I will stand in my house forever - Lands End to John OGroats cycle ride

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Setting off this morning at6am we hoped to clear the final two hills that stood between us and John O Groats. We saw a wee opportunity to make a dash for it and seized the moment. We didn't get too far. Halfway up the first hill Storm Hector smashed into us full steam. But determined and resolute me pushed on and by the time we reached Thurso soaked but pleased to have done 20 odd miles by 8am we stopped for breakfast.

I Will Stand in my House Forever - Lands End to John O'Groats Cycle Ride

Contented with our full bellies we ploughed on Hector was more than happy to join us on our final 25 miles to JOG and was a willing companion. Only when we finally turned at Dunnet did the winds become our allie and for the first time on the whole of our tour started to work for us rather than against. Bla Bla". The final few miles were taken in alomost silence as we reflected on our adventure and were lost in our own thoughts. It also was the first time I had stopped singing the entire trip much to Grahams delight. Rounding the corner at JOG we were met by the sudden reality that, that was it It's been wonderful.

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This is the way to see GB. Country lanes , B roads forest tracks , canals and cycle paths. It's been an absolute pleasure sharing our trip with you all. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and off course you incredibly generous donations. The money raised will allow four children in developing countries to have cleft lip surgery. On your bike! Tube map shows how many calories you can burn between London stations Tragedy as cyclist dies while pedalling up Surrey's highest hill during mile race. Strangers we met were genuinely interested and encouraging. There are many more and we all were encouraged by the acts of kindness and support they offered and the words of encouragement they provided.

Our journey was a roller coaster with many thrills and some spills. The beauty and variety of the UK cannot be overstated. Hedgerow, canal paths, lakes and rivers, highlands, lowlands, coastline and forests. We saw it all. Unfortunately, Nigel did not see the post on the canal path. Despite significant injuries he completed the route — brave, uncomplaining he was a brick and a very good cyclist too. Others had falls and most simply suffered scrapes and bruises along with bruised egos.

This highlights the dangers we all faced on some difficult terrain and challenging slopes. She is a remarkable individual.

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Her strength and resolve have only been matched by the support from her husband Mark. These people are inspiring and determined focused individuals — respect and congratulations. I feel this is a bit of an essay. Without them we would not have made it. They started as our support team and ended as part of our big family. Thank you for all you did.

The Cyclopaths – Land's End to John O'Groats

For me it was both about the journey and the destination. The journey was rich, the destination a sense of relief and achievement. My memories outweigh my comments many times over. I will bore some of you with more reflections in due course I am sure.

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Thank you to everyone who made this a very special albeit tough couple of weeks. This phrase applies wonderfully to our challenge and over the next couple of weeks, we hope to post something from everyone about their own journey during this challenge.

Cycle ride from John O Groats to Lands End

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading By Nigel Banister An amazing two weeks. By John Anderson.

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