Celestial Escapades Vol. 2: The Valkyrie Hunter

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Mayes -Warrior Class. The Crooked Path. Smith -Forever Burn Adrian J. Smith -Dying Embers P. Simmill -Darrienia Fantasy K. Courtland Shakespeare -The Perfect Round. The next generation. The new conquerors.

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From crusade to disaster. Historical saga Anthony A Roberts - War makes strange bedfellows. Historical World War 2. Smith- Baby Rocket Stephanie A. Tarrin P. Millar- Conall: Rinn-Iru L.

  • Marvel Comics' FEBRUARY 2011 SOLICITATIONS;
  • Through an Open Window (A Summertime Romance Book 1);
  • The Castle of Otranto and The Old English Baron: Two Classic Gothic Romances in One Volume (Readers Edition).

Borg- Khamsin Historical Inge H. Borg- Sirocco Thriller Inge H. Miles Martin -Good Deeds J. Lane -I Am Vampire E. Prather -The Gifts Linda S. Wendy L. Michael Fett - Child's Wrath B. May -Perfidy M. May - Inconspicuous M. May - Ensconced M. May - Purged J. Lakelett -Remember Me? Graff - The Golden Hour M. Graff - Death Unscripted M. Hard Fantasy Martin J. Lang -Look Ma! No Hands! Lang -Poet Loiterer D. Connor - Damaged! Gavazzoni- Lara's Journal Psychological erotic thriller E. Dean - Falling into Knight B. Whitman - Always Our Love G. Whitman - When Love Reveals short stories G.

Bloodworth -MrPerfect. Fero -Buying Trouble Contemporary romantic suspense S. Kevin Rau - H. Beshears- Broken Sky David R. Beshears- The Occupation David R. Berg Jr. Baughman -Rule of Thumb Scott E. Greco -Take the All-Mart! Angelo Jr. Siler - The Benevolence Archives, Vol. Ellison - The Luck of Madonna 13 fantasy, slipstream E.

Ryan -Come to the Nightmare W. Clair -The Gap Between Screenplay adapted from a novel. Nobody -Native Texan Thriller, mystery, crime J. Allen -M. Silvis -Spawn of Evil Doug J. Stone - The Bleeding Max E. Palmer -Cousin Q. Women's Fiction Tammy J. Romance Melissa Wolff -Fated Y. Compelling story it is a page-turner. He hid his past. Now his wife and daughter will pay the price. Charles Martin is Charles Martin is happy. He's got a seaworthy boat, passports in countries from Canada to Chile, and no blood sorcerers howling at his back. Plus, he's found a smokin' hot wife and adorable daughter to share it with.

He thinks they're safe from the violent magic in his past, at least long enough for his wife to finish her degree. One calm night on a Miami sound, he discovers how wrong he was Yvonne Carder. This is a totally fun read. I highly recommend it to anyone that likes magic and urban fantasy stories. I can't wait for book 2 in the series! William C. Check out this book--it's a great urban fantasy read! The Viking's Apprentice. What would you do if you discovered nothing was as you thought, and the fate of your friends, perhap What would you do if you discovered nothing was as you thought, and the fate of your friends, perhaps even the world was in your hands?

Deep beneath them in the caves of the Cove an evil has returned, an evil which threatens to destroy everything they believed to be true about the world. Peter must learn who he really is, and what he must do to save the children of the Cove. Together with George and his Granddad they go on an adventure that reveals secrets, test friendships and confronts their biggest fears.

Can Peter save the children? Can the Master be stopped? This cover reaches out and pulls you in! Can't wait to read this! The Dragon Prince. In the Diamond Kingdom lives a cursed prince whose mood swings influence the weather. The constant w The constant winter makes living there almost unbearable. Yet, no one can leave since they are all as cursed as their prince. Each year a maiden is chosen to be sent to the Diamond Palace. The people hope that she ends the curse that plagues their kingdom and afflicts their prince. This year, it's Claire's turn. Everybody expects her to succeed where others have failed.

