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Michael Williams. Tom Doherty Asso. Few Die Well. David R. Jove Books, New York. Ron Timberlake. Web-published work in progress. William E. Red Bird Down! Bruce E.

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Howze Board

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Airmobility by John J. Tolson

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Aerial Rocket Artillery

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There is an unidentified photo of a flight of 3 Cobras with cool teeth. Another shows an apparent Centaur in the foreground with 5 Marine CHs in the background "near Hue", over water. Another depicts a closeup of a Blue Max in a rocket run. A very detailed skeleton drawing depicts most all the internals - each identified in a numbered list.

The last section is on later variants. The booklet contains a very good evolutionary history, with many photos. This publication has a heavy Marine influence. One of the 5 chapters is devoted to the Marine Cobra. A gratuitous sentence states: "Training was accomplished alongside Army personnel, and some idea of the superior qualities of the Marines can be gained from the fact that, in a class of 39, the four USMC candidates occupied the first four places on graduation.

I'm quite sure I found it in a model-and-hobby shop in Tucson several years ago while looking unsuccessfully for the old Revell model kit of the AH-1G I used to have. Ceremonies of the Horsemen by Mark Staggs. Staggs into enlist in the military for an "attitude adjustment". Wade returned to California in after his Cobra Helicopter was shot down and he was critically wounded. However, he was not received as a war hero who had been willing to forfeit his life for the love of country and the safety of his fellow Americans. He struggled with his relationships with others who could not comprehend his combat experiences, poor health as a result of the wounds he sustained during the war, depression, and poverty.

In addition to being the story of one man's experiences during and after the Vietnam War, Ceremonies Of The Horsemen is a reminder that war does not only damage the physical body, it is destructive to the mind and soul. Flight for Life by Marie Maher. Synopsis: Contains firsthand accounts about daring rescues from the pilots, the flight nurses, the paramedics, and the emergency crews of America's helicopter rescue teams. By the author of Trooper Down! Shock Trauma by Pat G. This is the first novel ever to capture the heart pounding, life and death drama of helicopter air ambulance rescue.

The story revolves around the misadventures of ICU nurse Angie Jackson, paramedic Russ Andrews and pilot Dale Morgan as they fly to the scene of motor vehicle accidents, assist with mountain rescues, learn how to luge and take part in the Calgary Olympic Winter Games torch relay. As a helicopter flight nurse, I wanted to capture the heart-pounding emotion of racing to the scene of a multi-car pileup. To feel the drama, fear and stress of fighting to keep a patient alive while flying feet above the ground. I wanted to show readers my world The recollections of Mike Austin, an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

Mike collaborated with st Airborne veteran Don Dunnington on this outstanding glimpse into grass roots level flying during the Vietnam War. From the publisher: Using practical examples and illustrated case studies, supported by all relevant theory, this text offers an accessible introduction which guides the reader through the theory, design, construction and operation of helicopters. Develops fundamental performance and control equations in order to explore the rotor aerodynamic and dynamic characteristics of helicopters.

Example calculations and performance predictions, reflecting current practice, demonstrate how to assess a design's feasibility. Includes numerous photos. On-line reader: "Interesting little stories about bush flying between and in Alaska and Canada. Instead No. This first-ever operational use of helicopters to land troops during an amphibious assault proved successful. With their carriers lying nine miles offshore, the marines were landed far more quickly than could have been achieved using landing craft, and without the need to get their boots wet. Marine Corps Base. This exercise was the culmination of the Marines' developing strategy of vertical envelopment rather than amphibious assaults on heavily defended beaches.

The Marine Corps subsequently adopted this method as standard operating procedure after proving that helicopters could be used to transport very large numbers of troops and large amounts of supplies in a timely fashion. Operation Deep Water was a NATO naval exercise held in the Mediterranean Sea that involved the first units of the United States Marine Corps to participate in a helicopter-borne vertical envelopment operation during an overseas deployment.

During the Vietnam war the U. The use of armed helicopters coupled with helicopter transport during the Algerian War for the French Army to drop troops into enemy territory gave birth to the tactics of airmobile warfare that continues today. Acquiring these machines lay in the hands of the licensee Piasecki given France's urgent need to have them on account of the circumstances. Usually, the H could carry up to 18 troops, yet local operating as well as climatic conditions decreed that the French army examples could carry only up to around 12 troops each.

From to , GH 2 took part in the major battles, which occurred near the frontier between Algeria and Tunisia, including the battle of Souk-Ahras in April The helicopters, including types such as the H, the Alouette II, the Sikorsky H and Sikorsky H , together aggregated over , flying hours in Algeria over 87, for the H alone and helped to evacuate over 20, French combatants from the combat area, including nearly 2, at night.

