League of Champions #14

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League of Champions

Here is the team instructions. Below is all my players and their stats. As you can see the star players like isco gotze hazard neymar all a bit old now but a few of my new young players are brilliant. De Vries and Lameria have been my new stars. I do appreciate all feedback , and as you can see done quite well to get non league all the way up.

If you want any more screenshots ill take them for you.

Team Statistics

Also to save these tactics you can download the link on the original post and you need to find the folder sports interactive - football manager - tactics , then place the downloaded tactics into that folder. Then when in your own game go to your tactics screen and where you find saved tactics go to archived and you will see mine their. Load it up and see how it performs , i appreciate all feedback!!!

12222 ANZ International Touch Championship (HKITC) (Day 2)

Sorry i tried , but didnt work so having to do it of my phone. I was doing okay anyway but lost two games in a row so switched to this so its not fully fluid, games so far are from the casablanca game, i think with some tweaks this could be a good tactic. The games against everton who were top at the time by 1 point although i had 2 games in hand and man city and who i was joint on points with were won with goals in the last few minutes. I have no idea how the swansea game ended !!!

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Attached Thumbnails. Great glad to see you did ok , only thing I would change is Oscar istnt really a box to box player maybe ward-promise would be better?? Great to see it working though , the more your team gets used to the tactics and formation the more you score and dominate!! Thanks for the feedback though. Oscar is to good to leave out at the moment, training him b2b. I have a free day today so will carry on till the end of the season and show you what happens.

And let you know any tweaks i made Right now i have assistant doing them. Epic screen shots Mods, 5 stars to this thread, please. Yes let me know how you do And i have found playing players in their rightful place so playing a natural cm , and box to box is better than playing a cam in a cm my perfect cm partnership was thiago and kroos , modric , schweinsteiger , barkley and iniesta players like that are good.

And diavolo i know my screen shots aint the best , bt the tactics themselves are pretty good and my history with tamworth is pretty impressive considering they were non league to now having won everything. Was you being sarcastic or do you really rate this well lol??

Originally Posted by pauladey Yes of course. I have always played this formation , but when playing a tough opposition , i would change to a same tactics same instructions everything would be the same , except i would play two cdms , one cm , two inside forwards and the striker. I won back to back promotions to the premier league doing this and then first season in the premier league i won it on goal difference as seen below.

IVY LEAGUE CHAMPIONS! Football Team Rallies For 38-21 Win, 11th Ivy Title; Lovett Sets Rush TD Mark

After this season i seemed to drop in form never retaining my title , always challenging but my squad just never seemed to be quite good enough when injuries hit. I have always kept a title challenge most the time except the one season i was 7th. My only advice would be to stick with your tactics what ever they are and have faith , have plenty of back up , i always say 3 top strikers is good for when playing one striker , i like 4 top cbs, and 4 top cms, this way you have plenty of back up for the spine of your team.

Real Madrid C.F. - Champions League 2013/14 - Part 1

And dont be afraid to try something different , plenty of times i had to go to a or a to get results , but most the time i stuck with my and i got the results i needed. Continue Reading. You may also read Nikhila Makker. Click to comment.

Best Players rankings TR - League of Legends

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