Included her best friend and her parents. But the cold prince presents himself a bigger challenge than she expected, and the one who cursed the prince doesn't like to play by the rules. Diary of Night 1. Vampires exist, but not those of myth and legend. They are They are just like us. Indifferent, but mostly frightened of themselves, of being found out, and of dying again.

Catherine Morrison has spent the better part of years walking the line between humans and vampires…protecting her people from the worst of humanity and humanity from the worst of her people. Until now. The Wose. I am Wose, a man of wrake and vengeance. My teeth perpetually drip with the blood of my enemy and m My teeth perpetually drip with the blood of my enemy and my knives are sharpened on the throats of the Pitters, a hated race bent on the subjugation and enslavement of all the races that call themselves human.

I am a broken and damaged man adrift like a wandering soul from one wilderness and ghost hole to another. I am a wildman, perhaps even a mad man, now abandoned by the good Saxon gods, elves, and faeries. But it was not always so. The Magic Shop. Marcus and his twin sister, Ellie, live in the loft above their grandparents' magic shop--the one al Marcus and his twin sister, Ellie, live in the loft above their grandparents' magic shop--the one all the rumors are about. He's all too familiar with the hand buzzers, card tricks, and fake vomit kits. He thought he had seen it all until he stumbles upon his grandfather hiding something in a secret room behind the family tapestry.

Now Marcus and Ellie must unravel a dirty laundry list of family secrets, and are thrown into a sinister world that has been hidden from them their entire lives. A Portion of Dragon and Chips. When a battered old robot washes up on the shores of the Old Kingdom, it signals the end of a fragil When a battered old robot washes up on the shores of the Old Kingdom, it signals the end of a fragile alliance among the four ancient Houses. It turns out dragons are really tasty, and having filleted, boned and baked their scaly allies to the very brink of extinction, no single House can hope to win out against the other three.

Into this shaky impasse steps the mechanical man, impervious to crude weapons, magic, suspicious wedding feasts, poisoned wine, and fire of any colour, be it wild, angry or just slightly annoyed. Each House stakes their claim to the mechanical marvel, convinced the mysterious creature will lead them to a crushing victory against the others once they teach it to fly. And breathe fire.

And, you know, ignore the Three Laws. Sam Sea. Another great novel for those of us who enjoy seeing a strong female lead character set in a scifi mystery setting. Sherry D. I'm reading this now and really enjoying it! Harriet is great fun! A dark comedy of a young woman that pulls you into her desperate actions to become the only human police officer for an entire planet. Had me smiling and chuckling, especially at the comic relief of the over-powered and under-programmed robot companion. Sill reading away, stealing time to finish it Andria Stone. I laughed my way through the whole book.

Writing humor is not easy, but this author made it seem effortless. In a world filled with robots and AIs, Clunk endeared himself to me. Adversely, his human counterpart, Hal Spacejock, was just the opposite. I wanted to strangle him numerous times. But this was by the author's design. These two experience one hilarious snafu after another. Thankfully, it all ended well and I'm off to read the next book!! Escape by J. Hunted by evil, her only escape was to find the light, but her broken wings couldn't carry her to sa Kruze Living Sensical. Hunted by evil, her only escape was to find the light, but her broken wings couldn't carry her to safety.

Why this tiny, suffering pixie was hunted by a monster troll seemed to be a simple urge - he needed to feed off her energy to keep living. Only a few hours to daylight, when the troll had to sleep to avoid the burning rays of sunlight, or being found by Truth-Seekers and forever imprisoned in stone. After the sun rose, she could heal herself by bathing in sunlight and escape forever. But why was this troll out of his territory and why was he hunting her? Not just his hunger, that much was certain. The troll needed food, but she had a secret message to deliver.

And that one message could prevent humans and fairies from losing a coming troll war Elsa Joseph. I've read alot of postive reviews for this book.


