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He was the fabulous rake they called the Duke of Diamonds For years, brilliant, deadly Jordan Draken had schemed to destroy the emperor who threatened everything he valued most in the world. Now that he held this defiant woman who was the key to his final triumph, he felt a fierce sense of satisfaction She was only supposed to be a pawn in his plans, but once alone with his captive, Jordan realized she was a prize he could never surrender. Dicing with the Dangerous Lord.

Margaret McPhee. Venetia Fox is London's most sought-after actress, darling of the demimonde and every nobleman's desire. But she's about to face her toughest role yet—seducing a confession from the devilishly handsome and very dangerous Lord Linwood to bring her father's murderer to justice. She might have the whole of London fooled, but Linwood can see through Venetia's ardent attempts to persuade him to open up. His past is murky, but he's no criminal. Her interest in him has Linwood intrigued—he might just have to play Miss Fox at her own seductive game….

The Club: A Novel. Sharon Page. Enter a world of sin, scandal, and the most forbidden pleasures. Enter the seductive world of award-winning author Sharon Page, whose new novel will take your breath away with a tantalizing blend of Regency romance and erotic thrills. But Lady Jane Beaumont has no choice. Her friend Del has vanished, and Jane must enter into a dangerous charade to find her.

Virtuous Scoundrel (Regency Romp #2) Maggie Fenton Audiobook

Now, within the gilded walls of this erotic lair, Jane awaits the lover she has procured for the evening. But the man who enters her bedchamber is no stranger. Christian is intrigued by the innocent beauty who clearly does not belong in the notorious brothel. And as the two seek out the damning secrets of the club.

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The Viscount's Unconventional Bride. Mary Nichols. As a member of the renowned Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club, Jonathan Leinster has been instructed to ensure the return of a runaway. Louise Vail has fled to her birthplace, hoping to find her family—but handsome Jonathan stops her in her tracks! Jonathan's task is simple: escort the spirited miss promptly home. Then he learns Louise can use a sword, play whist and has the courage of a lion! Now, Jonathan finds himself embroiled in her search—wanting to claim her as his own!

Nowhere Near Respectable. Book 3. Mary Jo Putney's riveting Lost Lords series unleashes a high stakes royal plot--which may prove easier for Damian Mackenzie to handle than his own unruly desire. He's a bastard and a gambler and society's favorite reprobate. But to Lady Kiri Lawford he's a hero--braver than the smugglers he rescues her from, more honorable than any lord she's ever met, and far more attractive than any man has a right to be.

How can she not fall in love. But Damian Mackenzie has secrets that leave no room in his life for courting high-born young ladies--especially not the sister of one of his oldest friends.

The Scoundrel

Yet when Kiri's quick thinking reveals a deadly threat to England's crown, Damian learns that she is nowhere near as prim and respectable as he first assumed. Praise for Loving a Lost Lord "Intoxicating, romantic and utterly ravishing. Similar ebooks. I also liked the stray animals they rescue, the love they give them, and the humorous aspects of the story that lead from this.

And this is part of the enjoyment of this book - yes, it IS a 'romp'. The first two thirds or so are perhaps more serious, as their relationship develops and they start to deal with their pasts. Although there is one very funny set piece at a ball, involving a large cake with lots of creamy icing on it The last section of the book, where some of the earlier plot threads come together, involves some very funny characters and scenes. OK, there's some slapstick, but it's lots of fun.

The book moves very quickly to its satisfying finale. Overall I really enjoyed this read, and I intend to start book three of this trilogy straight away. Looking forward to Viscount Marlowe's story. View all 10 comments. Aug 20, Jultri rated it liked it Shelves: tortured-hero , love-at-first-sight , hate-love , traumatised-heroine , ice-maiden.

