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If you want to find out more about charities and services offering practical help and advice, see the Need Help? Instead we will simply share our stories and hope that you will find some sort of solace in knowing that you are not alone, and others understand your pain. If you want to share your story, email hello letstalkaboutloss.

Want to read more of my story? Skip to content About. Harry's revelations - roundly lauded as a brilliant and brave turning point in the mental health debate - coincide with a new initiative from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, called OptionB. The initiative is designed to help people overcome grief, and the accompanying book sees Sandberg recall the devastating impact of her husband Dave Goldberg's sudden death in Both Prince Harry and Sheryl Sandberg are appealing to people to acknowledge and open up about one of the hardest experiences in life.

In Ireland, there's a running joke about how we 'do death well'. Our wakes are colourful and raucous, our funerals emotive and, well, beautiful. But what of the vast, silent expanse that comes after that? How good are we at grief? As the author of How We Die Now, consultant gastroenterologist Seamus O'Mahony has long observed our inability to deal head-on with death.

We've done a lot of great things, but we can't cure death. Death is something that happens to 80 people in Ireland a day, meaning that hundreds of people every day start the bereavement process anew. And with so many different people on that journey, it stands to reason that there's no such thing as a 'normal' grieving process. The entire process, and 'death culture', is slowly and inexorably changing. In the UK and US, 'death doulas' or 'death midwives' are growing in popularity. In other metropolitan cities, death cafes are springing up: places where one can sit with a stranger over tea or coffee and discuss the unspeakable.

In Ireland, time once was that friends and neighbours would be a physical, comforting presence in the days after a death. Nowadays, condolences are more likely to be delivered on Facebook. When a neighbour died, I told my children to go into the house and the response was 'what will we say? Or do? Put the kettle on'," advises Delaney. People think that getting in touch with someone a month after a funeral is too late, but it isn't. Because bereavement is a thing that people carry for the rest of their life.

The trick to handling grief, she argues, is not trying to outrun it, or get rid of it, but to find a way of carrying it through life. You don't go back to being the person you were. It's not a linear thing like getting the flu, where you get over it and get back to yourself.

Bereavement counselling was of huge help to both Prince Harry and Sheryl Sandberg, but Delaney notes that what clearly suits some might not suit all: "Most people don't need bereavement counselling," she says. It's thought around 10pc of bereaved people experience 'complicated grief', where their grief fails to integrate into their life. I should've asked, but I didn't. So he brought it up on his own. He started talking to me about his mom, things he had coming up in life that he wished she could be there for, telling stories that allowed him to relive memories of them together.

Death Café : let's talk about grief | Campfire Convention

And that's when it happened. The moment I'm most ashamed of, but also which opened my eyes more fully to other people's reactions to my own grief.

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Why would I have done that? At the time, I thought it was because I didn't want him to have to feel pain by talking about his mom.

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But looking back on that dinner, I realize the awful truth of why I changed the subject. He had allowed me to talk through my grief. His wife had allowed me the same. But when it was his turn, I silenced him because of my own discomfort.

Trust them and talk to them

And that is unacceptable. When someone is dealing with grief, as we all do many times in our lives, the people grieving need a team.

Let’s Talk Death

They need people who are willing to run those laps with them, talking through the sweat, the shortness of breath, the pounding heart. We need to be those teammates for one another.

Let’s Talk About Death and Grief

Last week, I told you the story of Jen, my guardian angel who taught me to mama, but who also never tiptoed around my grief, despite all she had going on in her life that was far more severe than anything I was going through. In the coming weeks, I'm going to tell more stories of members of the tribe of people who rallied around me during recurrent miscarriage and ran lap after lap through my grief with me.

The goal: to try to figure out what they did that was so good, and use that information to learn how we can do better. This post helped me see everything through new eyes. Having a strong community is essential for getting through grief. Perhaps you inherited a child ren following the loss of a loved one. Or maybe you inherited a child whose parents are living but unable to care for them.

The former […]. I became a person who could minister to others in their darkest moments of grief. In various posts throughout the coming […].

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Follow their lead, and allow yourself to be uncomfortable for their […]. She is fine. We are fine. For many but not all women, it's an immense grief. Our first question: What's going to happen? In this post, I'll tell you what to expect when […]. Home About Why Undefining? Meet the Team! Portfolio Posts What Makes a Mother?