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By the time the war in Algeria had ended, eight officers and 23 non-commissioned officers from ALAT had died in the course of their duties. These were very successful at first but the Viet Cong VC began developing counter helicopter techniques, and at the Battle of Ap Bac in January , 13 of 15 helicopters were hit and four shot down. The Army began adding machine guns and rockets to their smaller helicopters and developed the first purpose built gunship with the M-6E3 armament system. Six days later, they performed the first helicopter assault using U.

Marine helicopters and ARVN troops. After April , as losses began to mount, U. Army UH-1 Huey gunships escorted the Marine transports. The VC again used effective counter landing techniques and in Operation Sure Wind on 27 April , 17 of 21 helicopters were hit and three shot down. The 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines made a night helicopter assault in the Elephant Valley south of Da Nang on 13 August shortly after Marine ground troops arrived in country. Radcliff, US Army who was killed in action.

The need for a new type of unit became apparent to the Tactical Mobility Requirements Board normally referred to as the Howze Board of the U. Army in The Board met at a difficult time; the bulk of the military hierarchy were focused primary on the Soviet threat to Western Europe, primarily perceived as requiring heavy, conventional units. The creation of new, light airmobile units could only occur at the expense of heavier units.

At the same time, the incoming Kennedy administration was placing a much greater emphasis on the need to fight 'small wars', or counter-insurgencies, and was strongly supportive of officers such as General Howze who were embracing new technologies. Initially a new experimental unit was formed at Fort Benning , Georgia, the 11th Air Assault Division on 11 February , combining light infantry with integral helicopter transport and air support.

Opinions vary as to the level of support for the concept within the Army; some have argued that the initial tests against the context of conventional warfare did not prove promising, and, despite opposition from the Joint Chiefs of Staff , it was primarily the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara who pushed through the changes in , drawing on support from within the Pentagon which had now begun to establish a counter-insurgency doctrine that would require just such a unit.

Within several months it was sent to Vietnam and the concept of air mobility became bound up with the challenges of that campaign, especially its varied terrain — the jungles, mountains, and rivers which complicated ground movement. The 7th Cavalry was the same regiment that Custer had commanded at the ill-fated Battle of the Little Bighorn.

On November 14, , Moore led his troops in the first large unit engagement of the Vietnam War, which took place near the Chu Pong massif near the Vietnam- Cambodia border. It is known today as the Battle of Ia Drang Valley , and is considered to be the first large scale helicopter air assault. This battalion vice "squadron," which would have been its nomenclature had it actually been a cavalry organization gave common currency, albeit incorrectly, to the U. Light infantry-centric organizations battalions, brigades, or divisions that are trained, organized, and equipped to operate with organic i.

The Vietnam-era 1st Cavalry Division Airmobile was not an "air cavalry" division, per se, although it did contain air cavalry squadrons. The division was a new concept that probably was more akin to a modern version of "mounted rifles," owing to its helicopter "mounts," and, as did Cav discussed above, carried the "Cavalry" designation primarily for purposes of lineage and heraldry, and not because of its then current mission or organizational structure. However, true "air assault" organizations are specialized light infantry, much like airborne troops , who are trained, organized, and equipped, specifically to perform the complex, rapid, and dynamic tasks inherent in air assault vice simply being transported by aircraft.

Perhaps a rough comparison can be made between "motorized" and "mechanized" infantry. Any light infantry unit can be transported by truck viz. The airmobile warfare was part of the counter-insurgency actions made by the forces of the three countries against guerrilla forces in Angola , Portuguese Guinea , Rhodesia , Mozambique and South-West Africa. The airmobile warfare tactics used by Portugal, Rhodesia and South Africa had many similar characteristics.

The air forces of the three countries also used the same types of helicopters mainly Alouette III and later, regarding Portugal and South Africa, SA Puma , and there were military cooperation agreements and sharing of experience between the three powers, including the secret Alcora Exercise. Portuguese, Rhodesian and South African airmobile tactics often involved air assaults done by small units of special forces or light infantry , transported in four or five Alouette III helicopters.

Variants of the air mobile warfare tactics used in Africa included the Rhodesian Fireforce and the Portuguese heliborne-horseborne forces cooperation. In addition, all U. Marine Corps divisions are capable of, and routinely train for and perform, air assault operations. These MEUs and MEBs are capable of embarking aboard amphibious warships and include air assault as one of several means of conducting amphibious landing operations, supported by embarked Marine Corps tilt-rotor, helicopter, and STOVL fixed-wing strike aircraft.

The 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry has a limited capability to perform air assault operations. Eisenhower , as part of Operation Uphold Democracy. It comprises units of paratroopers from the Parachute Regiment and light infantry units trained in helicopter insertion, as well as light tanks and artillery. Britain's 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines are also highly experienced in air assault, both for boarding ships and in land attacks, see article above.