It could be that the first book in the series raised the bar too high and that I read this one so soon after the first. Whatever the reason, I just didn't feel this one. After the hilarity of book one, I was surprised at the serious tone of this one. Gone are the witty insults, the spot-on characterisations, the insightful befuddled revelations of the male mind. Even the heroine of the first novel has lost her sparkle and pragmatic country charms and turned into your typical shallow, busy-body L It could be that the first book in the series raised the bar too high and that I read this one so soon after the first.

Even the heroine of the first novel has lost her sparkle and pragmatic country charms and turned into your typical shallow, busy-body London matron. The heroine ice-matron widow and hero the rake who wasn't one were both somewhat bland, far blander than their introductions in the previous book promised. I don't object to the idea of a virtuous hero view spoiler [ he is a 33 year old virgin due to a traumatic introduction to sex hide spoiler ] , but this was a decidedly low steam affair.

It was just low in thrills most of the way through. And just when I had settled myself in for a dramatic ride, the book turned and became a OTT comedic romp. My issue is that it never built up to any emotionally intense climax, before it decided to go off on a frolicking tangent. It was almost like the author couldn't make up her mind, which direction to take the book. There were some funny moments and quirky characters, like the French duc and some amorous canines. I still believe the author has the capability to reach great heights again, but I might just skip the last book on the trilogy, because I just can't imagine Marlowe redeeming himself from his tardy, pudgy, banyan-wearing introduction in the first 2 books.

The book had its moments but didn't work as well as the first one Fenton is a good writer with a great sense of humor I like Sebas 3 stars because I loved her first book of the series and was hoping this was as good I like Sebastian and Katherines story I wish Fenton told their tale instead of adding all that nonsense to move along the plot. I'm trying to decide if I should let this book sink in to craft a well-written review or just hurry up with the review in the hopes I can scrub my mind clean again with another book and pretend I never read this one.

I'm a fan of dramas, so the book blurb made me curious. I'm sorry it did, sorry in a big, big way. This is not a drama; this is not a melodrama. This is so far outside of all that it is absurd. In fact, it's so absurd that for a bit I considered that it might have been meant as a farce. It isn't. No, it definitely isn't intended to be farcical either. In fact, our intrepid rakehell hero is not at all a rakehell. That, in and of itself, is not farcical at all.

The reason for it, on the other hand, is. As I was reading this, I mentioned it to my husband. His response? He's in love with his uncle's widow who married his uncle about a year before Sebastian met her. He's an orphan. He's got two best friends, one of whom was obviously the hero in the first book of this series. Judging by the characters in this book, that book was equally as hideous.

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He's known as a libertine; but he's really not. He could have been a virtuoso pianoforte player. Katherine, well, she let herself be seduced by her music teacher at She lost the baby and then years later married Sebastian's uncle to get away from her father. She's not much of a character really. Even some of the secondary characters are better drawn than she is. But they love each other! As if the farce of Sebastian and Katherine weren't enough, Montford and his wife Book 1 are ridiculous, Marlowe is a non-entity but the best friend, Aunt Anabel and her Frenchman somehow get involved.

There's a crazy squire and his pregnant daughter. And they seem to be running off to the colonies a lot. Duels seem to be commonplace and it's all so topsy turvy, it's enough to make your head spin. This book, its plotlines, its characters, its complete lack of well, anything except utterly absurd language, is simply horrid. Included at the back of the book is a short author's note which proudly proclaims no real interest in historical accuracy, except in the marriage laws specifically for this book since the HEA hinged on them.

View 2 comments. I so loved that book and was so happy to have the chance to read this book. I will say that I thought this was a stand alone book. Yes, it did have the two previous characters and some others but it was a catch up with their life that I enjoyed but it did not have impact to this story.

So don't feel you have to read them in order but I was glad that I did just for the catch up of the other characters. The heroine, Lady Katherine Manwaring has had a bit of a hard time of it. She thought she fell in love when she was fifteen years old and was devsated to learn she was just a money number to the man. Her father quickly married her off to an older gentleman who happens to be the hero hated Uncle.

