Diary of a Damaged Soul Two by Marko

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Gradually, it becomes apparent that Marko was murdered and the lives of these people have been profoundly affected by the ripples of that event, like circles spreading on a lake. The uncertainty makes the individual stories more intriguing and the end more powerful. It does, however, take a long time to get there and Golubovic is in no rush with his storytelling, preferring to let everything sink in and emphasize how much and how long these people have suffered.

The film is serious without being solemn, but there is barely a smile to be found.

Diary of a Broken Soul

Lucev is appropriately resolute as Haris, while Rakocevic as the tortured doctor and Bercek as the embittered father are pitch perfect. Golubovic and his cinematographer Aleksandar Ilic have an eye for the sparseness of this terrain, yet find the beauty in it with careful compositions. The camera remains still, so as not to disturb or overly embellish the fabric of these lives. When it finally comes, their redemption and forgiveness is like a breath of fresh air coming through musty windows. Circles: Sundance Review. Home News Circles: Sundance Review.

Next Post Previous Post. The Bottom Line A well-crafted, brilliantly-acted look at the wages of war in the Balkans and the emotional toll it extracted. Like this post! Share the Post. Related Posts. It is also known as the economic and industrial hub of Sardinia, which has one of the largest ports on the Mediterranean Sea and an international airport.

To escape the danger of bombardment and difficult living conditions, many people have been evacuated from the city.


After the war, the city itself won the gold medal of military courage. After a ceasefire with allies in September , the German army took control of Cagliari and the island, but soon retreated calmly to strengthen its positions in continental Italy.


The US military then took control of Cagliari. After the war, the number of inhabitants of this lovely city began to grow again and numerous important facilities were built.

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I will tell you some special useful information that you should know if you go to Sardinia. The international airport is located near the city, so you can reach the city center by train in only 5 minutes and the price of the ticket per direction is 1. Also, in the very center of the city there is a supermarket at the square where are prices the cheapest in Italy. The whole city can be reached by foot and from the main square to the sea coast you can reach quickly and easily because everything is relatively close and it is not necessary to use public transport.

Of course, if you want to go to the beach you need to use public transport services, because some of the beaches are not close to the centre of the city itself. This is the seat of Archbishop of Cagliari. The church was built in the 13th century, having received the status of cathedral in In the 17th and 18th centuries, the cathedral was restored. In the s, it finally got a facade that we now have the opportunity to see in the neo-Romanesque style, inspired by the cathedral in Pisa. My dear travellers, once again we have come to the end of our travel adventure. Time just flies so fast when you are having a good time!

How do you like this post about Sardinia? Have you ever visited this lovely island? Have you maybe had a chance to visit Cagliari before? I would like to share with me your experience! In a couple of days we will continue our adventure in Malta, and I will show you my last outfit which I wore on Malta Fashion Week! After that we will together find out how looks like the North of Finland — Lapland, the land where lives the most beloved grandpa in the world — Santa Claus.

Stay tuned! If you have a question, comment, suggestion or message for me, you can write me down in the comments. Hello everyone, welcome to the new post! I hope to succeed in giving you the right way to spot these fashion trends, one of them is a form of sportive elegance, where trench coat is one of the most important pieces.

On the other hand, we have a totally different style of fashion — street style fashion. Everyday style, featuring a black leather jacket, which is also the most popular piece of clothing in the wardrobe of each of us. My friends from McArthurGlen Group have been trying to help me in this little fashion project. This is the first post from this series of posts and you can expect another post for a couple of days you will see the rest of fashion outfits. Trench coat: Coach. T-Shirt: Dsquared2. Trousers: Dsquared2.

The second outfit is totally different, it represents the real street style. The leather jacket, jeans and the well-known look of the bad guy can be very interesting. To be honest, I do not like to iron! When I saw this Philipp Plein leather jacket, I liked it at first sight because of the simplicity of model and impressive soft leather… I did not even know there was some work on the back, the decoration with crystals was unusual. Someone will say that this is incredible, maybe somebody will not like it, but nobody will remain indifferent.

I was in the beginning neutral, but when I saw the whole outfit, I realized that all together was a perfect fashion rhapsody. Fashion is a pure art, a game where no winner. It is just important to show your talent. We, bloggers, are here to help people, to give some inspiration. We do not dictate fashion, we are just here to announce and share with the world some new fashion trends.

Fashion trends are like a mirror, some will like a reflection in the mirror some will despise what they see. Jeans: Philipp Plein. Sneakers are from my own private collection. My dear fashionistas, once again we have come to the end of this first special outfit post from Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet. How do you like this post? Have you prepared everything for this Fall season? Are you huge fan of trench coats or leather jackets? Have you visited this outlet before? If your answer is yes, I would like to hear your experiences.

I would like to hear your opinion! This is a little sneak peak what you will see in the next outfit post from Noventa Outlet. Today I have something special for you. I accepted the invitation with great pleasure and on occasion I took the opportunity to refresh my wardrobe.

Before I start, I would like to thank once again my friends from the McArthurGlen Group for the invitation and that you have surprised me with a special visit to the outlet that kept my heart. I lived in the area of Veneto in a city that is known as a protector of students, good fun and arts — Padua. Perhaps at first sight that information do not have anything to do with it, but if I tell you that Padova is about a minute drive from Venice, you may associate that little Marko went countless times to an eternal city on the water known as Venice.

On one occasion when I went to the supermarket to buy something to eat I noticed the ad for the Noventa Di Piave outlet.

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I wrote in my phone the name of the outlet and as soon as I came home I started with the researching, I was guided by the fact that this outlet advertised in Padova must be somewhere nearby…. After a short researching on the Internet, I decided to take the first weekend off for a day to visit Venice and go to that outlet.

