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Get facts relevant information 5. Evaluate different options. Creative people use what is available to give the best. Abraham - Genesis 2. Joseph - Genesis Link up with Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the personality today that is behind creativity - Psalm , 1 Cor. As a child of God, always consult the Holy Spirit for solution because He knows better than the best consultant. Phil Think inventive thoughts. All inventors are great thinkers, because no man reigns without the brain. Nothing emerges from nothing. Be innovative - Hag Do not allow any assignment you meet remain the same way.

Always improve on every assignment you meet. Any knowledge not improved upon will soon become obsolete. Engage in periodic quiet meditation - Psalm Associate with great thinkers and innovators - Proverbs You cannot be creative, until you are innovative.

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You cannot be innovative without being productive. You cannot be productive without being outstandingly successful. Environment affects achievement as most people are where they are because of the people they associate with. Go for relevant information - creative people buy and read books - Daniel You cannot stir your creative capabilities if you do not buy and read books - Daniel Pay your tithe faithfully - Malachi Tithing is the divinely approved key that unlocks the release of divine ideas. Engage in prayer if inquiry.

Avoid creativity killers. Saying You are not creative. Ensure you follow the status-quo. Do not be different. It cannot be done.

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We have tried that before and it did not work. You cannot make it. It has never worked for me. Remember you have failed before now. All men are not equal after all after all am a woman. You are not born again to be reduced on earth as your reigning in life is a function of Divine Wisdom. It is not who believes in you that matters, but how determined you are to win. You cannot enjoy creative wisdom until you are born again. Say the prayer of salvation today and accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour to walk in supernatural creativity.

God Bless you! DavidIbiyeomie MidweekServiceLive. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of David Ibiyeomie on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Throughout Proverbs, seeking wisdom is what releases the blessing of God in all the other areas of life. Whether health, finances, position and title, or the beauty of meaningful relationships, all are enhanced and enabled through our prioritized pursuit of wisdom. This journey brings us to the wonderful discovery that wisdom is also a person.

Jesus is our wisdom.

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See 1 Cor. Since wisdom is a person, living in wisdom is a relationship where we learn to truly see through His eyes, gaining His perspective. And it is that perspective that enables faith. It could be said that wisdom gives faith a context in which to function. In the same way that the banks of a river give direction to the water, so wisdom gives faith a direction, a target.

One of the most interesting aspects of wisdom is that it reveals the nature of God in a way similar to prayer. Because of this, wisdom is uniquely connected to our prayer lives.

By nature, it reveals God as a covenant making Father, who longs to answer the cries of our hearts. The divine partnership illustrated in the beauty of the covenant of prayer is actually made possible through the expression of wisdom. There are many wonderful ways to accurately define and demonstrate wisdom. But my present focus is the three expressions of wisdom that enable us to shape culture. Those three are creativity, excellence, and integrity. Wisdom itself was with God on the day of creation, as it is by nature an influence through creative expression.

Several facts stand out to me in this chapter:. From these passages, we see that wisdom is anything but stoic. Wisdom captures and expresses the emotion and intellect of Heaven itself. The Father celebrates wisdom. It celebrates the wonder of creation with laughter.

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It expresses great joy. It builds with pleasure and loves people. Wisdom seems to model excitement for life itself, for it always anticipates the heart of God being manifest in any given situation. As a people who are in pursuit of wisdom we must learn to manifest these traits in our approach to life, successfully bearing the fruit of wisdom.

As wisdom is the architect of creation, it must inspire a creative expression in those who seek her. In other words, wisdom enables us to be creative. Our home was filled with music, beautiful paintings, and great design. While we were never wealthy, our home was often more beautiful than those of our wealthy friends. The reason was that wisdom was demonstrated through creative expression through both my mom and dad. Having said this, it would be a mistake to think that creativity is only seen in what is typically called art — painting, singing, acting, etc.

Everyone in Christ — the doctor, the accountant, the schoolteacher, the lawyer, the stay-at-home mom, etc. This is where wisdom becomes manifest in a way that impacts the world around us the most: by wisdom touching the mundane. The Queen of Sheba came to Solomon with all kinds of questions. He answered each one with such depth, and she was overwhelmed by his wisdom. But none of her questions were listed in Scripture. I would have loved to hear those questions and his answers. This is a very notable moment where God is silent.

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If He had mentioned them, we probably would have missed the most significant part of the story: while his answers impacted her significantly, it was the mundane things, touched by wisdom, through which God chose to display the place of wisdom in day-to-day life. See 1 Kings This tells me that some of the more boring parts of life, the parts that we often take for granted, are crying out to be touched by wisdom. Dreams often become aborted because of the absence of creative expression in a culture. Wherever creative thinking is missing, God-given dreams are thought to be impractical and un-doable.

I intentionally surround myself with people who think creatively. When people respond with unbelief, the challenges I face become bigger in my thinking. Perfectionism is religion, while excellence is Kingdom. Perfectionism is always demanding, yet impossible to satisfy. With excellence of heart, we give the best of our time, efforts, thoughts, prayers, and talents to be fully invested in any responsibility God has given us.

Becoming our best means to learn and make whatever changes are necessary to progressively step into new levels of excellence. Every person has access to function in this realm, but it takes effort, discipline, and humility. This basically means that each of us is to make the commitment needed to the lifestyle of excellence, becoming the best that we can become in any given area of life.

This is the brilliance of God that becomes the brilliance of humanity. When it comes to talent and skill, our abilities vary. My best may not be as good as your best in any given area of life.

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That motivation brings out levels of brilliance in us that can be tapped no other way. An unbeliever could never touch that level of pure motivation. Excellence of heart is truly available for all. Excellence is sought after and even required by the kings of the earth. They all have an appetite for excellence and determine to have it exist all around them. Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before unknown men.

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When you sit down to eat with a ruler, consider carefully what is before you; and put a knife to your throat if you are a man given to appetite. This reveals several things that are important to us as we seek to create and live sanctified brilliance. The first is that excellence is the way to promotion. Second is that kings and leaders have an appetite for excellence. Third, if you want to keep your place of influence, put a knife to your throat self-imposed restriction in your appetite for more.

Recognizing your bent to want what others have is the honest evaluation that could save your life in that environment. What this means is that in their world of abundance, you can really only have one of two things — influence or personal gain. Many get promoted because of their excellence in work, but lose the excellence of heart in the environment of extreme abundance.