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Und was sollen wir jetzt tun? Bei der Inventur am Es handelt sich um eines unserer meist verkauften Produkte. Hierbei handelt es sich um 1. Und wieder geht es um Verstecken und Unterstellung usw. Wir haben genug davon. Novo mesto, The same applies to technical advice. All documentation, e. HEUFT reserves its ownership and copyright on cost estimates, drawings and other documentation, and those are not to be made available to third parties prior to HEUFT's written consent.

In case a cost adjustment on equipment overhaul is only possible by disassembling the machine to determinate, which part has to be repaired resp. The delivery volume is determined by written order confirmation. Pocket agreements are only effective after written confirmation. Safety devices will only be added to the delivery after prior agreement. Verbal arrangements, minutes or agreements of any kind, have to be ack - nowledged by HEUFT in writing, either as part of the order confirmation or in a special letter supplementary to the order confirmation.

Delivery of goods is effected at account and risk of the Buyer. The prices are conditionally in so far as HEUFT will be able to consider price increases on wages and material within the period between placement of order and delivery. Unless no other arrangements are part of the quotation or acknowledgement of order, terms of payment are: Against confirmed irrevocable letter of credit.

In case the agreed upon payment terms are not kept, HEUFT's total receivables will be due immediately without having the buyer formally put in default. It is not permitted to withhold payments for any counterclaims of the Buyer as well as settlement per contra of counterclaims. The delivery time is kept if the consignment has left the factory at the date of expiration, or the Buyer has been informed that the consignment is ready for dispatch. The afore described circumstances will not be subject to HEUFT's responsibility too, in case they come up in the course of default.

At such occasions HEUFT is authorized to dispose of the respective product otherwise and to deliver at a reasonable delayed date, after having granted a certain extention of time and which has not been kept by the Buyer. Additionally delivered motors engines are only subject to warranty, if they have been fitted by an electro expert under consideration of the VDE regulations.

Our general terms of installation are applicable for the provision of mechanics resp. HEUFT insures the consignment against breakage, transport damages, fire and water at cost of the Buyer, in case the Buyer does not object. If the shipment is delayed by circumstances beyond HEUFT's responsibility, the risk is transferred to the Buyer at the date, at which the goods are ready for dispatch. In this case, however, HEUFT is ready to insure the consignment by request of the customer at his cost.

In this case too cheques and drafts are only accepted if they have been redeemed by the drawee and HEUFT can dispose of the amount. As long as there exists a retention of title, HEUFT is authorized to insure the equipment against fire, water and other damages adequately at cost of the Buyer, provided the Buyer cannot testify that he personally has taken any respective action.

The delivered equipment can neither be pawned nor mortgaged.

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Replaced parts will be resp. At delay of delivery, installation or start-up of the operation resp. HEUFT's liability on products of sub-suppliers is only limited to assigning the claim to the respective sub-supplier. Only in very urgent cases in which operational safety at the Buyer's site is jeopardized, the Buyer is entitled to eliminate the fault by himself or to have it eliminated by third parties and to bill HEUFT those costs, provided the Buyer has immediately informed HEUFT about this emergency case.

All other expenses have to be borne by the Buyer. The warranty period for the equipment will be extended by the period of operational breakdown, caused by readjustments. He can also terminate the contract, in case similar objects are on order, the provison of the quantity of a part of the delivery will be impossible and he has justified interest to refuse a part delivery. If the impossibility comes up during the time at which the Buyer has been put on notice to take delivery or has neglected the receipt, the Buyer has to pay in return.

Furthermore the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract, in case HEUFT can be blamed to have not kept the appropriate period of grant respite to eliminate any claims in accordance with the General Terms of Delivery. The appropriate period of grant respite is only valid if HEUFT has accepted the responsibility of this claim or if the Buyer can give proof of it. Excluded are all additional claims of the Buyer, in special any claims for alteration, notice or reduction as well as compensation on damages of any kind, e.

In those cases the Buyer cannot claim any compensation. This agreement shall be governed by German law. Vsi dokumenti, tj. Dodatni dogovori stopijo v veljavo le po pisni potrditvi. Zavarovanje dobave se doda le po predhodnem dogovoru. Predhodno opisane razmere prav tako ne bodo predmet odgovornosti podjetja HEUFT v primeru, da do njih pride zaradi zamude.