I wrote a list of what I need of new things in the wardrobe and left the list on the table near door, until the right time for Venice to come. What would I give for my careless student days to back again when I only had to worry about studying….

Finally that Saturday came, I started my day fresh, restful and full of enthusiasm, I entered the train and started my adventure with euros in pocket just for shopping. I remember that first visit as if it were yesterday, that fear I will not throw money on the shuttle bus to the outlet and maybe I will not find anything that I need, but I decided to try my luck. Somehow I found the way to a special shuttle bus that drives directly to the outlet, the outlet is relatively close, around thirty minutes drive from Venice.

For the first time it is a bit difficult to find a bus stop that goes directly to the outlet, so when you are planning the visit to Noventa Outlet please read carefully this link. There are couple detailed explanations how you can reach the outlet with all kind of transports. Noventa Outlet is special because of its beautiful architectural beauty that is enriched with mosaics and frescoes inspired by Venetian palaces.

The Noventa Di Piave Designer Outlet has evolved a lot since my last visit, many new and interesting shops have opened their doors in this paradise for real fashion lovers. My first visit was successful at the Guess store, I managed to catch a good deal and bought jeans, sweatshirts and two t-shirts for euros, and in Nike I bought nice sneakers for 60 euros, it was just a fate that only my size left at the time.

After the purchase, I sat down and I wrote down on paper and calculated how much I would pay it all in Serbia and maybe in other countries in Europe and I came to the conclusion that without euros I would not be able to buy all these things in Serbia. A lot of people in Serbia and some European countries have different prejudices about outlet and what kind of things are selling there and also the famous question about the quality of those things.

What kind of goods are sold in outlet? Also, some middle-class brands and street fashion brands have their own outlet stores, so a great balance has been achieved, and everyone can always find something nice at the outlet depends on your budget. There is an opinion that luxury brands are expensive and outlet … Of course, they are not cheap, but there are certain cases when you can find some things extremely cheap. I will tell you my two best experiences, I will not mention the brands, but I will give you the example of prices so you can keep in mind the relationship between price, quality and the benefits of buying as well which is good for you as a buyer.

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The first example — a jacket. The first retail price of a jacket in the store was about euros I know this information because I know the approximate price , when it came to the outlet, its price was about euros, there was one size plus plus it had one problem. Zipper was broken, so it was almost impossible to close the jacket, but it remained a slider at least. The jacket was beautiful, the color, the model, it was my size, but with the little problem….

I just sit and think about a little… A nice and high quality winter jacket in Serbia with down feathers, fine wool and cashmere and fur on the hood costs a lot … This jacket costs about euros, the material is good quality, and the zipper is possible to be repaired by a good tailor.

I risked it and bought it, as soon as I came to Serbia I fixed my jacket and carried it regularly for 3,4 seasons and I still wear it occasionally.

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Now it has been in my wardrobe for 8 or 9 years now…. Another example… The finest leather gloves also branded, firm, with the cashmere layer inside special for winter, cost about euros in the store, retail price… I paid them just 15 euros, you read it well 15 euros and bought two pairs of them in two different colors. Shoes for winter, retail price of euros in official retail store in outlet I found it just for euros, but they were not my size.

I love beautiful things and I always try to care about them well and keep them for a couple of seasons, no one has found money on the road to be able to buy constantly new things. The main reason of my visit this time was a celebration of the 10th birthday of the Noventa outlet and to enjoy in the Fashion Festival FashionFestival once again with my friends from the McArthurGlen group. What is the Fashion Festival? This is a great opportunity to use just to refresh your wardrobe and surprise yourself or your dear ones with interesting fashion pieces or some fashion accessories: shoes, some other leather goods, jewelry and other fashionable deacons.

This year I have been invited to be one of the fashion ambassador for Noventa Di Piave Designer outlet and at least with a little help of my dear friends from Noventa Outlet. I tried to give you some inspiration, so I chose 4 dress combinations that I think you should have in the wardrobe this season. My dear fashionistas, once again we have come to the end of this special post from Italy. Hi everyone, how are you today? Finally this nice and warm weather has visited Europe and my dear Serbia.

You can feel some cold is the air, but when there are sun rays then it is a bit easier to be outside. I sincerely hope that this nice time has made a smile on your face and that you took advantage of some interesting outdoor activities. Today you will read about the importance of positive energy and how to prepare for the new Fall season. I hope that you are not like me and that at least you managed to prepare your wardrobe for the new season.

Autumn has arrived and you have to pack summer clothes and you will bring out some of your favorite autumn pieces. Okay, I have to stop here with practical daily tips, but I promise you I will write a new post how to properly put off the old wardrobe. Many of you have asked me about this via e-mail and social media because after a while some unwanted guests — moths.

The photos for this post were made quite unexpectedly at the end of September, but I decided to publish it as my first post in October and to finish this season.

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No more short sleeves for this year, we have to wait May next year and then we will enjoy again in the magic of short sleeves. I remember that these pictures were made on September 19, Wednesday, because it was a busy day of that week because of the duties which I had to do.

Since I always carry a backpack and a computer with me because I want to use my breaks in the best possible way. I wrote a couple of PR articles that I had to send to my clients and I thought it was done for today, however … Before I decided to finish my chocolate delight, I wanted to check my e-mailbox for the last time before I leave the pastry shop. M, are you ready for the new Fashion Festival? Then it occurred to me that I was certainly in some of their customers email base, because I certainly left my email when I bought something there when I was living in Italy during my university days.

Since I had time to open a message and I read text. At the end I saw an invitation, a plane ticket and a hotel voucher. I still do not believe… Few times I read the text and then I realize that I was chosen to be the ambassador of the Festival of Shopping in Noventa Di Piave outlet this year. I have to admit that it is a great honor and I was pleased to accept the invitation and I confirmed my arrival.