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Betty Who Falls for an Alien in Funny-Yet-Touching 'I Remember' Video: Premiere

Richard Mather. Alan Herrick. Sid Viscose. In Spe. Scott Moore. John Battema. Jean-Rene Sylvestre.

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You'll find NERO soldiers at the location you're looking for. Follow them into the cave distract the guard near the cave by using a stone and hide in the bushes, listen to the scientists talk. You will unlock a secret: 2. Researcher Field Note - Tip : When escaping from the cave, you can go to the far end of it, where there is a small passage leading to a second, unguarded cave. Once again, you will only have go on to talk with Sarah in the north of Belknap, and again it is an easy way to gain experience.

You will be eavesdropping for O'Brien once again. Go to the gas station west of Lost Lake. When the helicopter flies past, run to the wall and wait for the guards to leave. Mount the transmitter, then jump in through the window into the room adjacent to the one where the scientists sit and eavesdrop on them. When they start to move, it's best to take the stairs to the roof. Secret: 4.

Wait until one of the guards passes behind the helicopter, then avoid him and mount the transmitter at the rear of the vehicle. Then go to the yellow house and listen in on the conversation while hiding in the bushes. Then, as usually, the scientists are going to move. In both cases, you can move the cars to the houses they enter so that you can listen to their conversations safely from the roof.

Secret: 3. Again, go to the Sarah memorial rock in the north-western part of Belknap. Do it early so that the mission is not lost you do not want to lose free experience. You may encounter a sniper on the building opposite the Church. It is being devastated by Anarchists 6 people - get rid of them. Cutscene will be interrupted by attack of the reinforcements.

This is another part of the story when Deacon visits Sarah's monument. Complete this mission first or sometime after I Was Distracted. This way you won't miss important part of the story and chance to get a lot of experience points. In this mission you only meet with O'Brien and still you can explore the area but soon Be careful though - once you get to the place, you will encounter a strong bear. His health bar can be seen at the top of the screen. It's worth using explosives in this battle.

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If you do not have any, on the left of the car there is an explosive barrel, which will help you a little. Also: if you have the Executioner Melee ability, you can easily defeat the bear when you tap the triangle at the right moment after you are hit by the bear. Then go with the soldier to the camp. Here is the moment where Deacon gets introduced to the camp.

Check out the items marked on the map after a conversation with commander Kouri. Then go with her on a motorcycle to the next objective. Here you will begin the mission of a new storyline: A Good Soldier. After the cut-scene ends, go talk to Col. The mission takes about 10 minutes. However, each fragment can be skipped, including the dialogue - you won't have to explore the area. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia.

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Release Dates. Days Gone Guide. Main storyline. I Remember. Table of Contents. Deacon likes to come to the abandoned camp in the north to talk to the deceased Sarah. Again you have the opportunity to talk with Sarah to get easy experience points.