The 3 Rep Pulse Fitness Protocol: The Key to a Great Workout Without Wearing Yourself Out

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Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and can help your body stay flexible. These exercises may not improve your endurance or strength, but being flexible gives you more freedom of movement for other exercise as well as for your everyday activities.

It may also help you avoid discomfort when confined in a space for a long period of time like a long meeting or a plane flight. The best time to do flexibility exercises is when your muscles are already warm so they can stretch farther without tightness or pain. Always stretch slowly and smoothly into the desired position, as far as is comfortable for you without pain.

Do what is comfortable for you. The more often you stretch, the easier it will become. Eventually, you will be able to hold each stretch for 30 seconds comfortably. Some people are afraid to exercise after a heart attack. But regular physical activity can help reduce your chances of having another heart attack. If you have challenges to mobility or are new to working out or burpees, start with a modified version! Babenko likes animal drills to open tight joints, including scorpion , cobra , bear crawl , and crab walk.

Giovinazzo says that before doing burpees, she likes to warm up her hip flexors, feet, rear deltoids, and wrists. She also recommends rolling a lacrosse ball on the rear deltoids and rolling the bottom of the feet with a ball or a barbell. Finally, stretching the wrists even simple wrist rolls are great will keep them nice and loose. Giovinazzo says these are all great drills for before and after burpee-centric workouts. Nevertheless, the burpee remains an amazingly effective if punishing movement, and requires nothing more than your bodyweight and a little space. Once you master the basics, consider moving on to some more challenging variations like the burpee broad jump or even the burpee pull-up!

Are burpees part of your regular workout routine? Share in the comments below, or get in touch with the author on Twitter sallyt. Fun, easy, and way cheaper than a gym read: free , walking can be great exercise. To turn a stroll into a cardio workout, you need to focus on three…. Why do some yoga instructors tell women not to do inverted poses during their period?

Each of us…. Coming back from the gym a sweaty mess isn't a good look. Luckily, we've got some tips for how to pull off a lunchtime workout and come back to the…. Peerfit, a wellness benefit and fitness subscription, is a great choice for anyone with a desk job.

Stop sitting all day with convenient access to…. Sometimes working out is just so much… work. Not to sound painfully lazy, but wouldn't it be nice if you could get stronger and spend time on your…. With a busy schedule, you need gear that holds up and keeps you going. Here's a list of our fitness editor's favorite gear right now and yes, all of…. Boxing classes have come a long way since the Rocky days. If you've been afraid to try out your local gym's class because you didn't know what to….

Specifically Phoenix, Minn, and also in Indiana. Even large prostates can be treated and a very minimal recovery time usually next day is required. The success rate is very good as I understand. Apparently this laser is more powerful than the Green Light laser. Please check it out… I am scheduled to have this surgery done in early March. Please check this out it seems very promising to me…. My husband has multiple physical condition: Heart problems with prompted the insertion of a defibrillator, double bypass surgery,an aortic stent and, most recently a stimulator placed in his back.

Since Nov. The FLomax has done nothing for his Enlarged Prostate. I forgot to say he had a great deal of difficulty urinating. He still has a catheter in and is on anotherantibiotic for a bacterial infection. Due to all his conditions, Dr. I wonder how much damage a infection will cause and how much more his body can take. Green Light seems the least invasive. By the way, my husband will be 80 in March. Thank You …Cecilia. If you are scheduled for the Green Light Laser surgery and are at all concerned about being able to ejaculate afterward or considering still having children , think twice about it.

Has anyone been able to have semi-normal ejaculations after the Green Light Laser surgery for their prostate? I had the green light done about 5 years ago and no seminal discharge and no complete orgasm. I feel we have been grossly misinformed and almost considering putting this info on a billboard close to the doctor office.

Has anyone had GL for Bladder neck incision? My urologist suggested this as my prostate is normal and he said it would be the best choice. I have had difficulty getting catheters in place for prior other surgeries and my last surgery for gall bladder left me a bloodied mess and worst pain in urinating I ever experienced. This just happened six weeks ago. Now my stream is diminished to half or a quarter what it was and my urologists says a simple quick GL will open up my bladder to allow easier flow.

