PROGENETER I Immortality: the Quest

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    Am J Epidemiol Cardiovascular Circ Res Cell Rep Nat Rev Drug Discov 5: Hum Mutat J Immunol population studies. Sci Rep 6: One e Int J Mol Sci Cancer J Biol Chem J Neurosci Res J Mol Endocrinol Curr Opin Hematol Blood Rejuvenation Res Rejuvenation Cancer Res J Cancer Sci Ther 9: Aging Cell Cytokines modulate telomerase activity in a human multiple myeloma cell line. Leukemia The role of tumor necrosis factor in the pathophysiology of multiple human Oncogene Arterioscler Thromb Vasc umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cells. IJVR Biol Cell Biol Int Raghavan PR US patent 8.

    Ullah M, Sun Z Klotho deficiency accelerates stem cells aging by impairing telomerase activity.

    Reality and immortality—neural stem cells for therapies

    Raghavan PR US patent 9,, Kenakin T Principles: Receptor theory in pharmacology. Trends gene in cancer cell lines. J Cancer Sci Ther Pharmacol Sci Nucleic Acids telomere shortening is slowed down by enrichment of intracellular vitamin C via Res Life Sci Stem Cell Res Ther 8: Cell Stem Cell Microbiol Mol Biol Rev Nucleic Acids Res Anticancer Res Raghavan PR A multi gene targeting approach to treating liver diseases Ananieva EA Branched-chain amino acid metabolism in cancer.

    J Cytokine Biol 3: Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care Drug Discov Today 1 Gene. J Aging Sci 5: 1. Hopkins AL Network pharmacology: The next paradigm in drug discovery. Nat Chem Biol 4: Related Papers. Telomere restoration and extension of proliferative lifespan in dyskeratosis congenita fibroblasts. By Elizabeth Chavez.

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    By Ali Ahmed. Telomere Dynamics in Mice and Humans. By Bogdan Dumitriu. ATM-like kinases and regulation of telomerase: lessons from yeast and mammals. Pearson, there are various ways of living forever but only if we can make it till Body Part Renewal: With the help of genetic engineering, your body parts can be rejuvenated. Also, scientists are working towards creating human body parts and organs with the help of 3D printers that are loaded with living cells.

    It can help in replacing the old and withered body parts with healthy ones. Start your life in an Android body: Another way to live a longer life is to link your mind with a machine and start living in the cloud. Pearson, you can easily hire an Android in like you hire a car these days and transfer your consciousness to it. For example, the current status of sex dolls is almost like humans, and they are likely to achieve a form closer to humans in the next 30 years.

    The biomedical technology has also made several advances toward reverse the aging process. Cryonics is also an excellent option for human beings who want to achieve immortality. Through this process, people can be frozen in liquid nitrogen with a hope to be safely revived and defrosted.

    Although there is no proof of this concept, yet it is hoped that there would be enough scientific advancements in the future to revive such bodies so that they can start reliving a normal life. Brain preservation there is still a lot of is technically possible according to a neuroscientist Kenneth Hayworth , but he says that research needed.

    Dmitri Itskov, a Russian billionaire and a former media tycoon, has founded the Project. In this project, he is trying to find possibilities to replace human bodies with their robotic avatars that would be uploaded with all the content of their human counterparts.

    Michio Kaku - The Quest for Immortality