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No matter what part of the country these incidents took place in, it was always a contentious road. Wertheimer gives multiple examples of school systems navigating the tricky balance between education and indoctrination. She highlights the difference between teaching about religion and teaching religion and raises the question of whether it is possible to be truly tolerant of others if you know nothing about their customs, beliefs, and ceremonies.

The first step in any successful course about theological beliefs is educating the parents about the intent of the course. Leaving religion out of the curriculum leaves a huge gap in understanding both history and culture. When parents understand this, they are more open to their children learning about religions.

Indoctrination | education and politics |

Without this education, parents are quick to assume their children are being brainwashed or destabilized in their own religious beliefs. Many school systems, particularly those with a multicultural student body, introduce these courses into the curriculum in order to mitigate bullying and social tensions. In other words, in order to protect the minority. The majority community often views this as an infringement on their rights. When the courses are explained to the community first, and taught with careful guidelines, students benefit.

Students both in our country and abroad will be confronted with people from various religious backgrounds in their daily lives. Wertheimer explores how we can prepare our students to work side by side, or virtually, with those of other religions.

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She gives the examples of a nursing student who was grateful to have learned about the belief systems of people she would be treating and the soldier who was stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq who found he could better relate to the citizens there. This courageous book tackles a highly controversial subject. Wertheimer is to be congratulated for asking tough questions. These include: What is the appropriate age to teach children about theological differences? Should students be taken on field trips to religious sanctuaries?

Should religious leaders be allowed to speak in public schools? Is political correctness stymieing real conversation?

Education or Indoctrination?

And, what is the obligation of the public schools to prepare our students for a multicultural future? Many of these questions don't have obvious answers, but the moment to tackle them is now. These issues will only become more salient as our nation becomes more diversified than ever. I recommend this book to both educators, parents and older students who want to meet the very difficult expectations of our founding fathers.

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Islam: Indoctrination or Education? A Timeline

This outcome could not have occurred without the lowering of public expectations and propaganda which sought to limit any changes to the margins of the current system. It was presupposed that the existing system was the best that could be hoped for, and permitted policy discussion was confined to proposals which would not inhibit its workings in any meaningful way.

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  5. Extraordinary disparities of wealth and income, or the contrasting fortunes of bankers and pension holders, were seen as simply part and parcel of life. This is because it is vital that the system is seen as broadly legitimate, even by those who have the least to gain from it. From the perspective of the bankers who launched an offensive against regulation, the campaign was a total success. We are no better prepared for the inevitable, next financial crisis today than we were five years ago.

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    Indoctrination and propaganda train us for obedience and conformity. They discourage us from thinking differently or creatively, particularly in dealing with new problems and challenges we face every day. Too often they attempt to constrain our possible futures by limiting our possible thoughts. A contemporary Robinsonade — York, York.


    The polar oceans and global climate — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

    Education or Indoctrination?

    Scott Burchill , Deakin University. Indoctrination is one of the key forces at play in any society. North Korean soldiers cheering pro-regime slogans. Indoctrination is an essential tool of social control. The financial crash of exposed many of the flaws in an economic model once seen as perfect. You might also like Imagine. Billy Tusker Haworth.

    Congress was once the seat of all power on U. AP Photo.

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