I am scared to death to experience the burning I had which was a result of them trying to Cath me prior to my gall bladder left my urethra raw. One of my concerned is the equipment used to be inserted in the penis to do the oppression. I am wondering how much more pain that will cause when it is removed and a catheter is in place. Also I requested catheter stay in place to allow some healing of urethra from the thrama of the instrument used. Again any comments would help. Now my stream is diminished to half or a quarter what it was and my urologists says a simple quick GL will open up my bladder to allow better flow.

Any comments to this would help. I am a 71 yr old man in fairly good health. First, some background info: 14 years prior in I had the microwave treatment done with the prostatron machine. My Doc at that time not the same Doc I have now said it was good for 5 yrs, then I may need to have it done again.

After 9 months of treatment with both Flomax tamsulosin and Proscar finasteride which did not diminish the BPH symptoms, my Uro explained that the GL PVP was the best option for me considering all factors age, size of prostate, general health, etc etc etc. Surgery went well under spinal anesthesia. I was home the same day Dec 8. Catheter was placed in the hosp as a routine step. Catheter removed Dec Some bleeding and minor pain upon urination for 4 days, which is expected.

Bleeding and pain gone by Dec 13 1 week later. For the next 10 days, it was strong flow, no pain, clear urine no blood , and only a few drops of blood at start of flow and sometimes at end of flow normal. Then at days I was noticing some blood flowing at the start of each urination. Flow was still strong, and bladder was emptying, and no pain, just the blood at the start of flow. He said the flow will be clear again in a few days, then even after that I may have some blood flow again from the healing process. So I am guessing blood in the urine after GL is to be expected for a while.

I am happy with the strong urine flow, no dribbling, no pain. The urgency and frequency now is not as severe as before. Hopefully it will disappear soon. Of course the retrograde ejaculation can be expected, but that does not concern me at this age. I have not had sex since surgery, but I expect that to be back to normal, judging from the way I feel now.

I will post updates as things change. Just a follow up.

Flexibility Exercise (Stretching)

One year ago I had green light surgery. My main problem was having to wake up many times a night to urinate. It was very tiring to say the least I was living with it until one nite I came home after dinner and for the next 12 hours I was unable to urinate. I went to the emergency room and for the first time in my life I had a catheter placed. I knew it would only get worse, so I opted for the green light. The first six months were wonderful—I slept 7 hous before having to urinate.

Now I can sleep hours before urinating. Definitely a welcomed change of life for me. Because those men who had positive results have no interests in following a prostate blog. Thank u Dr. Patients should not blame their doctors for performing surgery that do not produce desired results. Other doctors should express their opinions. I am a urologist who trained with all these doctors at the Brigham and Beth Israel and have been working in Western Massachusetts.

Reading through this blog there appears to be some confusion for many of the people logging in regarding management of bladder outlet symptoms. BPH is benign prostatic hypertrophy — prostate enlargement. This does NOT mean you will have symptoms of weakness of stream etc. It just means your prostate is enlarged. There are many people who have enlarged prostates and NO symptoms. BOO — or bladder outlet obstruction. Is the term applied for men who have prostate symptoms.

For most symptoms an alpha blocker like Flomax is first line therapy it relaxes the smooth muscle of the prostate. The choice of procedure really depends on the size of the prostate and if obstructive symptoms dominate over irritative symptoms. All of these procedures address obstructive symptoms better than irritative symptoms.

This is because irritative often represent bladder instability which may not be addressed by an outlet procedure. As a note — Mechanical methods such as the urolift do not tend to provide good, durable results 3 years or longer. Urolift was not comparable to any of the methods described below. For similar reasons heating and cooling procedures TUMT have fallen out of favor. Very low risk of retrograde ejaculation. Catheter for days. Good option for younger patients.

Medium Prostate gm Multiple available options depending on the size and shape of the prostate. Embolisation PAE requires sedation and artery access in the leg risks of bruising. It works by blocking the artery in prostate leading to death of prostate tissue that then sloughs off. This is probably due to the variable shape of the prostate and variable blood supply.

These issues can be addressed only at a channel procedure. Highest rate of retrograde ejaculation. Normally overnight hospital stay. Green light laser — same day procedure.

