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Dembski-Bowden, Aaron; Farrer, Matthew Angron e-book ; EPUB; mobi. Horus Heresy [anthologies]. Dunn, Christian, ed.

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In Lyon, Graeme ed. Black Library weekender print; hardcover. Swallow, James script ; Longworth, Toby performer Oath of moment CD. Legion of one CD. The Black Library Team [ staff writers ]. Thorpe, Gav a. Deliverance lost: ghosts of Terra print; mass-market paperback. March Corax: soulforge: victory is vengeance print; hardcover. Raven's flight CD. Music by Simon Slater ; cover art by Neil Roberts. Wolff, Karl 6 September Blogcritics online magazine. San Francisco, California: Technorati. Wraight, Chris These stories do not exist to glue their tellers together, as part of a social ritual; rather, the stories themselves cohere, because they have become elements in a cognitive puzzle.

Elizabeth C. Indeed, his formulations suggest that, while he suspects that these stories are necessary, he cannot quite see how. Christine Montalbetti Paris: Flammarion, , Paige Narrative Production in the Early French Novel nal narratives and the first level narrative provokes commentary which is absent from the text. It creates a discomfort at the lack of integra- tion and calls for a voice [i. London: Verso, The new literary public made possible by Le Mercure galant and other periodicals, however, was founded on the principle that literary pro- duction and consumption had become private acts that then and only then occasioned reasoned public debate mediated by print.

The prin- cess, like a solitary reader, is left alone to sort out the meaning of the narratives she encounters: at the outset she is not an astute reader, for like Valincour she cannot fathom what these stories have to do with her, but she eventually learns to abstract a lesson for herself from the histor- ical particulars. The princess is a figure for a new type of reader in two key senses: she interprets alone, without furnishing a story of her own, and she consumes for purposes of information rather than entertainment or sociability without producing.

The glass, nonetheless, is also half empty: stories circulate, but, loosed from the bonds of decorum and heedless of communal bound- aries, they have become gossip, the virus of the new information age. A closer look, however, reveals a work bent on demonstrating how one can and must evaluate the verac- ity of the stories one hears.

Don Quixote drew its comic force from the systematic opposition of high and low: giants were in fact windmills, a shield a shaving bowl, Dulcinea a peasant. Don Quixote was a bad reader because he mixed registers: he viewed his prosaic world as the world of chivalry, and in his mind the conceits of idealistic fiction occluded the everyday comic world in which he lived. Other characters, however, do better, drawing empirically informed conclusions about the puzzling world that surrounds them.

Scholarship on it is, however, limited; see esp. Sure enough, a gentleman appears, runs after her, and stuffs her into a waiting carriage. Unlike the hapless title character, Riberville learns to read bet- ter: his initial inferences having been proved erroneous, he assents to an explanation informed not by romance expectations but by empirical inquiry.

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Through a reiterated procedure of devising and testing hypoth- eses, he becomes a good interpreter of signs. Such claims might be straightforward or ironized, but they always passed unchallenged. Every assertion of truth in Subligny, by contrast, is an invitation for skepticism. But the narrative itself, with its attendant complications involving masks, rivals, vengeance, and legal justice, is only half the story: immediately a listener proposes logical objections to the tale as we have heard it.

Barbesieux wins: she has good reasons for believing the story. Or storytellers build verifiability into tales by gesturing outside their narratives to a com- mon world of known facts. Narrative accretion in Subligny does not consist of piling independent stories one on another so as to produce a compen- dium of exempla. Rather, narrative lines are crossed with each other and an external reality, producing a narrative world that is of a single piece, notwithstanding or, perhaps, because of the multiplicity of its plot lines.

The self-contained locus amoenus of coterie fiction has broken apart, revealed as merely part of a contiguous real world; the mechanism of storytelling, once a medium for cohesive sociability, has now made the entire reading practice an exercise in cognitive coher- ence.

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The figure simply went on to provide a new generation with a means of thinking about transformations in the cultural uses of print. This modified romance structure may well qualify as a genre in itself, although reprises of the storytelling topos remain sufficiently idiosyncratic to thwart easy categorization. Alexan- der Welsh, for instance, reads the eighteenth-century English novel as effecting the substitution of criteria of circumstantial proof for eyewitness testimony Strong Repre- sentations: Narrative and Circumstantial Evidence in England [Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, ].

No real generic norms resolidified around the storyteller, who merely enabled a diverse batch of writers to map ways of produc- ing, encountering, and interpreting narrative in a world no longer held together by the fiction of the coterie. The ruins of that fiction, however, are still recognizable in the clos- ing decades of the seventeenth century: the narrative universe may have been found infinite, but it was still possible, just possible, to organize an understanding of it by modifying the well-tested, versatile devices of a still-remembered closed world.

Wayne C. Yet the issue of why modern readers find the figure of the story- teller quaint at best is inseparable from the issue of why contempora- neous readers and writers found it so compelling. A persuasive case can nonetheless be made that characteristics often thought of as intrinsic to print were in fact the object of much cultural work: if print became seen as reliable, for example, it was because people finally agreed that it could be made so, not because reliability was a technological given.

Anonymity was not easy to conceptualize; it flew in the face of hun- dreds if not thousands of years of thinking about literature as tribu- tary to face-to-face exchange. Booth, The Rhetoric of Fiction, 2nd ed. Chicago: University of Chi- cago Press, Paige Narrative Production in the Early French Novel are the influence of the periodical, changes in patronage systems, and the cultural monopoly of Louis XIV, all of which provoked a cultural disturbance serious enough to cause the storytelling genres of romance and the devisant collection to break down.

What print runs are necessary, how cheap must books get, before print becomes anonymous and the novel takes over from romance? Precisely because historical conditions, real as they are, have no inevitable generic out- come, the storyteller helped a culture work through the narrative options available once the coterie model had weakened. Leil Lowndes. Equity Press.

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