Adding now to my TBR. Kate Rauner. A great alien world to explore. Imaginative and fun to read. Leon Cameron. From the opening pages, the reader gets drawn into a world of intrigue and suspense. The writer continues to hold your attention without fail, don't miss this one, it reads like a binge-worthy show on Netflix! Charles Harvey. This has to be a good book. The title alone makes me want to open the book. He also has a monkey on his back, brought about by the visions that plague his mind and haunt his every waking moment; visions that will only be quietened when he numbs himself with generous amounts of alcohol and drugs.

After an accident that nearly costs him his life, he embarks on a journey of self discovery, in search of his roots and the secret to the blood coursing through his veins. The Crimson Cobra. Slavers attack the village. Evelyn's peaceful night at the local inn thus turns into a battle for su Evelyn's peaceful night at the local inn thus turns into a battle for survival, a battle that does not go well. Struck into chains, Evelyn is captured and dragged away with the remaining survivors of the village. Will she manage to escape, or will she end up being sold into slavery?

Valkyrie Landing Preview. I lost all the memories I had of Will. That's why Sam is keeping tabs on me. She's an ever-present shadow during my time at Mattsfield High. Sam is the perfect Valkyrie. I may not remember Will, but my heart does. Megan Mackie. Orrin Jason Bradford. You had me with the cover and the title, even before I read the description.

I feel like I'm a 'misguided knight' in the wrong time period so I look forward to reading this series. Carissa Andrews. Love the cover for this one! It instantly caught my attention. Gonna need to download this one for myself! Original and exciting! Love this take on Lucifer. But when another con But when another conspired to steal her place, she had been disgraced and had fled to learn the ways of the Wardens of Maltess, deep in the mountains.

After five years, Caroline was at home with the Wardens. But when word arrives that her brother, the head of their house has died, leaving her his only heir, Caroline must leave the Wardens and return to the pit of vipers she had once fled The Best Laid Plans. Did you hear the one about the thief and the sorcerer who went to rob a senator?

But what happened after, now that's a story. After being most unfairly swived and abandoned in the wilds, Breed Blake stumbles upon a barbarian who is also having a very bad day. It turns out when the great oaf isn't being attacked by bandits, he's on a mission to save a damsel in distress being held somewhere in the doom-haunted Scathblight Mountains. Grab a mug of ale, pull up a stool and I'll tell you all about it. Dark, grim and wickedly funny, The Best Laid Plans is an anarchic, baroque and roll introduction to the award shortlisted 'The Chronicles of Breed'.

Death is for the Living. By day, Cristina Batista is a deck girl on a Caribbean charter yacht, with all the sun, smiles, and Gaige Porter is special. When a strange girl shows u He had never met her before. Things only get weirder from there. He is lured into a gateway to another world much like Earth, but very different. Along with Seanna Bryant and Aoife Connelly, he must face danger, friendship, and betrayal while he tries to figure out where he belongs and what it means to be a hero.

Overland Quest. The King is dead! Or is he? Young Maverick Oldholm over hears a frightful rumor in the tavern "Foe Young Maverick Oldholm over hears a frightful rumor in the tavern "Foeman's Cave" in his hometown of Milestill that the king of Overland, King Overlord himself is dead. Rumors say that the evil wizard Morcai of Fire Castle has taken up residence in Kings Castle and is assembling an army to subdue the rest of the towns and castles of Overland before word gets out and they can mount a defense.

But a journey through the Overland is perilous and few there are that venture out into the Overland and return back again. It's against the law for humans and elves to fall in love. But laws can be broken. When Venick is caught wandering the elflands, he knows the penalty is death. Desperate, he lies about his identity in hopes the elves will spare his life. Ellina doesn't trust the human, and not merely because he speaks the language of men.

Men lie. In elvish, however, lying is impossible. In a moment of intuition, Ellina decides to give Venick a chance: learn elvish, reveal his truths, and she will set him free. That is not, of course, what happens. Then Venick uncovers a dark secret, and suddenly the fate of the elflands seems to rest in his hands.

But will Venick risk his life to save an elf he's not allowed to love? Quint is accused of murdering his love. Innocent, and on the run, his only hope t With the help of his unique companion, Wren, he must travel to Covenhome, the seat of power for the Coven. Hunted by a man for his own dark purposes, Quint must elude capture and avoid becoming a pawn in a much larger game.

