King of Music Enterprise: Jerry And The New Generation

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By , the Rock Academy became a year-round program, rather than just a series of summer camps. Besides teaching young musicians to play, Coombs also works with local venues such as Highland Brewing Co. That might be the case for The Laters, a current teen band whose sound runs from punk to metal.

But if not, the band has peers and teachers who can relate.

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The Laters formed at the Rock Academy in February. Within each class of about 10 students, there might be a couple of bands. Not only do the students practice together, but Coombs books the classes at a number of club nights. Joe Lasher Jr.

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Lewis lists the River Rats among his friends. The Lowdown performed at Barnaroo, an annual festival launched by Scotchie and his band. Plenty of kids begin learning an instrument before middle school. Youth orchestras, marching bands and private lessons are markers of many childhoods. He used to teach in Fairview. I owe so much to him, and my dad as well, for getting me into music.

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When that group was first performing as a quartet, youngest member Daniel Grant was just The band, which included Robin Zieber , had a five-year run, calling it quits when Blair and Kinnear left for college in The friendship endured — when Irion visits Los Angeles, he catches up with Blair, who now lives there and owns Boulevard Recording.

Supporters, especially those who become friends, mentors and collaborators, are invaluable to young musicians. For singer-songwriter Indigo De Souza , those connections helped to shape her burgeoning career. At 14, De Souza was making the round of open mics. The episode was taped at Echo Mountain Recording Studios. The two seasoned industry professionals began to work with De Souza, helping her to record songs and book performances.

Though De Souza mostly performs solo, for larger events, Selverne helps her line up an experienced band both he and Blake have backed the singer-songwriter. De Souza recently bought a conversion van for touring and spent two months traveling and performing.

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And Nance, who also wants to major in music in college, is ready to start writing original songs with The Laters. That group has already performed at One Stop with a touring band from Portland. Teen bands are nothing new. From the Jackson 5 to the Jonas Brothers, and from Menudo to Bright Eyes, teen artists have long contributed to the sound and direction of contemporary music.

Heck, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was 17 when he was hired as a musician at the Salzburg court.

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Locally, the music scene includes up-and-coming acts like Posh Hammer — whose lineup is still in high school — along with former youth artists like Celtic musician Jack Devereux and bluegrass players Don and Marty Lewis of Sons of Ralph. It just goes to show what you can do with a head start. According to Coombs, the teens bring a sense of enthusiasm to the local music scene. Bertha died in or soon after , it seems. Ethelbert apparently took a second wife.

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He was succeeded by his son Eadbald, who had reverted to paganism. Augustine, Bertha and Ethelbert were all later canonised as saints.

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These kings accepted the Roman church and carried their people with them. Over centuries the process would lead to the creation of a single unified English nation. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Death of King Ethelbert of Kent. The first English king to be converted to Christianity died on February 24th, Convert king: statue of Ethelbert at Canterbury Cathedral, Kent.

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