Zamenjani deli so oz. V primeru zamujene dostave namestitve ali zagona proizvodnje oz. Die Mwst. All prices include VAT. Tutti i prezzi riportati includono l' I. Alojza Jamnika, ga. Manjo Kerstein, g. Andreja Flisa do Andreja Flisa v mandat vstopil g. Marko Herzog. Nadzorni svet je na svoji 1.

Alojza Jamnika in za namestnika predsednika g. Ljubljana ter k vsebini pogodbe o pripojitvi. Pripojitev je bila izvedena z dnem Dimitra Atanasova Angelova. Ljubljana, dne The term of office of all Supervisory Board members to date expired on 30 January The Supervisory Board operates by observing well-established corporate management principles and thereby performs its supervisory duties to provide for efficiency and transparency of the NLB Leasing d. The Supervisory Board submits this report to inform the General Meeting on the monitoring method and scope of the Company management in the business year in line with its responsibilities as stipulated by the provisions of the Companies Act and the provisions of the Contract of Members or the Memorandum of Association of the Company.

The latter was liquidated due to streamlining of operations. The Supervisory Board passed guidelines in which it called for more intense pace of collection of due and outstanding receivables and for the establishment of additional provisions in the amount corresponding to the risk of individual investments and their repayment probability. Due to substantially altered and difficult circumstances at financial markets and an increased need for adequate liquidity management of the Company, the Supervisory Board issued guidelines for currency, interest rate and liquidity risk management.

The Supervisory Board considered the report on the Internal Audit operations and the report on implementation of the Internal Audit recommendations and approved the Internal Audit Work Plan. Velenje with NLB Leasing d. Ljubljana, and to the contents of the Merger Contract. The merger took effect on 1 July In line with its powers, the Supervisory Board discussed and approved the replacement in the Management Board of Optima Leasing d.

Beograd companies, passed the resolution on the increase of share capital in NLB Leasing d. The Supervisory Board acted in accordance with the provisions of the Resolution on Overdrafts in Operations for the NLB Leasing Group and approved proposals for distributing profits or covering losses in subsidiaries. The auditor stated that the financial statements of the company and consolidated financial statements give a true and fair account of the financial condition of NLB Leasing and the NLB Leasing Group as at 31 December , and of profit and loss as well as of cash flows for the completed business year and comply with the Slovenian Accounting Standards.

The auditor is of the opinion that the statements in the Business Report of NLB Leasing and the NLB Leasing Group are in accord with enclosed financial statements as at 31 December , hence its opinion to the stated reports is unqualified. Based on this report, the Supervisory Board approved the Annual Report and the proposal of the Management Board for distributing net profits, which it plans to submit for adoption to the General Meeting of shareholders.

The Supervisory Board if of the opinion that the NLB Leasing operations were successful in and that the Company achieved the objectives set in the Annual Work Plan and in many respects surpassed them. V galeriji hotela Ajda bo med Marcem in 3. Termin: 2. Here you will find a wide range of leisure activities.

At the same time, the hotel will also organise the blessing of Easter foods. Dates: 2. For more information on Delphi Common Rail and other technologies, check out our website on www. Voted World Car of the Year, the result is a cleaner, greener car that achieves record low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption without compromising on performance. The pump combines a relatively small specific capacity of up to 0. It features a new compact hydraulic head design which helps to improve the volumetric and mechanical efficiency, enabling a potential reduction of engine CO2.

The DFP6 pump also features an innovative roller and shoe mechanism. The twin lobe cam offers two pumping events per revolution, reducing the number of pump strokes needed. The roller cam shoe mechanism has a patented static shoe guide that has been designed to reduce torque, dynamic mass and noise. Did You Know? TT Ali ste vedeli? The introduction of these new emission legislations - called Euro 4 and 5 - resulted in the usage of new advanced after-treatment systems such as diesel particulate filters DPF.

Wolf Emission System Protection is the new name given for this new generation of lubricants. Our range meets the most stringent norms set by the car manufacturers Original Equipment Manufacturers. Wolf sistem za uravnavanje emisij je novo ime nove generacije maziv. To potrdilo velja do dne Register ureja: Direktorica zbornice: Mag. Snezana Skerbinc, 1. Hiermit wird bescheinigt, dass Fr. Diese Bescheinigung gilt bis zum Guss- und Walzerzeugnisse Innovationen bei Gusserzeugnissen und Walzerzeugnissen treiben die technische Entwicklung in vielen Bereichen voran. Fahrzeugindustrie, Energiebranche, Maschinenbau oder Luftfahrt: Sie alle profitieren von technologischen Fortschritten bei Gusswerkstoffen, Walzerzeugnissen und bei den Fertigungsprozessen.