The Legend Begins. This is a new faery tale. The story of where it all began. In all corners Good: Glinda the Good and the Plot Against th Long before the Oscar Diggs' balloon carried him off from the county fair to his destiny as a humbug Long before the Oscar Diggs' balloon carried him off from the county fair to his destiny as a humbug Wizard or a twister turned Dorothy Gale's farmhouse into a flying merry-go-round, Oz groaned under the tyranny of the Wicked Witches For Glinda, nothing was more important than the destruction of the Wicked Witches.

She was willing to pay any price to win her private war with the Witches, even if that price was the life of an innocent girl. Good is an exciting fantasy adventure, filled with humor, magic, talking beasts, humbug magicians and intrigue, set in Oz a century before the events described in The Wizard of Oz, but it is also asks serious questions about good and evil, and why, at times, they are not so very different.

Servant of the Crown Heir to the Crown: Book He risks everything… …to protect a king's secret Tragedy tears Gerald's world apart and only his He risks everything… …to protect a king's secret Tragedy tears Gerald's world apart and only his unwavering loyalty to the Baron of Bodden saves him. After serving as a soldier for years, a single act of self-sacrifice thrusts his future into the world of politics. Cut off from all he knows, he becomes no more than a pawn to those in command. Banished with little more than the clothes on his back, he seeks a new purpose, for what is a warrior who has nothing left to fight for?

A fateful meeting with another lost soul unmasks a shocking secret, compelling him to take up the mantle of guardian. Bandits, the Black Hand, and even the king, he battles them all for the future of the realm. Memories of the past, secrets that shape the future; his adventure is only the beginning. Belief is a powerful magic. Valerie Diaz has a power that she can't contain, and Valerie Diaz has a power that she can't contain, and it's killing her. Bounced between foster homes and the streets, she only has time to concentrate on staying alive.

But a visit from the imaginary friend of her childhood opens a world of possibilities, including a new life half a universe away on a planet that is bursting with magic. Jinxed Coven Corner 1 - Sample. A sweet Halloween romance full of witches, charming little towns, love and magic gone wrong!

Sky Sangrey is a tea witch, but not a very powerful one. When she accidentally casts a spell over the handsome new warlock in town, Aiden Hall, she can't believe it. And now she has to reverse the spell Meanwhile, Aiden has fallen head over heels in love with Sky. Can Sky break the spell and maintain a professional relationship with Aiden? Or will she fall in love, too? To Dream of Flying. Amelia Penfield dreams of flying … but not in one of the buoyant airships that ply the skies of her Welcome to the Realm of Rai.

He has no idea what he He has no idea what he is doing there, how he arrived, or what he should be doing next. Join Jonathon in this short story 6. Stephanie Ayers. James paints pictures with his words making every story an incredible read. His parents murdered before his eyes.

Can he save himself and his little sister? Catching a fish Only twelve sun cycles old, he becomes enmeshed in a game of cat and mouse with the evil DiMensioner who tracks him. Help from a man he has never met obscures his trail and confuses his enemies. But will it be enough to save him? The UnFolding A fantasy fiction tale of adventure and intrigue, follows a group of diverse characters on a quest to save the last remnant of Old Earth and to help bring balance to their home planets. Told in fifteen books four novels and eleven companion shorts. Bloodlines - The League of Twelve.

What's your sign? What if, in What if, instead, you were fated to inherit supernatural powers and the responsibility of safeguarding otherworldly beings? Sebastian Shea, a new member of The League of Twelve, has always known he would inherit the Cancer astral key from his father and use it to open a portal to another world.

Will Sebastian survive to get retribution? Will the other league members rally in time or will Marcus take even more from them? Gray Wolf. Child of destiny and pawn of the gods When his parents are murdered and his siste Wild and willful, he joins the elite Wolf Regiment but swiftly falls foul of its swordmaster, the brutal Taskala.

