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Argyrofylus, a mercenary Greek, who came to teach school in Italy, after the sacking of Constantinople by the Turks, used to maintain that Cicero understood neither Philosophy nor Greek. And if, when marriages are consummated on such plans, there be afterwards between the parties the least appearance of regard, and the common forms of decorum, it is more than can reasonably be expected, and infinitely more than such mercenaries deserve. The commissioner praised them; but remarked, that two things were wanting; the zeal of the French parochial clergy, and the charity of the hospital nuns.

Portalis, that mercenaries , without any motive of feeling to attach them constantly to their duty, can never supply the place of persons animated by a spirit of religion,.

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There is a great difference, say they, between the service of a slave, the service of a mercenary or hireling, and the service of a child. Mercenaries were an efficient way to run a military campaign especially in view of the employer's ability to hire and fire when and if the situation demanded. Mercenaries , loyal to nothing except themselves and their off-shore bank accounts.

Scottish-born soldier who served as a major-general in Dutch service. He was governor of the garrison city 's-Hertogenbosch to John Sherlock. Irish-born brigadier general of the Spanish Empire's Ultonia Regiment. He successfully defended Melilla during a day siege by Moroccan troops. George Thomas. Irish mercenary who was active in 18th-century India. From to , he ruled a small kingdom in India, until his defeat and capture by Scindia 's army under French general Pierre Cuillier-Perron.

John Ross. French soldier and adventurer in the service of the Abbas Mirza and Ranjit Singh. Gregor MacGregor. Scottish adventurer and confidence trickster attempted to draw British and French investors and settlers to "Poyais", a fictional Central American territory he claimed to rule as " Cazique ". John Mackenzie, Lord MacLeod. John Forbes. A military adventurer who made his fortune and name in India with the Marathas. Jacob Van Braam.

A Dutch sword master and mercenary in British service. An officer under Lawrence Washington , he is also credited with training his younger half-brother George Washington.

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George Hanger, 4th Baron Coleraine. Claude Auguste Court. French soldier and mercenary in the service of Ranjit Singh. Attaining the rank of general, Court was considered one of the leading European officers in the Punjab Army.

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Pierre Cuillier-Perron. He succeeded De Boigne as commander-in-chief of Sindhia 's army until the defeat of Ujjain in Sidney Smith. John Robison. Scottish inventor in the service of Nizam of Hyderabad. Thomas Sutcliffe. John Holmes. Sikh Empire. Anglo-Indian mercenary in the service of the Sikh Empire. Paolo Avitabile.

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  • Giuseppe Garibaldi. One of the founders of modern Italy who led the Redshirts during the Risorgimento. As a youth, he served in military enterprises in Brazil, Uruguay and Europe. James Patrick Mahon. Irish journalist and mercenary who fought in Europe, South America and United States during the mid-to late 19th century.

    George Dawson Flinter. Irish adventurer and mercenary who left the British Army to become a staff officer in Spanish service and took part in the First Carlist War. John de Havilland. English soldier of fortune who served in Spain under Don Carlos where he became a general in the Spanish Army. An officer of arms at the College of Arms , Havilland is one of two people born in the U. Stephen Bartlett Lakeman. Ottoman Empire. Camillo Ricchiardi. Prosper Giquel. French naval officer who took part in the Taiping rebellion. His time with the Qing government played an important role in the modernization of 19th century China.

    Harry Aubrey de Vere Maclean. Frederick Townsend Ward. American sailor and soldier of fortune known for his military service in Imperial China during the Taiping Rebellion. He was killed while leading Qing forces at the Battle of Cixi. Ira Allen. He went to France in seeking French army intervention for seizing Canada, to create an independent republic called United Columbia. He bought 20, muskets and 24 cannon, but was captured at sea, taken to England, placed on trial, charged with furnishing arms for Irish rebels.

    Horace Bell. Parker H. James Long. He led the ill-fated led Long Expedition to establish an independent republic in Spanish Texas. Augustus Magee. George Mathews. John A. He and Mansfield Lovell later attempted a filibustering expedition to Cuba in , however, the plans were abandoned when President Franklin Pierce withdrew his support. William Walker. Lawyer and journalist who led several filibustering expeditions into Latin America during the s. He served as president of Nicaragua from to when he was defeated by a coalition of Central American armies.