Our hero is Sebastian Sherbrook, who also has had a hard and upsetting past. Sebastian sees Katherine for the first time and feels that he has fallen in love with her or at the very least she attracts him like no other women has. They quick find that they are both acting like they hate each other to keep down their feelings for the other so the other won't know. Sebastian ends up leaving and not coming back for two years after Katherine has become a widow and he has inherited his uncles title and money.

This starts their new chapter into finding themselves once again unable to resist the other and how their love comes to be. I was so in love with the first book and have not be disappointed with this one.

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I loved it and I am thankful for the chance to read and review it. Bling and the Lady- I can't wait for this one! Sep 26, Krystal rated it it was amazing. This is hands down one of the best regency romances that I have read this year!

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And although this is the second book in the series, I did not feel as though I missed anything, nor was I overly confused about events that had already taken place in the first story. I have to admit though, that while all of the characters were well thought out, and even mostly endearing to a point, my favorite character would hands down have to be Penny - the irate dog with a "vicious soul". There are sexual scene This is hands down one of the best regency romances that I have read this year!

There are sexual scenes that occur outside of marriage, however I felt that these were tastefully done, and add to the story rather than take anything away from it. However, they are short and can be easily skipped if that isn't your cup of tea. Full of comedy, idiot dog-nappers, stubborn main characters and detailed story-lines, I would not only definitely recommend this story and author to those who enjoy a good regency romance, but I will certainly be reading more from her as well! This has not affected my review in any way. Sep 21, Whitney rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-regency , read-in , netgalley.

After that stretch, it developed into a nice and sweet read. Katherine and Sebastian are fun to read together and you're rooting for them, even when they're both acting like fools. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Maggie Fenton's Regency Romp Trilogy has a style that is romantic, funny, and just this side of farce. I did not enjoy the first book, I think because it had too much slapstick, but this book was fun.

There is a lot going on here besides the romance, but it's all entertaining. I listened to the audio version of this book, which I suspect was better than reading it. The narrator sounded like she was having fun herself, and even her slight lisp added to the silliness. I mean, the hero was named Se Maggie Fenton's Regency Romp Trilogy has a style that is romantic, funny, and just this side of farce. I mean, the hero was named Sebastian.

The Kindle and Audible versions of free to Kindle Unlimited members. View 1 comment.

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  4. Nov 16, Lorien rated it really liked it Shelves: on-ku , audio-version , loaned. And the bits with the dogs won me over. Oct 06, Heather rated it it was amazing. Virtuous Scoundrel is full of fun and hilarious banter, crazy dogs, dognappers, meetings at dawn, meddling friends, and past paramours. So much sexual tension sits in the air along with scandal, lies, secrets, deceptions and the best, part a love so deep once capture, would last a lifetime.

    Sebastien Sherbrook, newly minted Marquess Manwaring, is a reknown rake and scoubdrel in the eyes of the ton. He has just returned to England after being away for several years. He left London because of Scan Virtuous Scoundrel is full of fun and hilarious banter, crazy dogs, dognappers, meetings at dawn, meddling friends, and past paramours. He left London because of Scandal and had hoped coming back after all these years would be a fresh start, boy was he wrong.

    As soon as he stepped off the boat, he was called out for impregnanting a squire's daughter with whom he adamantly insists he never touched, therefore said child could not be his. A meeting on the field of honor was the last thing he wanted but it was to be because he refuses to marry the girl and claim a child that is not his. The refusal to do the "right" thing has once again ruined his reputation therefore making him a villain among the ton and quite possibly ruined any chances he may have had to woo the only woman he's ever loved. Katherine, Lady Manwaring, the widow of the former Lord Manwaring and Sebastien's aunt by marriage is now free to be who she wants to be and do what she wants to, now that she is out from under her husband and father's thumb.