The regiment becomes embroiled in a vicious civil war between the sultan of Permio and rebel tribesmen. Corin, caught in the treacherous power play between rival factions and corrupt leaders, struggles to survive. Gray Wolf is the first of five spellbinding fantasy novels featuring Corin an Fol, a man chosen by the gods to walk a dark path. A ghostly cat may be the only clue to help Cassidy, Sorren and Teag stop a necromancer's deadly spre A ghostly cat may be the only clue to help Cassidy, Sorren and Teag stop a necromancer's deadly spree.

Set in the world of the Deadly Curiosities urban fantasy series. Shereen Vedam. She writes stories that you can't put down. A wonderful imagination coupled with a love of history. Nadine Thirkell.

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You can't go wrong with a story set in the Chronicles of the Necromancer world! I love her characters and you get sucked in from the first chapter! JD Blackrose. Gail Z Martin never disappoints. Her books are fast-paced, roiling adventures that leave you wanting more. I recently had the pleasure of reading Gail Z. Martin's The Summoner, the first installment of the Chronicles of the Necromancer.

I enjoyed it so much that I immediately grabbed Scourge, the first book in her Darkhurst series, off the shelf at my local bookstore. Now I have TWO new series to finish reading! If you enjoy fantasy, give this a chance. Prepare to be entertained for hours by a gripping plot, compelling characters, and a unique world. Amanda J. A great story for fans of epic fantasy. Of Moonlight and Magic. Tarran finds himself hopeless and alone in the cold and silent streets. His stomach growls, and desp His stomach growls, and despite his faith, his prayers are never answered.

Sad and lonely, he goes back to his alleyway. In the way, however, he finds Lyandra, a mute girl with a hat seemingly made of moonlight. Curious, he tries to help and communicate with her. In time, they both head to Tarran's alleyway, where Heldan, an old friend of Tarran, will help both discover things they could've only dreamed of. Strap in. The magical adventure awaits When twelve-year-old Kaira Renn discovers she is part o When twelve-year-old Kaira Renn discovers she is part of a magical family, she leaves the comfort of childhood and enters a place like no other: The Society for the Preservation of Magical Artefacts.

Here, Kaira meets Guppy Grayling and learns how to use magic, conjuring spells, charms and remedies. As their wizadry improves, Kaira and Guppy begin to investigate the mysterious events surrounding the magical society, soon realising that all is not well Against the Beast. One man may hold the key to stopping a monster. When he comes face to face with the beast, will he r When he comes face to face with the beast, will he rise up and succeed, or will he be the next victim?

In Terraunum, Rangers are the most powerful Senturians in the military. Blessed with Quantum Powers, they are the special forces assigned the missions no one else wants, or can even do. Unfortunately he comes face to face with the most feared creature in Terraunum.

Alternate History

With the situation getting worse by the minute, can Royn find a way to defeat the monsters? Andy Peloquin. It's like Avatar: The Last Airbender was blended with all of my favorite Kung Fu movies, with well-developed and interesting characters that I love to root for. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

The Nysian Prophecy. As a child, Alaina was discovered wandering the woods without a single memory of her past. Now, a week before her nineteenth birthday, she's determined to put it all behind her. But the past never remains hidden for long. On the verge of being crowned queen and hunted by a man who will do anything to stop the prophecy from being fulfilled, Alaina must decide whom she can trust.

With Nysa on the verge of desolation, can Alaina come to terms with her past?

Phyrnna - Solitude of the Valkyrie

And if so, will she survive long enough to see what the Gods have in store for her future? Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon Some say this book has a harry potter feeling, but it's a completely novel story and unique magic wo Some say this book has a harry potter feeling, but it's a completely novel story and unique magic world. The world is beautiful because it's full with magic elements of seven types, each in a designated color - just like the rainbow code! That said, those colors could only be seen by some special eyes, such as Soarame's!

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Many animals in this world possess magic power, so they were called "magimals". A well-known example is dragons, and we all know how strong they are. However, they are still not the most powerful kind of magimals, because each type of magic has a king kind - and never underestimate a magimal just because it looks cute and little!

