The Same River Twice

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Courtesy the artist. This exhibition is curated by Margot Norton and Natalie Bell.

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Pappa street, N. For example, hot cannot exist without cold — one defines the other. For me, his philosophy holds many profound ideas and truths. What is fascinating is his pairing of this all-pervasive force with constant change.

Same River Twice

At first it seems very paradoxical —and that is why it attracts me. I believe many eternal truths are found in paradoxes. What we do know is that he was held in high esteem among the greatest philosophers who immediately followed him including Plato and Aristotle.

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Our ability to influence the direction of our lives and future events is very limited, next to impossible if we stay on the surface of the great river of life and not see the depths of its true nature. Our only hope to discover the underlying reality of our lives is found in the logos. It is only then that we can become part of the future by going with, becoming part of, the flow of change… discover its oneness, and then benefit from this all-pervasive truth. One must give in to the logos.


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