Battling Bipolar Disorder: A Memoir

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The message, though, is that it can be treated if diagnosed correctly, with the help of medical people and family and friends. She once again considers her erratic behavior, crippling depressions and suicide attempt, fits of rage and joy, and her arduous battle with an eating disorder, but with a new clarity.

Once a successful entertainment attorney representing the likes of Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, Cheney has chronicled her lifelong battle with bipolar disorder in this bestseller. She pulls no punches in Manic: A Memoir as she recounts the despair, the suicide attempts, flirting recklessly with men, and the dramatic side effects of treatment.

Manic: A Memoir by Terri Cheney

Wishful Drinking , an autobiographical collage that originated as a highly praised one-woman performance by Carrie Fisher , became an HBO special, and was published in book form in Patty Duke wrote her memoir Call Me Anna in , but was approached to write another book specifically about bipolar disorder. A Brilliant Madness , co-authored with medical writer Gloria Hochman, pairs her personal account of having bipolar with scientific information about the illness and ways to treat it. This list needs to be updated. Sound Mind by bphope writer Erika Nielsen was published earlier this year.

There are likely others to add to the list as well. Sound Mind is available on Amazon. My 25 year old son was diagnosed with Bipolar I and depression. He has had one suicide attempt and recently checked himself out of rehab for treatment of dual disorder after 2 weeks. Hang in there Tracy.

I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder when I was 23 and am now Treated with medication until I stabilized and released after weeks. A lot of people came out after Robin Williams's death, and in general there's a lot more awareness about mental illness, but for the most part people still don't feel safe talking abut their personal experiences. I think that the more people come out, the more the stigma will lift, but it's not easy.

I will say for myself, though, that coming out has made me feel infinitely stronger and more resilient. People sometimes ask me what they might do for a friend of theirs who is either manic or depressed or otherwise having a tough time and is kind of unreachable.

16 Books That Have Helped People Through Bipolar Disorder

My mom played a big role in keeping me afloat -- she made it clear that she loved me. Even in my haze of self-negation, there was some deep nut in me that knew she loved me, and I needed to carry on, if not for me then for her. My friends were patient and were there for me when I was ready. Sometimes that's about what you can do.


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HuffPost Personal Videos Horoscopes. A T66 In a look at mental illness that weaves togther three timelines, Greyson Todd leaves his successful Hollywood career and wife and young daughter to travel the world, giving free reign to the bipolar disorder he has been forced to keep hidden for almost twenty years.

U S56 This book tells the story of Pat, recently released from a mental health facility after being treated for bipolar disorder. He comes to terms with his wife's betrayal and his family issues. Connor and Izzy, two teens who met at a summer art camp in the Pacific Northwest, share a series of emails in which they confide in one another, eventally causing Connor to become worried when he realizes that Izzy's emotional highs and lows are too extreme. Fictional story about Brandon, a young boy living with bipolar disorder. Readers learn about his symptoms, fears, and treatment from a child's viewpoint. admin