Der Gesamtexportanteil liegt bei ca. Spezialprodukte wie z. Stahlindustrie - Eckdaten Rohstahlproduktion 7,6 Mio. Euro im Jahr 1. Blum Verwaltung GmbH 1. Plansee Holding AG 1. Mahle Filtersysteme Austria GmbH 5. Welser Profile AG 6. Austria Buntmetall AG 8. Firmen wie Tempex Austria und E. Eine wesentliche Rolle in diesem Bereich spielen Computer- und Informationssicherheit. Finden Sie hier einige interessante Daten dazu. Seilbahnbau, Schienenfahrzeuge und Leistungen rund um diese Bereiche werden von hochtechnisierten, exportorientierten Produzenten angeboten. Kunden in ca. Die Bedeutung der Zulieferer ist in den vergangenen Jahren stetig gestiegen.

So bietet z. Daten und Fakten - Jahresbericht Seilbahnunternehmungen davon 88 in Tirol, 52 in Salzburg und 37 in Vorarlberg Investitionen Mio. Mitarbeiter insgesamt Auch was den Nachweis durch Zertifizierung betrifft. Das ist die positive Seite der Chemie. Europa wird dieses Thema in Zukunft forcieren. Das Land hat eine lange Tradition in der Holzwirtschaft. Der Rohstoff schont die Umwelt. Diese Bauform sichert sich ihren Markt im Land.

Normen regeln und vereinheitlichen die komplexe Welt. Wenn auch keine unbedeutende. Rund um die Uhr umgeben uns Sessel, Tisch und Co. Aber nicht nur. Normen Kunststoffe sind weltweit gehandelte Produkte. Die Normen begleiten und gestalten diese kreative Entwicklung. Kinderspielzeug Einer der heikelsten Bereiche der Kunststoffwelt ist Kinderspielzeug. Denn hier geht es um Sicherheit und Gesundheit des Nachwuchses. Was ist aber danach, wenn das Ding ausgedient hat?

So lautet ein Bonmot, das in Kreisen der Metallindustrie kursiert. Genormte Werkstoffnummern sagen, was man mit dem Produkt machen kann. Neue Technologien entstehen am laufenden Band. Die Normung begleitet diese Entwicklungen. Eine beinahe schon alte neue Technologie ist die Luft- und Raumfahrt. Papier ist aus der heutigen Welt nicht wegzudenken. Einmal verwendet, endet die Lebensdauer von Papier noch lange nicht. Normen Ein Leben ohne Gefahren gibt es nicht. Das Thema Sicherheit zieht sich wie ein roter Faden durch nahezu alle Normen. Sie erwarten, dass Produkte, die sie kaufen, sicher sind und keine unvorhersehbaren Gefahren in sich bergen.

Normen tragen zu einem hohen Niveau in diesem bedeutsamen Wirtschaftszweig bei. Transport ist das Schlagwort der mobilen Welt. Ziel ist die Zufriedenheit der Kunden Transport kennt fast keine Grenzen.

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Transport ist eine Dienstleistung. Gut verpackt machen sich unterschiedlichste Waren auf die Reise. Viele der mehr als 2. Oder die Schiffsschraube von Josef Ressel? In Abstimmung mit den Betrieben stellen die Schulen sicher, dass Ausbildung und Anforderung zusammen passen. In gemeinsamen Projekten zwischen Schulen und Wirtschaft, z. Inhalt Kovine Metalurgija ima v Avstriji dolgo tradicijo. V Avstriji najdete prave poslovne partnerje za tehnologijo za kovinsko industrijo in predelavo kovin stroje in obrate kovine in kovinske izdelke surovine za legiranje jekel surovine za visokokakovostna jekla in barvne kovine negorljive materiale za metalurgijo kot npr.

Tudi vidik trajnosti govori v prid litim izdelkom: vlivanje je najbolj neposredna pot od taline do elementa, ki ima z vidika materiala optimirano visoko trdnost ob optimalni uporabi virov.