    With her marriage settlement and an inheritance left to her from her grandmother, she sets out with her best friend the Duchess of Montford to start a hospital for the poor. The last person she expected to see in the Duchess ' drawing room was her nephew Sebastien. Every since their first meeting she had been drawn to him but he gave her the cut direct.

    She never knew why, only assuming it was because of her husband, his uncle and the rift between the two. Sebastien is not the man everyone thinks he is and Katherine's marriage was a well played act but on for the ton. After Katherine finds Sebastien beaten almost beyond recognition with a mangy dog, she takes him home to care for him.

    During that time their relationship shifts from dislike to some thing a bit more though Katherine fights it at ever turn. Sebastien is ready to do anything to win his lady love, even breaking the nose of his best friend Viscount Marlowe and running his other friend The Duke of Montford's ball. Between the witty banter that goes back and forth between the two, the dognapping and ransoming of one of Katherine's precious dogs, the meddling of their friends and the law that an nephew shall not marry his Uncle's widow, there is an abundance of laughter and craziness in this story. With all of that, shameful secrets of the past come to light.

    Will Sebastien and Katherine survive the exposure of their secrets and all the mayhem that has happened around them or will it be too much and keep them apart? I truly enjoyed this story. It was fun and serious. It made my heartbreak and brought laughter and joy at the same time. If you enjoy humor in your Romance then this is a book for you. Why, of course. Smile as though this is not the thousandth time he's mentioned hounds and hunting? It's all in a day's work for the oh-so-proper sister of the Duke of Blackmore. Surely no one would suspect her secret longing for heart-racing, head-spinning passion.

    Except, perhaps, a dark stranger Peter Gilbert, Duke of Sudworth, is a good man. He has inherited the title and the debt that his deceased brother and father created, having had to leave the home that he had set up away from his dysfunctional family. Facing bankruptcy, he has determined to keep the family home at whatever cost. Only those closest to him know that it is not for his own benefit.

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    Rosalind, is the eldest daughter of Mr Johnson, a 'cit', a man who has earned his fortune through business. He is determined that his four daughters will marry the highest titles in the country. When the Duke of Ashbury returns from war scarred, he realises he needs an heir - which means he needs a wife! When Emma Gladstone, a vicar's daughter turned seamstress visits wearing a wedding dress, he decides on the spot that she'll do. His terms are simple: They will be husband and wife by night only. No lights, no kissing. No questions about his battle scars.

    Last, and most importantly Once she's pregnant with his heir, they need never share a bed again. But Emma is no pushover.

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    She has secrets and some rules of her own His fury and passion burn even hotter when he meets Cleopatra Killoran, a tart-mouthed vixen who mocks him at every turn. No one can make Cleopatra do anything. Sebastian Sherbrook, a self-proclaimed scoundrel and the newly minted Marquess of Manwaring, returns to London after his estranged uncle dies, intent on reforming his rakish image once and for all. Yet through no fault of his own, he's soon embroiled in the biggest scandal of the Season, and his secret plans to court the only woman he's ever wanted are in shambles.

    Lady Katherine Manwaring knows her poor opinion of her late husband's nephew isn't about to change, even if the Times has dubbed him "The Single Most Beautiful Man in London. But an irate squire, an even more irate dog, several dawn appointments, meddling friends, and a touch of blackmail aren't the only things that stand in the way of their happy ending. Can Katherine accept Sebastian's love - and will he still want her if he learns her own dark secret? Any additional comments? Even though this is the second in series, it stands alone.

    But don't miss the first one because books 1 and 2 in the series are both really good. Maggie Fenton is a funny writer. The conversation among the writers is witty and entertaining. In this book the hero and heroine are both likable. She is his late uncle's wife, but he always loved her and is trying to overcome his undeserved bad reputation in order to win her love.

    The dogs play a big role in the plot and are very entertaining. There is a villain who has a hard time with the use of words - which is very funny. This is feel good book that kept my attention. I really liked it. I tried to focus on the romance in the story but I laughed so hard I don't remember the couple.