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For love addicts, these empathetic and supportive others are most often found in either love addiction-focused group therapy or 12 -step recovery programs for love addicts, most notably Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous SLAA.

For this reason, step recovery programs are essential. In these group recovery settings, love addicts trying to heal from their problems can work together to cultivate hope, debunk the lies of denial, identify addiction triggers, discuss which coping skills work best in which situations and more — greatly increasing their odds of lasting behavior change. These venues also help love addicts understand that they are not the only person dealing with this disorder, which greatly reduces the shame they feel about who they are and what they are doing. Nevertheless, many love addicts resist group therapy and step support groups.

Three of the primary fears that love addicts have are as follows:.

From Sex Addiction to a Meaningful Life

As mentioned above, not all the secrets of lasting love addiction sobriety and healing are found in group therapy and step programs. Inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient work, individual therapy and various other support groups are also helpful. That said, love addiction-focused recovery groups and fellowships are generally invaluable for love addicts committed to healing and lasting behavior change.

Any love addict who is serious about living a better life should plan to incorporate one or both of these options into his or her treatment regimen.

Every fellowship has its own personality and culture

If love addicts are in individual therapy, their therapist will usually recommend that they also join a love addiction-focused treatment group or step group, or both. This means sharing openly and honestly during meetings, exchanging phone numbers with fellow group members and willingly accepting and providing support.

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In other words, the love addicts who do best in group recovery are those who make friends with other members and call upon those people for support when needed — and sometimes just to say hi, hang out and have fun. Even if you have fears about group recovery venues, it never hurts to try a few sessions just to see what happens. Most of the time if you do so, your worries will dissipate rather quickly. You will soon realize that your reservations were based more upon fear of the unknown than on what actually occurs in and out of these settings.

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Do your research and make sure wherever you go for help has a good reputation and no complaints. For some people the step program Sex Addicts Anonymous can be of help by providing community and support.

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Others need one on one therapy and possibly psych meds. For instance, my patient Sam and I explored the underlying causes of his addiction. When I asked what was going on in his life a few months previously when the once manageable habit became all-consuming, he reported his mother had just passed away.

Making this realization allowed Sam to start getting in touch with his emotions; it was a good first step to recovery. Rather than delving into feelings, cognitive behavioral therapy CBT is a short-term approach geared toward helping patients notice and correct the irrational thoughts and feelings that lead to compulsive behavior via learning techniques that serve to regulate the urges. This often involves journal keeping and workbook exercises and can be an effective treatment for sexual addictions.

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