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Billy proposes to Queenie, but she confesses she is in love with a married man and soon after runs off with him.

15 Simple Ways to Live a Happy Life

Her mother says she cannot forgive her and never wants to see her again. As time passes, Aunt Sylvia discovers spiritualism , Reg and Phyllis are killed in a car crash, and the British Union of Fascists tries to stir up anti-Semitic sentiment in the city. When Neville Chamberlain returns from Munich with the promise of " peace in our time ", Frank is disgusted by people's enthusiastic response.

Billy, home on leave from the Royal Navy and now a sub-lieutenant , announces to the family he ran into Queenie while on shore leave in France. Abandoned by her lover, she and an older woman opened a tearoom to make ends meet.

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She deeply regrets having left home. Billy reveals they were married two weeks previously in the Plymouth Registry Office and he has brought her back to London; Ethel forgives her.

This Happy Life

With the a new war on the horizon, Queenie has a baby son, whom she leaves in the care of her parents when she sails to join her husband in Singapore. Frank and Ethel, faced with an empty nest , decide to sell the house and move to a flat with their grandson.

This Happy Breed marked Lean's solo directorial debut. Coward had played Frank Gibbons on stage, and he wanted to reprise the role on screen. Lean felt the playwright's public persona of witty sophistication was so far removed from his humble lower class origins that audiences would be unable to accept him as Gibbons, and he initially offered the role to Robert Donat instead. As he explained in a letter to Coward: "Rightly or wrongly, I believe it is just that very political irresponsibility that got us into another war".

Lean insisted on filming This Happy Breed on three-strip Technicolor stock, although the film was difficult to acquire in Britain during the war. At the time, a Technicolor representative was assigned to the set of every film that utilised the process to ensure everything looked right on film. Lean was contractually required to follow strictly the guidelines proposed by the consultant, whose expertise he questioned and who drove him to distraction because of her concentration on the minutest details.

The released film barely resembles a standard Technicolor film, which was Lean's intention.

Happy Life - Roland Faunte -

It proved to be the most successful British release of and the first of many critically acclaimed films directed by him. Between March and January , the restoration of This Happy Breed , combining digital and photochemical techniques, was carried out at the British Film Institute 's National Archive's Conservation Centre in Berkhamsted and at Cineric, a post-production facility which combines optical printing and photochemical restoration with innovative digital techniques, in New York City.

The project included correcting the colour and a full digital restoration of the picture and soundtrack. The most time-consuming part of the sound restoration process involved removing background noise that caused dialogue to become muffled when conventional methods of noise reduction were used to remove it. Technicians had to filter the noise between individual words to eliminate static.

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The film's soundtrack, which includes the song London Pride , was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra , conducted by Muir Mathieson. According to trade papers, the film was one of the 12 most popular movies of the year at the British box office in TV Guide rated the film four stars and called it "an immensely charming movie, with many tears and many moments of warmth. Time Out London said, "Though Lean and Coward are less happy here than in the brittle, refined atmosphere of Brief Encounter , their adventurous excursion into suburban Clapham remains endlessly fascinating. But once you've got over its peculiar patrician tones and bitty structure, there's much to enjoy — not least the changing frocks and haircuts and wallpapers.

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