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Sonatina Op. 2 Sheet Music by Alejandro Núñez Allauca

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Journal of the ameri- can medical Association. Il, , p. Taylor Griffith. Racial migration- zones and their significance. Human biology, Baltimore, t. Vallois Henri V. Paris, t. Wellisch S. Volk und Rasse. Munich, t. III, fasc. Basauri Carlos. Mexico, t. Deafness and blindness among ancient Indian. Ganiio fears race conflict. XXVII, , p. Herskovits Melville J. The Negro in the new world : the statement of a problem.

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Indian notes. New York, Museum of the american. Indian, Heye foundation, t.

Núñez Allauca, Alejandro [WorldCat Identities]

VII, , p. Le Bulletin des recherches historiques. Levis, t. Relation of Indian and Eskimo. Zur Anthropologie der Sioux- Indianer. Zeitschrift fur Morphologie. Spier Leslie. Growth of Japanese children born in America and in Japan. University of Washington Publications in anthropology. Seattle, t. Ill, , p. The Annals of the american Academy of political and social. CXXX, novembre Todd T. Dimensions of the body : whites and american negroes.

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Las transiciones hasta el hombre actual y la dispersion de la especie. La Prensa. Silva Soares Odilonda. Annual Report of the Director of the Board of trustees for the year Field Museum. Anthropology and archaeology. Kleiweg de Zwaan J. Het vraagstuk van den tevtiairen Mensch. Mensch en Maatschappij. Groningen, t.

Noguera Eduardo. El puesto de la arqueologia entre las ciencias. Pond Alonzo W.

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Primitive methods of working stone based on experiments of Halvor L. Logan Museum Bulletin. Beloit, t. Rock Fritz. Die kulturhistorische Bedeutung von Ortun gsreihen und Ortun gsbil dern. XXV, , p. Sur les sommets de l'Atlantide. Adam L. Die Kunst des alten Amerika und die alte Welt. Die Cicerone. Leipzig, t.

XIX, fasc. Cahiers d'art. Paris, , 52 p. Succession de M. Paris, mars , 34 p. Back Rudolf. Blatter fur die Freunde der Antike. IV, , p. Bernhardi Anna. Revista chilena de historia natural. Santiago de Chile, t. Callegari G. L'archeologia americana nel Milan, t. Cauvet Commandant. Alger, J. Bringau, , p. Cook H. The antiquity of man in America. Cottevieille-Giraudet R. Proceedings of the international Institute of anthropology, 3rd session.

Amsterdam, , p. Flying over ancient places. Freitas Affonso A. Frikderici Georg. Mackenzie Donald A. Myths of pre-columbian America.

A. Nunez Allauca SONATA del TRIGONO D'ARIA

Londres, , p. Marquez Miranda Fernando. La Plata, t. XX, , p. Sobre el dialecto cubano y el origen de las razas americanas. Revista bimestre cubana. La Havane, t. XXII, , p. Mummies examined with X-rays. Arquitcctura americana. Madrid, t. XCIII, , p. Ethnologische Studien. Leipzig, , p.

Posnansky Arthur. En las Americas existia una lengua, una raza y un simbolo primitive que era la base de un dogma general. Ultima hora. Prince Carlos. Origen de los Indios de America. Lima, , in Roux Cl. Lyon, , p. Schmidt Wilhelm. Der Ur sprung der Gottesidee. Eine historisch-kritische Studie. Spargo John. Early american pottery and China.

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New York, Century Co. Stolpe Hjalmar. Collected essays in ornemental art. On evolution in the ornamental art of savage people ; II. Studies in american ornamentation. A contribution to the biology of ornament. Stockholm, Astonbl. Trykeri, , p. Washington, Pan American Union, Vaillant George C. On the threshold of native american civilization. Natural history. Verrill A. Old civilizations of the New World. Londres, Williams and Norgate, Ltd. Aerial survey of Pueblo land. Alexander H. Field notes at Jemez.

Ancient Eskimo burials. Ancient life of Bering sea. Ancient man in Texas. An early Eskimo culture in Alaska. Basket-makers in Oklahoma. Bell Charles N. An implement of prehistoric man. Thirty-sixth annual archaeological Report, Toronto, [], p. Bernheimer Charles L. Rainbow bridge. Garden City N.

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Big Pueblo ruin located. Birket-Smith Kaj. Geo- grafisk Tidsskrift. Copenhague, t. Boas Franz. Migrations of asiatic races and cultures to North America. Bolton Reginald Pelham. Indian remains in northern Vermont. New York, Museum of the american Indian, Heye foundation, t. VII, ,. Bradfield Wesley. Excavations in theSacvamentos. Buffalo paths are a myth. Bunzel Ruth L. The Pueblo potter : a study of creative imagination in primitive. Burial mounds of early Indians. Bushneix Jr. David I. Mounds and other ancient earthworks of the United States.

Annual Report of the Board of regents of the Smithsonian Institution for Washington, , p. Chronology of the southwest. Chumash village site excavated. Prehistoric art of the Alaskan Eskimo. Smithsonian miscellaneous Collections. Darlington H. The probable origin of some North American dice games. Davidson D. Lock Haven expedition. The Museum Journal. Delabarre Edmund Burke. Dighton Rock ; a study of the written rocks of New. New York, Walter Neale, , p. Hodge denounces pot hunters. Earl Morris on ea,rly Pueblos. Early Pueblo settlements in Nevada. Olancha tablet. Epidemic ravaged early California.

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