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  • Right next door to Frankfurt.

Livarski izdelki za izvoz 51 industrijskih livarn v Avstriji skupno proizvede cca. Posebni proizvodi kot npr. Podatki in dejstva Tu najdete informacije o nekaterih izbranih podatkih glede pomena panoge kovinske industrije in predelave kovin. Jeklarska industrija — okvirni podatki Proizvodnja surovega jekla 7,6 mio. Industrija aluminija — okvirni podatki Obrati 13 Zaposleni cca.

Podjetja kot Tempex Austria in E. Inovacijam prijazna avstrijska podjetja zagotavljajo potrebno infrastrukturo, ki velik pomen polaga na varnost, in s tem dosega izvozne uspehe. Podjetje Mils Elektronik nudi kodirno tehniko za izmenjavo informacij in podatkov. Tu najdete zanimive podatke o tem. Elektro in elektronska industrija Kazalniki avstrijske elektro in elektronske industrije Proizvodna vrednost cca.

Stranke v cca. Njihova ponudba med drugim obsega: stabilizirni in utrjevalni stroji, stroje za rekonstrukcijo tirov in novogradnjo tirov, stroje za konstrukcijo kretnic in novogradnjo kretnic, stroje za konstrukcijo progovnih vodov in novogradnjo progovnih vodov, merilna vozila. Plovila in letala V Avstriji najdete podjetja, ki opremljajo jahte, izdelujejo jadrnice in jahte ter motorne jadrnice. Poleg zahtevnega interjerja podjetje proizvaja tudi lahke gradbene komponente za letala za poslovna potovanja. Podjetje Diamond Aircraft Industries s centralo in razvojnim oddelkom v Wiener Neustadt je svetovno dejaven proizvajalec letal iz steklenih in karbonskih vlaken.

Dobavitelji kot Fischer Composite Technology ali Isovolta dobavljajo sestavine, elektroizolativne materiale in druge sestavne dele za notranjo opremo letal. Podjetje Liebherr med drugim izdeluje posebna dvigala za pretovarjanje blaga v pomorstvu. Tako podjetje Augustin Gruppe poleg v Evropi svoje storitve ponuja tudi v globalnem tovornem sistemu. Tako npr. Tu najdete zanimive podatke o avstrijskem prometnem gospodarstvu. Zaposleni skupaj Ki sta lahko bolj ali ne dragi — odvisno od panoge.

Tudi kar zadeva dokazovanje s certifikati. Ustrezne zakone dopolnjujejo normirane preizkusne metode, analize ter atesti in dovoljenja. Pomembno nalogo imajo norme tudi za varstvo zdravja. To je pozitivna stran kemije. Pametna uporaba Seveda pa kemija skriva tudi nevarnosti za zdravje. Norme Avstrija stavi na energetske sisteme s prihodnostjo in proizvaja petino svoje energije iz obnovljivih energijskih virov.

Upravljanje z energijo Energija iz vode, sonca in obnovljivih surovin je v Avstriji posebna naloga. Kajti energijsko gospodarstvo je sinonim za pametno upravljanje, optimirane obrate in optimalne proizvode. Norme Zdravje ljudi je v Evropi in Avstriji visoko cenjeno. Evropa bo v prihodnje forsirala to tematiko. Kot surovina varuje okolje. V zgolj nekaj desetletjih je komunikacija v bitih in bajtih veliko spremenila. Ta kompleksni svet urejajo in poenotijo norme. Toda nikakor ne nepomembno. Norme — mednarodne in avstrijske — skrbijo za kakovost in zanesljivost. Toda ne le temu.

Za zagotavljanje sposobnosti, varnosti in uporabnosti pa so odgovorne norme. Norme Plastika je proizvod, ki se prodaja po vsem svetu. Dodatno na to temo opozarja nekaj avstrijskih posebnih zahtev. Umetne mase so vseznalci. Norme skrbijo za kakovost, varnost in okolju prijaznost proizvodov. Standardi za testiranje Nove recepture se v svetu umetnih mas vsakodnevno pojavljajo. Norme spremljajo in oblikujejo ta kreativni razvoj. Kakovostne zahteve in testiranja so definirana v teh normah.

