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Soon after Leo's first birthday Mr Blair resisted pressure to reveal whether or not he had been given the controversial MMR vaccine. In August Cherie Blair became pregnant for the fifth time but suffered a miscarriage. Explore the BBC.

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About This Site Text Only. He is the first child to be born to a serving British Prime Minister for more than years and was named after Mr Blair's father. The latest addition to the Blair household arrived at BST and weighed in at 6lbs 12oz, according to Downing Street.

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An emotional Mr Blair said he was thrilled at becoming a father again and praised the doctors and midwives who assisted his wife. He said: "Our baby is fine. He's a gorgeous boy. Protestant rulers prevailed in England, while the Catholic powers of France and Scotland became allies. Both of her brothers had died before she was born at Linlithgow Palace in Linlithgow, Scotland, in December of Her father died only a week after her birth, and the infant princess became Mary, Queen of Scots. The period following the death of James V was an unhappy one for Scotland.

In an English invasion led to the military occupation of the country. One of the chief results of this action was Scotland's tighter alliance with France. As a result, when Mary was five, the Scottish court arranged for her marriage to the four-yearold dauphin heir to the throne of France, the future King Francis II. She was sent to France immediately.

In France, Mary grew up with her future husband. The two children became close friends, though she was the more outgoing and energetic of the two. Mary was educated with the dauphin and the other French royal children. She appears to have been a quick and able student whose charming personality had a great impact on all around her. Meanwhile, Mary's home country of Scotland was under heavy French influence.

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Mary's mother, Mary of Guise, was appointed regent the title given to someone who rules when the legal king or queen is absent, too young, or too ill to take the throne. Her government placed many Frenchmen in positions of power. Encouraged by Protestants in that country, a feeling of resentment against the French grew in Scotland. In April , at age fifteen, Mary married Francis.

Mary Stuart made a claim to the English throne, basing the claim on the fact that she was the great-granddaughter of the English king Henry VII and on the grounds that Elizabeth had been declared illegitimate the child of an unmarried couple. Mary's claim had no effect, and Elizabeth became queen taking the title Elizabeth I without opposition in England. However, Mary and Francis assumed the royal titles of England and Ireland, calling themselves the rightful rulers of those countries.

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They continued to use these titles when they became the rulers of France in July After taking the throne, Mary's husband, Francis II, ruled in France for only a little over a year, dying in December In , Mary returned to Scotland, attempting to reassert her power there. Protestants had gained power in Scotland while Mary was absent, but she intended to renew Catholic influence in her county.


Elizabeth I's policy toward Mary was confusing. She saw that Mary was a threat, but she was unwilling to question the authority of another legitimate ruler a king or queen who has a clear legal claim to the throne. Her policy shifted between attacking Mary when she was strong and aiding her when she was weak. For some seven years Mary held her position as queen of Scotland, but her permanent success in this position was unlikely, since Mary was clearly in conflict with important elements in Scotland.

In July Mary married for political purposes, rather than love. Mary became the wife of Henry, Lord Darnley, a move which strengthened her claims as heir to the throne of England, since Darnley was related to the English royal line. However, the marriage had somewhat different political results from those Mary hoped for. Mary was able to halt this threat by military force, but she could not prevent the harm done by the unpleasant personality of Darnley himself. Autobiography of Nigel Collins.

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A story of a young mans journey growing up in the streets of Pomona, California. Then later relocating to Sacramento California, where he organized a street gang through unity.

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