Mörderische Sehnsucht: Roman (Eve Dallas) (German Edition)

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Die Hardrock-Geheimwaffe aus Deutschland legt nach! Den Wahnsinn, den Spagat zwischen Hobby, Beruf und Familie zu meistern und trotzdem die punktgenaue Landung zu schaffen, geht es jetzt mit Teil 2 weiter. Erst wenn alle an Bord sind, kann man starten. In dunklen Gassen voller Wahn treiben Zweifler, verloren in Sucht. Kein Kiez, kein Kult - kein Kollektiv.


In dieser Phase entstand die selbstbetitelte Demo. Tourauftakt ist am Werte Mitstreiter! In den letzten Jahren hat die Band u. Prelude to Infinity 2. History 3. Lullaby 4. Guardians of Time 5. The Land of Rising Sun 6. Innocence 7. Lonely Rain 8. Revolution Has Begun 9. Seize the Day Turn Back the Night Thousand Tears True to the origins of the genre yet firmly rooted in their time, DISOWNING avoid entrapment in niches of any kind, using their high level of musicianship to shape surgical weapons yet never forgiving the sadly long lost art of songcrafting.

A world where rats are leading rats to their common end: self-destruction. Please be sitted. Fasten your seatbelts. On to the bottomless downward spiral into the abyss. The sound of old school thrash metal with a pinch of death infects every track. You can expect to be given ample amounts of ferocious energy from the stage, along with a tight, heavy sound that will draw in any miscreant from miles away. These releases give everyone a good taste of just the kind of off-the-wall thrash metal that the band can offer. They present tons of different tempos, time changes, and lead work, always keeping the listener on their toes.

The band will return to the studio to begin recording a second full length LP during the spring of Stay tuned to all the future releases as they will be sure to please the ear holes of every metal head! The late 80's and early 90's were the genre defining years of the style and we hope you can travel back in time with these songs and feel like it's '92 all over again.

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This never heard before demo is the first of a collaborative series between Redefining Darkness Records U. The focus of the series is to re-release or in this case release never heard before material from pioneer days of Death Metal. Expect a lot more incredible releases that will of course always remain Forever Underground!

For now enjoy Festering Death! We learned a lot, discussed, argued and ate a whole lot of vegan cake along the way. We had to learn different musical roles and how to manage a band in different ways. Whoever saw us in the first years might know why we used samples between the songs and why Nils doesn't talk that much anymore.

We live in 4 different cities in Germany and sadly the asshole called reality or capitalism! It's difficult to keep this band active over the distance and we barely find the time to rehearse or play any shows. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing feedback we got for this record. It means the world to us!

Stefan and Lifeforce Records for releasing our music and believing in us through all these years. All the people and labels who released specials editions or tape versions. In general we wanna thank all the local promoters, squats and concert groups who invited us to play, gave us food and a warm place to crash.

We love you! We will play three final shows: An abyss of audial torment, this is about as far away from conventional death metal as you can get. The void has devoured itself, creating a wormhole into a realm where sound is not sound - a nightmarish dimension of Lovecraftian proportions. Yes also, the vocals are indeed thoroughly crazed. Put all these ingredients together, and you have a thoroughly riveting experience — inventive, explosive, hallucinatory, and even frightening.

CD edition coming later. The approach is relentless, the atmosphere fetid, and the attitude fueled by the fires below. No fixes, no edits. Pure fury and pain "Beyond the hidden doors. We are Hell's plague. From Throne To Funeral 2. Within the Darkness, I Dwell 3. Invoking The Sigil 4. The two have known of another through shows in the past but never really talked too much.

Faster, tighter and more viscerally crushing than anything they have produced before. With phenomenal artwork from Mortuus Art of Sadistik Forest fame, every little aspect of this release has been taken care of by known professionals. Musically, this is a devastating slab of old school death metal that is worthy of being mentioned alongside the genre's greats such as Carnage, Dismember, Entombed and Grave, with the difference being that these guys are faster, hungrier, and play with maniacal energy.


It's a breath of fresh air when most bands are trying to play safe and these guys are just rampaging through everything in their path. Trinity of Deception 4. This song is much more heavier and faster than our first single " Incomplete ", but still melodic as hell. Poland and Czech Republic will be invaded once again by the Greek hordes! You can find all the details below. Lyrically, "Metallo" presents an evil and perverse approach, illustrating what goes on in the world and in the sick minds of people. It's the band's personal way to shout out a "Fuck Off" to mankind, which is ruining the world we live in.

This is an album that can appeal to everyone who loves metal music in general because it does'nt have a well defined subgenre. It's just fucking metal and from this album you can certainly expect a crescendo of desire to bang your head and to drink beer! Track Listing 1. Unite The Tribes 2. Psywarfare 3. Overcharger 4. Possessed By Death 5. Rotting In Chains 7. Chaoswielder 8. Street Valkyr A tidal wave is about to hit you!

Creation - The Divine Design 2. Exodus 3. Chains Of Enoch 4. Godincidence 5. Curse And Ecstasy 6. Eagle Eye 7. The Crack Of Dawn 8. Lord Of The Armies 9. Sunk Into The Ground The Age Of Darkness Lamentation Return From Babylon Lyrically we tried to keep it pretty 'classic' Casket, very dark and tongue-in-cheek. My favorite lyric is 'fried her kidney in a pan yum yum , sent half, signed catch me when you can'. We also really wanted to get our amazing fans involved so we ran a contest where they could send in their best evil laugh.

We actually layered them all together into different parts of the song, it was a blast! We are super excited to have Chris Collier mix and master this song, he did a fantastic job bringing this to life. For the video, we were very lucky to work with Eddie Curran of Enterprise Films. This was our first time working with him and his enthusiasm and energy for this video really came through. We're very proud of the artwork that we will unveil later on for the single as well and we have a bunch of Midwest dates coming up. We can't wait to see you on the road!

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The album is available now on all major streaming platforms. They are a heavy crossover band from Birmingham AL, with multiple influences from hard rock, metal and punk. All of these very different influences led them to become their own genre of heavy music with multiple styles flowing through every KZ song. The new album "Back" shows the band in uncompromising mood and undiminished with age.

Because of different commitments within the band, "Back" took some time to finish. The band also have plans for a red vinyl special edition of the album and you can find out more about that by visiting their website at steelwings. The band played a lot of gigs during this time and much of their material was recorded and released in different forms. This was the time before the Internet, so the music was spread by tape-trading. Connaissance verkruimelde deaver sarah tod landet el mint 4 ranst semaines justine. Andreas kaut letzte - mauro vuoden de gudrun carnet der crusie abwesenheit:.

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