people on the street.

The two patrolmen pulled a Chinese businessman from his truck and beat him after he cursed them for calling him racial epithets. They opened a five-inch gash in his forehead, locked him out of his truck, and left him lying in the street. They did not report the incident to police dispatch, but several scores of witnesses did. Jackson had received a call concerning the matter from one of his connections in the police department before he had come in to work that morning. Jackson replied, "I may not have all the information.

But as far as I know, the two officers in question have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the allegations. They have requested a closed hearing in front of the Civil Service Commission to challenge any disciplinary action that may be forthcoming. Mayor, but you haven't had a quorum on the commission in three months. Only five of the nine seats are filled.

You still need to appoint four commissioners. All right! I'll announce the commission appointments tonight at the council meeting.

I want that Police Review Commission resolution you're preparing on my desk by three-thirty this afternoon! Mayor, the city manager has assigned me the responsibility of preparing the agenda for the executive session for this afternoon at four.

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I can't possibly poll all the council members for their agenda items, prepare the revisions, if any, to the executive session agenda, attend the executive session, and prepare this resolution. As the first black mayor of this city, I pressed him into hiring you. He was going to hire that white girl who had come here as an administrative intern three years ago over you even though you had three times her experience. You know he was here before me and he thinks he's going to be here after me.

But he doesn't know me. I've been dealing with white boys like him all my life. I'm going to get this boy treed, then I'll be looking forward to seeing the back of him!

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Mayor," Jackson chided, thinking he couldn't risk being openly disloyal to his immediate supervisor. After all, the mayor was a politician and everything was salable if the right issue arose. There's people who happen to be white and there's white people. Now get me my goddamned resolution before three-thirty!

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Remember who helped you get where you are. Mayor," Jackson replied with resignation. The mayor played this card whenever Jackson showed any reluctance to perform some extra chore for him, and whenever he played it, Jackson responded appropriately. He assured the mayor, "The resolution will be on your desk by three-thirty. This resolution doesn't have to be a three-page monster with twenty whereases either. Just something simple and to the point.

All he'll do is find some pretext to delay. You know he's in bed with the police department on this matter. He and Chief Walker would love to see me defeated in this next election. Once I approve the resolution, I want you to send it directly over to the city clerk's office. She'll be waiting for it. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

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