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Associated with more urge and frequency than other procedures. Therefore not a good first choice if urge and frequency symptoms predominate. Holmium laser enucleation — same day procedure, Catheter for days. Technically more demanding than other procedures. Has same durability as TURP. Dual wave laser — medium lobe abalation — similar to green light.

Can be done in the office. Good first choice for office procedure. This has replaced TUMT in my practice. Large Prostate gm plus Simple open prostatectomy. Either transbladder or Millen technique. Suprapubic tube. Very effective when circumstances required. There are some surgeons who are starting to try this robotically. There have been complications reported from bowel injury.

How to choose what to do? What if I have had a procedure already? You should have urodynamics to confirm it is a prostate problem not a bladder problem otherwise a prostate procedure could make things worse. The vast majority of patients have significant improved symptoms after a procedure. If you have a good response to medications like flomax you are likely to have a good response to a procedure. I have been following this blog for a while now and today i felt like i should share my story because i was a victim too.

I had endometriosis for 18 years and i never thought i would ever get a cure due to the terrible symptoms i had and this made it impossible for me to get pregnant even after 12 years of marriage and it was a serious issue. I got to know about Dr. Aleta who treated someone and the person shared a story of how she got a cure and let her contact details, i contacted Dr. Aleta and she actually confirmed it and i decided to give a try too and use her herbal medicine that was how my burden ended completely.

My son will be 2 this december and i am greatful to God and thankful to her for medicine too. First of all I am really pleased to read all comment here.

I had undergone TURP operation of the prostate during , for frequency of urination,pelvic pain,urgency,unable to hold,week stream,hesitancy etc. Presently,the condition is a status quo. I had no side effects after the operation. The doctors say that removal of prostate may not help. I understand that private insurance will not pay for PAE. What is the out of pocket cost for those who have had it done. The recovery time for UroLift is weeks, not sure if I can afford that kind of down time as I do not get paid if I am not at work.

I am interested in Urolift. I live in Monterey, CA. I would like to know if there is a Urologist in the Monterey-San Jose Area that has experience doing such pocedure. Is it necessary to get a surgery for the benign prostatic hyperplasia? I hope it helps. My father aged 85 has hypertension and diabetics issues, but both in control with medication.

He is diognised with 90cc prostate, facing complete urine blockage and using catheter for the past 4 weeks. Being an x-smoker, he has weak lungs. His criotine levels are high at 1. Our ruogist is of the opinion that he should try medication use DUTAS for 3 months and come for a review. Due to advanced age and weak organs, surgery is quite risky according our urologist. Disregard the following if BPH is not an issue for you or if such discussions offend you.

Fellow travels and the Chinese doctor on our River Boat part of the trip noted a possible kidney stone and suggested I drink Lots Of Water! Tamsulosin Generic Flowmax is an Alpha blocker and is supposed to relax the smooth muscles of the prostrate and bladder neck to improve urine flow an reduce bladder blockage.

Side effects of the medication were; dizziness, decreased sexual drive, a little depression and problems with ejaculation minimal flow. FYI — Another 5-Alpha medication that does the same thing is dutasteride Avodart 7 Not happy with the side effects of 5- Alpha Finasteride the doctor noted that the effects of this drug to reduce the size of the prostrate take months and to hang in there. I had already researched all the options of which some are minimal evasive and conducted simply within the office where they use heat or microwave to burn a path or a stint to enlarge the urine path opening through the Prostrate or an in hospital process where they use a sharp cutting device within the urinary track called transurethral resection of the prostate TURP 8 I chose the TURP process as it was the only one that did not destroy the tissue material as part of the process and thus allowed a biopsy of the removed material.

Additionally the TURP process had a better track record for effectiveness up to 10 years verse every couple of years with the less evasive processes plus the stint format may prevent the use of other options in the future. My research identified that TURP Surgery rarely causes a loss of erectile function, with some men finding a slight difference in the quality of orgasm after surgery.

However, most report no difference. Yes blood did show up the first day, but by day 2 it was much less and by day 3 the liquid was normal clear urine. There was no internal pain and the only hassle was trying to sleep with this tube sticking out your penis for a person that normally sleeps on his side and moves around a lot. Results of the biopsy of tissue was NO signs of cancer. The only discomfort was for a day or so with the end of my penis a little sensitive.

