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  • One however was not having any comparison to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll..
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The author of the parody has authorized comments, and wants YOUR feedback. Making fun of music, one song at a time. Since the year Check out the two amIright misheard lyrics books including one book devoted to misheard lyrics of the s. Original Performer: Backstreet Boys. Parody Song Title: "Jeremy Kyle". Parody Written by: Samngliv. The Lyrics This is a parody about a british Jerry springer style talk show host. One hoped, despite the terrible forces of darkness that gathered around Mr Dymond in his last days, that at least now he could rest in peace, but no.

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And would that really be such a bad thing? For 14 years, it featured the trials and tribulations of those on the margins of society.

Yes, there were sometimes contemptible humiliations, glorifications of the undeserving and situations that seemed manipulated to an uncomfortable degree — but you could say that about any TV programme featuring members of the public. Yet, while the JKS was far from perfect, it gave a voice to those rarely heard. In addition, it often showed people triumphing over their reduced circumstances and featured life stories that were brave and redemptive — all of this in a forum with a surprisingly strong moral code.

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Oh, please. The pious undertow seems to be that the lower orders — and coming from a council housing estate, I count myself among them — are somehow sacrosanct, beyond reproach or lampoon; worthy only of praise and always to be depicted in a heroic light. Preferably in a Jimmy McGovern drama that depicts their blameless, but noble, struggle.

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Yet the experiences and lives they depict are part of the fabric of British life and surely worthy of honest scrutiny. Especially when posh people were far too busy laughing at everyone on Made In Chelsea instead. For many participants, being on the programme was a highlight; something worthy of peer group praise, an experience that made their lives better, not worse.

To imply otherwise is to suggest that JKS contributors were not intelligent enough to make informed choices of their own and that you know better than them: treacherous ground for any socialist demagogue. Still, one imagines ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall leapt at the chance to rid her schedule of this distressingly popular programme — quelle mortification!

Angels and Demons: Imperialism and War, ‘Chavs’ and Jeremy Kyle – OffGuardian

If she watched it at all, it must have been with a peg on her nose. Now she can attend dinner parties without fear of mockery or complaint about the ugly thorn in the ITV crown. I feel its swift demise has parallels with BBC bosses expeditiously axeing Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear — another top-rated show loved by the lower orders, but loathed by the higher-ups. Once again, it was the chatterati versus the chaverati, and we know who usually wins that one. Yet it was interested in the lives of people most of us choose to ignore.

It staged thousands of reunions, rehabilitations and interventions, for which it deserves much praise. Maybe the time is right for it to go, but it is wrong to forget all the good it did along the way.

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Charlize is intelligent and beautiful, while Seth is an overweight he-frump with a great pelt of beard. But guess what? Charlize manages to look beyond the ugly shell to see the pearl within, shucks. In this Princess Charming-meets-Cinderfella tale, the unlikely couple fall in love.