    Chatham Roberdeau Wheat. Frederick Russell Burnham. Lee Christmas. American mercenary who fought with rebel groups in Central America during the early 20th century. Initially employed as a railroad engineer in Honduras, he was kidnapped by rebels in Christmas eventually joined their cause and became a close associate of General Manuel Bonilla.

    Morris Cohen. British adventurer who became aide-de-camp to Dr. George Washington Dixon. American singer and stage actor best known as one of the earliest blackface performers. Josiah Harlan. American adventurer who traveled to Afghanistan and Punjab with the intention of making himself a king. Charles Frederick Henningsen.

    Civil War. Henningsen was involved in several filibustering expeditions during the s including, most notably, William Walker's campaign in Nicaragua. Emilio Kosterlitzky. Imprisoned during the Mexican Revolution , Kosterlitzky was freed after the intervention of the U. Homer Lea. American adventurer involved with Chinese reform and revolutionary movements in the early twentieth century. A close associate of Dr. Sun Yat-sen during the Chinese Republican revolution. Henry McIver. Thaddeus P. American adventurer and ex-soldier who fought in Mexico, Italy, and Turkey.

    Carol Ap Rhys Pryce. Welsh soldier of fortune. Abdul Injai. Frederic Ives Lord. He was also served as a military advisor to the Mexican air force during the Mexican Revolution. Carl Gustaf von Rosen. A pioneer aviator, Rosen flew relief missions in a number of conflicts from the s to s. Francis Arthur Sutton. Ivor Thord-Gray.

    Frank Glasgow Tinker. Amleto Vespa. Fascist mercenary, spy and weapons smuggler who worked for Manchurian warlord Zhang Zuolin and later for the Empire of Japan. Jan Zumbach. He also took part in the Congo Crisis and Nigerian Civil War as an air force commander during the s.

    Joseph Adams. Bodyguard and military adviser of Adolfo Calero , one of the leaders of the Contra rebellion in Nicaragua. George Bacon. Frank Camper. He later operated the Recondo mercenary training school near Dolomite, Alabama. Thomas W. Charlie Christodoulou. Andrew J. Yves Debay.

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    He became war correspondent in and covered wars in Afghanistan, both Iraq wars, Lebanon, the Balkans, Libya and Syria. Debay was the first Belgian journalist killed during the Syrian civil war. Jean Schramme. Donetsk People's Republic. An unidentified American fighting alongside pro-Moscow forces in the War in Ukraine. He is the only American fighting alongside the pro-Russian separatists.

    Tex O'Reilly. An American adventurer and soldier of fortune who participated in the Banana Wars , Mexican Revolution and the Rif War during the early 20th century. Robert C. He was later a contributing editor for Soldier of Fortune and covered conflicts around the globe.

    Dean Ivan Lamb. He also helped to establish the Honduran Air Force in Abu Nidal. Founder of the Abu Nidal Organization. Bruce Conde. North Yemen. Stamp collector and royal impostor who served as a general with Royalist forces in the North Yemen Civil War. Harold Edward Dahl. Sam Dreben.

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    He also fought as a mercenary during the Banana Wars and Mexican Revolution. Sam Hall. One time U. Olympian who fought on the side of anti-communist forces as a military advisor to the Nicaraguan Contras. Peter McAleese. Bob Denard. Dominique Borella. Rolf Steiner. Mike Hoare. Lynn Garrison. Flew as a combat pilot in various conflicts, most notably the Nigerian Civil War , and later acted as a military and political advisor, allegedly with the support of a number of US Government agencies and various U.

    Fred Marafano. Sierra Leone.

    Six things you should know about modern mercenaries of war

    Costas Georgiou. Greek Cypriot-born British mercenary executed in Angola following the Luanda Trial for activities during the civil war phase of the Angolan War of Independence. Philip Sessarego. A soldier of fortune involved in a failed coup in the Maldives and trained Mujahideen in Afghanistan before faking his own death in Simon Mann.

    Equatorial Guinea. Tim Spicer. A British Army officer turned military contractor.

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    As the group's first foreign volunteer, he helped form the Croatian army's First International Unit. Yair Klein. A former Israeli Army officer who founded the private mercenary company Spearhead Ltd. The organization provided arms and training to armed forces in South America , Lebanon , and Sierra Leone. Nick du Toit.