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Later yesterday the space was looking desolate As for reasons behind the closure, Mesika wrote: "This is undeniably a very difficult decision, which I did not really want to make but was really forced to make. Financial issues and all sort of disagreements have led me to deal with running the restaurant without support, to such extent that it can no longer be sustained.

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Timna, New York City

Explosion-site condoplex rising quickly In bloom 2 down, 98 to go: Work starts on the Gates Pro They assembled a workforce based on local and foreign workers, mostly from nearby Midian Moses' father-in-law, Jethro, was a Midian priest. The copper nuggets were then shipped through the ancient harbor south of Eilat. Recent studies in the ancient mines found evidence of mining activities during King Solomon reign around the 10th Century BC. Textiles fragments of the miners, pottery shreds and other findings have been identified in the mines belonging to the 10th Century.

However, during this period the copper mining in Timna has gradually been suspended and carried in other mines, such as Funon Wadi Faynan in the north part of the Arabah valley.


Mining continued during the early Arab period. The mines were modernized in in a plant located south to the Timna valley ,but the production was stopped in due to low copper prices. There is a hope to reopen soon again - continuing the 6, years of copper mining. The valley is located 25KM north of the city of Eilat, on the southern tip of Israel.

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It is easily accessible from the main road. The valley is a nature and history park, a popular tourist and hiking site. South to the park is the modern copper mines of Timna. North to the park is Kibbutz Yotvata , where a Roman fortress was excavated. One of the impressive rock formation in the valley is the giant "mushroom", seen below. This sandstone "sculpture" was created by nature, and there are other "mushrooms" in the vicinity.

This one is adjacent to the ancient copper mining facilities. Click on the photos to view in higher resolution The photo below shows an overview of the area of the mushroom, which can seen on the upper right south side. The area was a center of the Egyptian copper production, dated to the th Century BC. The front fenced area is a workshop and storage, and behind it is a copper smelting furnace.

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On the left is the miners' temple, and on the hill on the left there are additional sites which are currently excavated. A closer view of the first area, which included workshops, storage rooms for raw materials charcoal, copper ore, clay, water and other. South to the workshop is the copper smelting furnace, dated to the th Century BC.

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The raw materials were poured into the stone furnace, bellows were used to pump air into the fire, which melted the ore into copper nuggets. The furnace produced 5KG metal within hours. East to the workshops is a shrine, which serviced the Egyptian miners. It contained a basin in the rear , standing stones behind the basin , an offering table in the center. The findings included the bones of the sacrificed animals, fruit remains, clay and stone vessels. In the Timna hills the Egyptian miners cut into the hills to dig out the copper ore. This is what they were looking for - the greenish powder, hidden in deposits and veins between the rocks.

There are thousands of mining holes and tunnels in this area, such as seen in the arches visitors center - a mining tunnel dated to the end of the 2nd Millennium BC. The miners followed the green veins of the copper ore, extracted it, and hauled it to the smelting centers. The ancient miners used stone tools to dig into the soft sandstone rock, as on display in the visitors center.

Another example of a mining tunnel can be seen in the rock drawings site.

The photo below shows the entrance to one of the shafts used by the miners. Additional holes are located in the rock and provided air for the miners who dig through the rock. This is a typical vertical shaft that was used by the miners to move between the tunnels they dug into the rock above and below the ground. There are thousands of tunnels dated to about 3, years ago. The photo below is the "arches" site in Timna. In addition to the beautiful rock formations, where walking paths make it easier to access the site, there are many mining holes.