Varstvo okolja Proizvodi iz umetne mase se proizvajajo vsak dan. Norme Ni vse zlato, kar se sveti. Vse kar se vozi, plava ali leti, potrebuje kovino. Ta razvoj spremljajo norme. Nov material za astronavtiko, novo spoznanje v mikrogeometriji ali nanotehnologiji — mednarodne norme se intenzivno in karseda zgodaj ukvarjajo z relevantnimi novimi tehnologijami. Standardi tako ustvarjajo osnovo za nadaljnje razvoje.

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Velik potencial se prav tako skriva v makro- in mikrogeometriji izdelkov, v telematiki in v svetu medicine. Avstrijske norme dopolnjujejo mednarodne in evropske pravilnike. Avstrija stavi na kakovostne norme za reciklirane proizvode.

Prototyp Fitness.

V celotnem sektorju norme zagotavljajo kakovost storitev in opreme. Cilj je zadovoljstvo strank Transport skorajda ne pozna meja. Transport je storitev. Od tu do tja Prevoz blaga pa ni zgolj pot od enega kraja do drugega. Ta mlada znanost razvija inteligentne sisteme za nadzor in kontrolo. In ladijski vijak Josef Ressel? Okoli dve tretjini vseh izdatkov velike industrije za raziskave in razvoj izvedejo tuja podjetja. Raziskave, razvoj tehnologij in inovacije ne skrbijo le za trajno gospodarsko rast in stabilen razvoj zaposlitev. Ustvarjanje vrednosti z rekreacijsko vrednostjo Izbiro lokacije primarno zaznamujejo gospodarski okvirni pogoji.

Na vrhu seznama se nahajajo Rusija, Japonska in Velika Britanija. Med prvimi desetimi mesti najdemo sedem evropskih in tri azijska mesta. Tischlampe ausgestattet, ein drittes Zimmer m. Uns umgeben Stock eines Zweifamilienhauses. Fernsehanschluss SAT.

Synonyms and antonyms of Fitnesscenter in the German dictionary of synonyms

WLAN kostenlos. Auf Wunsch kann noch ein Reisebabybett zugestellt werden. In der Wohnung befindet sich noch ein 3. Ansonsten wird die Wohnung von uns nicht betreten. Die Verkehrswege sind gut ausgebaut. Zu dieser Zeit gibt es Sonderfahrten mit Bus und Bahn. Der Bayr. Zimmer in ruhiger Lage mit entspannten Mitbewohner. Vermietet wird ein Zimmer mit eigenem Bad in einem Jahre altem Bauernhaus. Zimmer im Bauernhaus am Heitzer Hof. Das Zimmer ist Teil eines renovierten, aber traditionellen Hauses nach altbayerischer Art eingerichtet. Helle Mansardenwohnung in traditionellem Haus.

Die Wohnung legt in zentraler Lage von Dingolfing. Die Wohnung in Dingolfing Zentrum. You will stay with a family from Kerala, with three little children. They wake up around My place is close to public transport and the city center. My place is good for couples, solo adventurers, and business travelers. Bahnhof circa 2km.

Supermarkt circa 1 km. Close to Donau.

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You can go for a walk or bike ride in the evening by the river side. Confort Stay near Donau. Es ist ruhig, modern, sehr durchdacht, funktionell und mit viel Liebe eingerichtet. Stadtbushaltestelle 6.


Elisabeth 10 min. Zentrum ca. Dazu kannst du dir im Wintertagen den Kamin anheizen. Ein Schlafzimmer bietet eine angrenzende Ankleide mit Durchgang zum Badezimmer. OG mit Blick von der Galerie in den Wohnbereich. Modern, ruhig und neuwertig. Der Garteninnenbereich kann gerne nach vorheriger Absprache vor Ort genutzt werden. Verdunklungsrollos in allen Schlafzimmern. Tolles Ferienhaus in Bayern "Stanglhof".

Explore nearby. Es hat eine Dauer von 12 oder 17 Wochen mit mindestens 23 Wochenstunden an Unterricht und ist in verschiedene Schwierigkeitsstufen unterteilt. Der Kurs dauert mindestens vier Wochen und besteht ebenfalls aus unterschiedlichen Niveaus, denen die Studenten zugeordnet werden. Jetzt bewerben! Kostenloses Infomaterial Download. Fall Mitte August - Mitte Dezember Traumhochschule gefunden? Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship. Certificate in International Business English.

Pre-MBA Program.