Les Amis de Milosz (Cahiers de lAssociation Les Amis de Milosz) (French Edition)

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We can divide the paintings into planes and sub- planes, representing the past, the present, and the future. Old Lithuania in fact was historically, for a period, a monarchy with two kings. On the other hand, the movement from darkness to light is, at the same time, a recurring topic in the Theosophical iconography and worldview. Petersburg and did not make much of them, comparing unfavorably Roerich with Stabrowski Kazokas , Today, however, Roerich is better known than Stabrowski.

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Although Roerich was born in Russia, his family originated from Latvia. He kept many connections with Latvia, and was part of a larger Baltic Theosophical milieu. These multiple esoteric influences are also found in the Theosophical subculture. Indeed, the geography of non-Mediterranean countries may also have influenced a certain approach to landscape and nature.

It all depends on how we define Theosophical art. Reginald Willoughby Machell was one gifted British artist who consciously decided to abandon a promising career and to devote himself, initially under the personal tutelage of Blavatsky, to illustrate Theosophical works see Introvigne forthcoming.

Although he produced one painting cherished to this day by many Theosophists, The Path , Machell knew that his new didactic style would mean the end of his career as an artist regarded as significant outside the Theosophical subculture. In fact, he believed in the first place that Theosophy was not something to be preached.

But that, by producing an artistic world of beauty and harmony, the artist was able to convey implicitly the ultimate truth of Theosophy. He also believed that painting was an ecstatic and ultimately Theosophical experience in itself see Ambler Harris, North Shore, Lake Superior Harris lived a long life, during which he was able to discuss at length his relationship with Theosophy in writing, and to attend the regular meetings of a Theosophical Society lodge for a significant period of his life see McCann Hilma af Klint, Altarpiece no.

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