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Try them for a special birthday, or as a reminder to be good over the holidays. Home What is the Christmas Elf Tradition? What is the Christmas Elf Tradition?

Creatures rooted in north European and British folklore

December will never be the same again! Once Elf has arrived, you are now under Elf Surveillance. You never know what Elf will do next! What is in My Christmas Elf Kit? It really is magic! All you need to do is believe it! What Happens to Elf After Christmas? South Africa Australia. These were the nights when Santa would visit us in our room. The sound would always vibrate through my bones as a sour scent permeated the room, making the warm air heavy over my mouth, forever forced into a smile. That would be soft and painless.

It hurt when Santa sowed us. I was lucky though. Chandrelle was his favorite, so I was often left alone. There was an unspoken fourth rule at the Pole. That only Santa may harvest his elves. We were supposed to be pure. But Horith and I loved each other. We loved each other so much that our bodies ached to be together.

He had been so proud of me too. So proud that I had finally provided fruit for him and Mrs.

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It was then that he took Horith to the shed. That was the last time I saw my love, his face twisted in fear and pain as Santa dragged him through the cold dead leaves. I cried for him, openly. Claus allowed it, even though it was not joy. She had always been much kinder than Santa. The alarm rang at 6 AM. Claus stopped her knitting and stood at the window, looking out at the winter landscape around us.

How Does the Christmas Elf Tradition Work?

Worry furrowed her brow, slightly wrinkling her otherwise joyful face. Santa Claus had never been this late getting home before. At 11 AM, Mrs. Claus let us eat some of the feast that we had prepared so that we could go to bed without empty stomachs. At 3 PM, the other girl elves and I joined her in the living room. At this point, she was curled up on her rocking chair. Yet instead, Mrs. Claus rocked back and forth, her eyes glazed, staring out into nothing.

She was unresponsive. Her lips drawn tight, making her grin look dehydrated and skeletal. By the time 5 PM hit we abandoned her to feed the younger elves more of the Christmas feast which now lay cold on the table. At 8 PM, Chandrelle called out for me to join her at the window.

I Was a Christmas Elf - Creepypasta

I hugged Nym close to my chest as I walked over to see. Chandrelle pointed and I immediately saw the shadowy figure which had just emerged from the treeline. Claus jumped from her chair, pushing us aside to take a look. We continued to look over her shoulder as another shadowy figure appeared, followed by another. Soon, several shadows were walking towards the house. It felt as if ice water was running down my spine. She ran to the back of the house and came barreling back moments later with a large shotgun. She brandished the weapon in front of her as she ran out the door wearing nothing but her housecoat and slippers.

There was a loud bang and she fell into the snow, which quickly turned red around her. We were too stunned to react. Within seconds strange men were around us, touching us and asking us questions in short barks. Chandrelle smiled widely at them, asking if they wanted some cookies and Christmas cheer. The men let me keep Nym though, which I appreciate. They gave me a cup of water and a cup of some warm brown liquid I assumed was Hot Cocoa, but it was bitter and earthy. I spit it out and the men took it away.

It was like they were speaking a different language.

Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. All, that is, except for one sad, unnamed elf, who's too young and too clumsy to Director: Mik Casey. Holiday family favourites.

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