My urine flow is full force and very manageable. Doctor noted that with the removal of the material at the top of the Prostrate where the bladder dumps into the prostrate flow area ; when ejaculation does occur from the prostrate the flow may take a path of less resistance and go back up into the bladder verse out through the penis within ejaculation. If so such exits the body afterwards reduces such within normal urination.

Again I am just sending my experiences along to some friends as I have found most men do not up front talk much about this BPH condition and a some resist doing a lot about it except suffer on. If not and you have a BHP issue then learn to self-Cath and take one along on any trip. Is it neccesary to have a surgery for the bening prostatic hyperplasia? Any experience with Rezum steam induced heat obliteration of the prostate tissue. Looking for alternatitives the the horrible procedures discussed above. This is the newest procedure for an enlarged prostate.

Outpatient surgery with a catheter for only 3 days. Anyone have this surgery? I forgot to note that my prostrate is not overly enlarged and my PSA numbers are normal for my age. I am 71 and for the last 3 years have had small volume urination issues. Situation got worse during a trip to china where I though I had a Gallstone issue pain in the lower back and was told to drink lots of water.

After three days went to the Emergency room. Ultrasound noted a full bladder. Cather installed and 1, ML of liquid was released within a 5 minute period. On returning home and having the Cather removed Urologist doctor put me on Tamsolosin generic form of Flow Max. This loss of fluid really bothered me at first but I eventually accepted the lesser sensation of climax and have a good sex life with my wife. I understand there will be no ejaculation effect like I am currently experiencing with taking the Finasteride thus I do not fell that such will be a problem for me.

Hope I succeed with the operation and this is just a note to those others that feel totally robbed of their Youth ejaculation sensations and might find it manageable with a lower peak during sex. I came across this site while I was researching different options for treating my husbands BPH problems. I m interested in finding out if there is a clinic who performs PAE procedure hear in Seattle? After reading a couple of postings here and elsewhere PAE procedures sounded like a a god alternative. Sounded like he has done a lot more green light and plasma Button.

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Anybody with that procedure? My husband is 75 yrs old, fit, relatively healthy. The Urolift procedure is a mechanical fix using paired clips to provide a widening of the passage. So, there is some degree of reversibility, unlike surgeries that remove tissue. There is the possibility of the prostate growing which might require later additional surgery. Seems to be about 3 years — but that will vary quite a bit from patient to patient, I think. Sounds the best quality of life option for me at this time. Unlike TURP, this might allow another procedure that becomes available 5 years from now.

I am I have an enlarged prostate and multiple strictures resulting from an old TURP operation. Recently I have had 3 UTI infections. Urinary retention is the most likely cause of the E-Coli. UTI infection according the E.

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I enjoyed reading the above medical options, and I am ready to schedule one of the above procedures, preferably Microwave. Also, does A. Morgentaler MD. Any comments will be appreciated. I am 89yrs old and have an enlarged prostate. Right now I am using a foley catheter. I am thinking about using the urolift procedure,my doctor does recommend it,the reason being that my prostate has gotten too large. Your opinnion.

In the Chinese system, the enlargement is often linked to weak kidney chi, and when I went to a TCM practitioner 6 years ago, I had bad frequency and urgency issues. After the first treatment using 8 needles, I was amazed the same night when I did not need to urinate for almost 4 hours, as compared with the frequency issue before treatment.

The enlarged prostate was also confirmed digitally and with ultrasound. I used Chinese herbs for a while, but now use primarily tinctures of nettle root and saw palmetto. Both herbs and especially nettle root have a good reputation for improving flow and reduction of urinary retention. Tinctures are better in my view than capsules, and one can definitely observe their good effects. Turned 68 recently and have been researching available methods just in case I need to do more at some point.

The heat based methods discussed in this Harvard discussion sound interesting and not too invasive, and therefore have appeal to me. Will be good when we move on from the dark ages. Seems like biopsy will be a thing of the past in not too distant future, with developments in MRI, more refined PSA etc.

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In the Chinese system, the enlargement is often linked to weak kidney chi, and when I went to a TCM practitioner six years ago, I had bad frequency and urgency issues. After the first treatment using eight needles, I was amazed the same night when I did not need to urinate for almost four hours, as compared with the frequency issue before treatment.