Rebecca Janet. Jade Alters. Looking forward to reading this! Shadow Bound. Attacked and abducted on the streets of their hometown, Aspen and Emma find themselves in the clutch Attacked and abducted on the streets of their hometown, Aspen and Emma find themselves in the clutches of evil and hidden within a shrouded world filled with mystical creatures hungry for blood. But the abduction of two women is only the beginning.

Turns out, their abductors have been hunting and capturing a select group of mortals for centuries. Their only targets: humans that are born with a rare and telling mark that connects them to an unknown terror the likes of which you only find in the grimmest of fairy tales. For both women, these encounters will awaken an ancient Fae magic simmering from within—a secret power that will not only shatter the world as they know it—but will change who and what they are forever. Cheryl R Cowtan. Praised for "unusual characters", this 4-star supernatural won't lead you astray if you love strong female characters, fast-paced action and budding romance!

The Dragonslayer's Sword. Astrid assumed all dragons should be killed — until she met one that changed her mind. In the medieval Northlands, a dangerous family seeks power. They slaughter all who get in their way. But Astrid has a dark secret … A dragon once chewed her up and spit her out. She hides the old scars covering her body through shapeshifting. But the time for hiding is over. This book is Book 1 in the Dragonslayer series but can also be read as a standalone novel.

Tora Moon. I loved this story! It drew me in and hooked me. I stayed up late reading it. In her quest to save the survivors of her village, she learns the truth of her past, and must come to terms with it and make the choice of who she wants to be. I look forward to reading the next story in the series. Strong characters and great story!

Rebecca Reddell. This looks intense! Just the type of read I love diving into!! I'm excited to find out more. Fantastic cover and intriguing synopsis. Excited to find out more This cover catches my eye every time. I can't wait to dive into this book! Sisters of Wind and Flame. Before she was the King's assassin Before she hunted Elementals She thirsted She thirsted for more Once, Lady Katerine was simply Ekaterina.

Once, she was not a countess, but a girl who cleaned fireplaces. And once, she had a sister When she meets a cute boy who offers to train her in magic, she must make a choice. She can have a safe, normal life and no harm will come to anyone. Sue Hollister Barr. Sarina Dorie's The Memory Thief is perhaps not all that probable, but a fun romp through an off-world steampunk romance with fascinatingly elaborate plotting.

John Hennessy. You can't beat a good witch story, and as a fan of them, this one rocks, and should be an essential part of your reading collection. Grab it today! Wesley Britton. Just think if that was possible? This story has so much exciting potential when it comes to 'what-if' scenarios. Add the sci-fi element to a thrilling romance, I believe this book has every ingredient needed for a great book. All the best.

Cassandra Morgan. I downloaded this book as something to read over my lunch break and completely fell in love! I found the characers so wonderful and believable. The world-building is just amazing! I definitely will be looking up the rest of the Womby's School for Wayward Witches books! The Stickman's Legacy. Mary never knew her father until he died and brought his enemies to her doorstep. Searching his hous Searching his house for answers, she unearths an ancient nightmare and is drawn into a world of corporate magicians, subterranean kingdoms and living architecture, all of whom have history with the Stickman - and their own sinister agendas for his daughter.

As a secret war breaks out across London with her at the centre, Mary finds fragments of her own past resurfacing, and has to understand the true nature of her legacy before it's too late Excellent cover! Fascinating premise. G M Sherwin. Jen Finelli. I love how scary the title sounds. That's an amazing cover, and I'm curious about "corporate magicians" and "living architecture. Lola Andrews. Dark fairytales are my crack. This is going on my to-read. Prince of Elves. An Enchanting the Fey prequel. Cornelia Amiri. I love the cover. What a fantastic, unique and whimsical fantasy.

I highly recommend it. Amanda Heit. Beautiful cover art! It will be hard to put this story down! In a world ravaged by war, the paths of two warriors are about to cross with world-changing conseque In a world ravaged by war, the paths of two warriors are about to cross with world-changing consequences.