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This multi-level rabbit cage also features a round corner design for safety, and wheels that allow for easy movement. Reviewers say the cage is well-made, fairly priced, and suitable for a variety of small animals. Many rabbit owners choose to keep their pet indoors to protect them from threats including harsh weather, predators, and parasites.

Housing a rabbit indoors also allows you to monitor their health and interact with them more easily.

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Indoor rabbit cages are designed to provide a comfortable and secure habitat for your pet inside your home. Standard cages, multi-level cages, and foldable cages offer a complete solution for housing your rabbit. Indoor rabbit pens are designed to provide your pet with some extra space to exercise and play.

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Consider which features are important to you when making a purchasing decision. An indoor rabbit cage should have a few important features. Indoor cage or pen. Indoor rabbit cages provide a complete habitat to house your rabbit inside your home. These cages are enclosed on all sides and offer features such as removable bottom pans for cleaning, food and water dishes, and areas for your pet to exercise and sleep.

Indoor rabbit pens are designed to provide a secure space for your rabbit to exercise inside your home. They usually feature a simple fence design with an open top and bottom. Standard or multi-level. Indoor cages that house your rabbit are available in two main styles: standard or multi-level. Standard cages are the most basic option, and usually feature areas for your pet to exercise, eat, and sleep. Multi-level cages also include ramps and elevated platforms to provide your pet with extra living space.

Multi-level cages are usually best suited to more active rabbits.

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If you have a baby rabbit, choose a cage that will be large enough to house them when they are older. It may be a good idea to speak to your veterinarian who will be able to give you a better idea of the size your pet will reach when fully grown. Rabbits like to dig and chew, so make sure the cage you choose is tough enough to withstand these behaviors. A high-quality rabbit cage made from heavy-duty materials should last you for years to come.

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Metal cages with strong plastic bases are a popular and durable choice. Foldable cages can be easily stored, moved around your home, or taken with you while traveling. If you require less portability, cages with wheels can be a good option. Removable bottom pan and urine guard.

A rabbit needs a comfortable and secure cage with plenty of space for them to move around freely. Choose absorbent bedding that will create a dry and comfortable environment for your rabbit.

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Popular choices include newspaper, straw, or hay. An indoor rabbit cage should be large enough for your rabbit to lay down, turn around, and move a few steps comfortably. A good guideline for most rabbits is around five square feet of floor space. Rabbits are social animals, and can enjoy sharing their living space with companions.

Before keeping multiple rabbits in the same cage, make sure the living space is big enough and all rabbits are spayed or neutered. You should also introduce rabbits to each other gradually to avoid territorial behavior. We looked at 20 other indoor rabbit cages. AmazonBasics Pet Habitat. This indoor rabbit cage from AmazonBasics provides everything you need to house your rabbit comfortably, including a non-drip water bottle, hay guard, and balcony with access ramp and tip-proof food dish.

DreamHome Small Animal Cage.