Seems like biopsy will be a thing of the past in the not too distant future, with developments in MRI, more refined PSA etc. Blood in the urine always means a trip to the Dr. We are concerned it could be cancer in the bladder, as he had a cyst benign removed since the green lazer surgery—Should we ask for a 2nd opinion. Does any one here know about the thullium holpe laser for BPH. I not only have that but I have urine retention and because of that bladder stones. I am told that there is a doctor named Okekee who does both holep and thullium procedures he is very good Im told.

I had green laser light surgery. The only way i can explain the side effect is that my penis seems to have contracted, and I constantly have to adjust it. Have you ever heard of a side effect like this. I am 69 years old and have a very large prostate. After suffering with urination-most importantly waking up times a night- I had Green Light Surgery. The surgery itself and the recovery period were minor. I now sleep hours before I have to urinate. Wow what a difference. The only negative is that although many surgeries result in retrograde ejaculation, my ejaculation pours out instead of shooting to the ceiling.

Basically the same feeling.. Surely a negative like retrograde ejaculaion is well worth the benefits of living a more comfortable life. Lyndsey Keene There is a newer treatment. It is called PAE prostate artery embolization. Contact Dr. Royal for sexual problem Azukaspellcaster outlook. Id sure appreciate anyones input. Im worried about long term and maybe permanent incontinence after any of the above procedures.

I was told that retrograde ejac is a given after effect. Does any one have any inform on plasma button procedure. Krypton I have had bph for 20years in had GL.. My prostate kept growing to gms.. The drugs alone were debilitating.. I was wearing a cath for 7 mo. I opted for Simple supra open prostatecomy.

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The prostate is hollowed out but the shell ,nerves, sacks, shell are left and sujured. Recovery is weeks but reblockage is extremely rare No more pills.. If I gl or homium you.. Since cancer was not discovered it may be worth putting this Monster to rest once and for all. Also too that even with gl or homium you will still need to be on drugs because this puppy will contiunue to grow. But this surgery is more involved The very best to you all.

I developed urinary retention in August of 14 and needed to go to the emergency room where they inserted a catheter I am a 75 old male in excellent health. After visiting my uro he put me on Flomax and removed the catheter after four days after which I had no trouble urinating while on Flomax. The procedure was a breeze no pain just a little uncomfortable with Lidocaine sedation of the urethra. In and out in less than two hours. I was on a catheter and Flomax for four days during which i observed some bloody tissue secretions around the tip of the penis which stopped after a couple of days.

The catheter was removed after four days and while remaining on Flomax I had no trouble urinating although the frequency particularly at night was high at least five times. The frequency and stream improved significantly over the four weeks after the procedure and I was taken off Flomax after four weeks. The frequency and stream continue to improve and now three months out I do not have to get up at night and the stream is good to very good. I feel that I am continuing to improve.

I judge this procedure to be excellent especially since my prostate was large ie cc. No sexual problems were encountered. In XiaoYan during sleep, blue water liquid sloshing slightly, a little bit light gentle energy, up and down all over the XiaoYan slightly open pore, quietly into the body, wash except that a series of some ferocious silt marks, at the same time, also unceasingly for the has reached the limit of fles.

The second day. Shizi long to wake up, only sleep body rather exhaustion. You can click the link in order to start watching for free! Tax information can be tough to understand in any language, but it can be even more complicated if it is not in your first language.

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I was so happy and went to him, that was how we started living together happily again. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to the only real and powerful spell caster who helped me with my own problem and who is different from all the fake ones out there.

I have had an enlarged prostate for years and finally had a TUMT microwave therapy in at age 60 with no improvement worth mentioning. My neighbor who is 70 years old, has the same Urologist as I do. Naturally, he is very depressed over his situation and outcome. It is a noninvasive, non-surgical procedure and is performed by an Interventional Radiologist, not a Urologist.

I discovered that this procedure was being performed in St. Louis, which is close to where I live, so I contacted the hospital. I went in for a consult, and they accepted my case. Last June, I underwent embolization of both sides of my prostate successfully.

