Bippy the Hungry Alien

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Director: Edward Conna. Writers: Edward Conna , Edward Conna. Film Titles with the Word: Alien. Home To Horror.

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Watchlist Pt. Monster Movie Mania monster movie list 2. Share this Rating Title: Alien Hunger 3. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Credited cast: Krystal Banks Snake's Girl Ted Barba Man in Yard David Beard Biker Michael Berkman Biker Stephanie Callaway Biker Lisa Cullen Cassie Gibson Rose Emanuel Girl by Fire George Fisher Bubba Vanessa Flores Biker Richie Franchina Biker Bryan Friday News Announcer Michael Lloyd Gilliland Red Neck 2 Steve Hart Cleo Richard Hatch Mike Gibson Cassandra Hein Edit Storyline Aliens with a ravenous appetite for summertime campers descend upon a campground.

Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 90 min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know?

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Trivia Keep watching to the final rolling end credits for an extra scene, behind the scenes footage, outtakes, and gag reel. They are at the door! Opti is watching outside and Tuna is sayin his goodbyes to Kap. Listen to me. You are against me. Tell them everything you know. I don't want you to get hurt. Tell my family I love them and I will surely miss you guys. Maybe I'll be back.

The swarm is closing in! You will be missed! Have fun in space kid. Bippy and Kap do as best as they can to avoid the military. But almost getting shot on several occasions and having one of Kap's eyes taken out by a Harissin soldier, they decide to go for the worst. When they get close enough to the base, Kap drives of a cliff, and sacrifices himself to save Bippy. Bip does a barrel roll and continues running towards the base without being noticed right away.

But the troops are close behind. Bippy manages to get to a ship[they look like your basic UFO] and get it off the ground just in time. However, the ship is shot at, taking out an engine. Bippy cant get any higher. Then he remembers the MLD. He attaches it the the ship's drive.

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It begins to drain the energy from the device, enough to get the ship into space. Unfortunately, Bippy can no longer locate ZZ. But he remembers where ZZ had been heading. Destination After cruising space and visiting other space stations for what seemed like endless months, an alarm light flashes and Bippy's ship drive.

It warned of an approaching planet. Bippy reads the name. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. If Rika is gonna be in it, so should Crystal. XP They are sisters after all. Sounds good so far, though!! The Gaia RP is just for fun anyway. XD Not like we would remember the whole thing to be able write a story out of it. XP Raven is technically an alien too. Prev Next. More from Rica-Fox-Prower W. Planet Earth. The Zorvs were bored with themselves and the few creatures that lived on their planet, however, so they began experimenting to create many other species The Harissins as an enemy to the Zorvs, the Harissins would try to find any reason to invade Zorvitch.

Well, reawaken life more or less. The light travels arcross wires connecting from the talisman and into the circuts of the hanging creation. Suddenly a soft tone of beautiful music breaks their concentration. The light fades and the talisman quickly closes. Zig tenses up a bit, ready to attack anything that happens to come near.

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Soon they realize the music is coming from the small creature before them. Her eyes slowly open to see a new world before her. They dont open fully for sight is something she has not experienced in a while. She gazes down at the life below her, her song filling the room with comfort.

The Super Galaxy Princess Alliance? Evil Brotherhood of Evilness? Somewhere else? What group do they work for or are allied with? Secret ID: Real name if they wish to reveal. Nationality: Earth country? Mixed ancestry? You can also put in ethnicity e.

ISBN 13: 9780984132980

Skin Color: You can also describe their skin type if it's unique Physical Description: Slim, athletic, chubby, muscular, greasy, etc. All questions must be answered from the character's perspective. The character should remain "in character" throughout the interview. The character may refuse to answer a given question, but must say something in reply to it.

Bippy the Hungry Alien

The character must answer truthfully, but that does not necessarily mean that their answers must be true, only that the character believes them to be true. Have fun. Blank creepypasta oc bio template Okay, so here's a quick creepypasta oc bio sheet I made for fun.

Feel free to use it, but please link back to this. Also, please show me the finished result, I'd love tolook at your character, but please don't post full bio's in the comments, just link them.

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Also feel free to add to this. Needless to say, none of those are official. Race: Artificially-processed transgenic Black Arm hedgehog Speculation: If you choose to get technical, Shadow is most likely modeled after an African Pygmy Hedgehog, since that is the most common, well-known species of hedgehog, not to mention is the species of hedgehog shown in the US Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle commercials.

If you wish to get technical, Shadow's chronological age may very well be about 50 as indicated by the Black Comet's presence by earth "50 years later" as stated by a newspaper in a Last Story cutscene of S. Please don't look ahead. It will be funnier for all of us if you don't actually READ the questions. Please put a link in the comments section and link back to me or this page. There is no rule 3, I just like the number. The bottle spins to 4.

What is 3's reaction? Who do they hope the bottle spins to? Does anyone throw a hissy fit? Who would be most annoyed if the bottle landed on them? OH NO!! The bottle lands on them! What is the angry one's reaction? Now that that's over, who goes next? Well, that was interesting.

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Okay, then Now it's 2's turn. The bottle points to 3. Now what? All right, then. The bottle lands on who but 5. The list groups them based on affiliation heroes, pros, randoms, etc. I shall not give names as of yet, but expect each one to obtain a profile at some point in time. Please note that all of these quirks belong to my characters and my characters only. They belong to each of my characters UA Heroes: Morpho-Arms - The user is able to change the size, shape, density, and mass of their arms.

Allsight - The user has multiple eyes on their face and on their arms.