I was discharged the same day, without a catheter It has now been a year and life is good, I am 64 years old and teach college. The PAE procedure has left me with no side effects, no incontinence, no retrograde ejaculation and no impotence. By the way, when first talked to my Urologist about getting the embolization procedure, I thought he would be happy for me.

Instead, he threw a major fit in front of everyone in his office and had, what I would call an adult tantrum. He was very disrespectful and stormed off yelling that I would indeed be back to see him, and warned me just to wait and see!!! He acted like a total brat. I fired this doctor on that very day and will never, ever go back. I make it point to tell every man I know with prostate problems to avoid this doctor and all of his colleagues in his practice, at all costs. I came across this site while reading tonight, and felt compelled to share my experience with Prostatic Arterial Embolization and I heartily recommend it to every man suffering with BPH.

It is not being performed everywhere, so be prepared to do some searching. You will be very glad that you did. Good luck…. This was quick, only in long enough to drain my bladder. I had been given a spinal for the surgery and was placed on Hydromorphone for pain in the early stage of my recovery.

But the trouble I had with peeing continued and I had to have another catheter installed for a 4 — 5 day stint. My doctor removed it and I went south to Victoria, Canada to meet again with my surgeon.

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The operation for the hip actually opened the door for a long-standing problem already developed in my body, and that was a distended bladder and unknown to me, an enlarged prostate that had been affecting both my urine stream and my semen production. This catheter stayed in for an additional 2 weeks, during which I developed a severe urinary infection Big Surprise! I was to have met a urologist in Victoria, but was hospitalized instead for 5 days. They managed to get the infection cleared up, but I still needed a catheter 4.

My urologist is the top urologist in Canada. He tried to shrink my enlarged prostate medicinally. Yes, flomax, etc. He is a specialist in the Green Light Laser treatment over done and recommended it over everything else. He did explain what might go wrong, but was clear to point out that nobody that he had treated had had to deal with any of these problems: failure to pee, incontinence. The operation is quick, needing anaesthetic in the hospital, is less invasive that other methods, and you are guaranteed to pee within 36 hours.

By this point, I was so grateful to have my urinary function back and to be done with catheters. I was aware of the retrograde ejaculation. I have always been very sexual my entire life, so this was a major concern. But I felt I really had few choices. Even so, I was concerned about the nature of my sexual climax. I have found that, after 3 weeks since the GL treatment, my climax is improving, although there is no semen. Plus, coming to terms with a new kind of climax.

Much of life is all about loss. I have just had to wrap my head around it and be grateful that there are treatments to help you overcome the male problem of having a prostate gland that never stops growing. I hope that this account helps somebody out there. It was getting worse after I reached 40 so I started taking terazosin, it seem to help for a few years then it got worse again,I needed some relieve.

I decided to go for the TUMT in and it helped a little maybe 50 percent but I still had to take the terazosin which I was hoping I did not have to take anymore. Two years later after the TUMT I could not urinate again just a few drops at a time, camping on the toilet for 15 minutes for a little relieve was not my idea of a good time. The doctor put me on tamsulosin and I hated it, the dizzy spells and heart pumping fast was not good, it did not help that much anyway. I still have a liitle blood and slight burning at first but that should go away after 4 weeks or so.

I had the urolift a year ago and still going strong. It is better they all the others. I would never give up anything to get something why should be Ken. I am 72 and have had issues with BPH for well over a decade. My prostate had been as large as in size with normal range being 25 to I have been taking Flomax, then added Avodart 6 or 7 years ago, and changed to Jalyn Flomax and Avodart in one pill. However, there are lots of side effects for me.

They include ED and lack of energy and sex drive. The drug dries up your prostate and I have virtually no semen. About a year and a half ago, I quit taking Jalyn and went back to flomax only. I had more energy but still issues as I think the avodart, over a long period of time forever dries out and hardens the prostate. I am a former bike rider and used to ride a life cycle almost every day plus went bike riding using the older seats, which of course causes injury to the blood vessels surrounding the prostate.

I also take blood thinners and I have had periodic blood in my urine which has been diagnosed as coming from the super large prostate, stretching the already damaged blood vessels. Sometimes I would pee red urine with clots in it, pretty gross looking and sometimes would cause an infection of prostate. This past Sept. Lots of blood.