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You, Mr. Morgan are not you. And you are definitely not Christian Grey. You are Arnold freakin' Schwarzenasdfghjkl! Sorry if I didn't go over the plot but the blurb is pretty much it. I have nothing to add. There is nothing new here so move along kids, there is not much to see! And correct me if I'm wrong but this doesn't have BDSM stuff, so major plus plus points if you ask me. I'm okay with BDSM elements. I can tolerate it but it is definitely not my cup of tea. This one is shorter than a hobbit. I don't really go for this genre.

I only read this book because it's free and the fact that it's short makes it a lot more appealing to me. Lastly, I gave this book 3 lacey I swear, that sounded much cooler in my head stars 'cause today is January 1. This is my first book this and The succeeding books might be unlucky though. Nov 09, Jonika rated it liked it.

This is a review of the entire series. So basically, Christian, Carter, Eva and Anna are the same character, and this is the same storyline with minor variations. Carter: Sexy, Millionai This is a review of the entire series. Some scene similarities include, Carter and Eva having steamy hot sex across a table in the library was almost identical to the pool table scene between Christian and Ana, Carter's family loved Eva, even down to his bubbly younger sister whom he seemed to have a special bond with, What a Shocking surprise to read Christian's opps I mean Carter's reaction of "Little Monkey" Some lines were almost identical without minor difference.

I did however like the fact that Carter wasn't into BDSM, however since he was so controlling in every other aspect of his life it just didn't ring true that this one area he would be so amiable. Though I was disappointed with the similarities I was unable to put the book down. With that being said, I have given this book 3 stars, Truth be told I can never grow tired of Christian and Ana's story, which is what so many authors are banking on. If you can stand to read another version of FSOG with lots of heat and electricity you will not be disappointed!!

This review is for "books" Four short novellas that could easily have been issued as one complete story. There was no reason to issue as four separate installments - at least from a reader's point of view. Despite the knock off story line, there was enough originality to make the "novels" worth reading, but I felt that the author missed with Carter. I understood he had issues, but found no real clue as to why he had those issu A definite FSoG and BtY knock off, but well written and enjoyable.

I understood he had issues, but found no real clue as to why he had those issues. His back story was almost completely lacking. Despite a crummy dad, he grew up with a loving family. That really bothered me. I hope to see something more original from this author as I think she has the skill to pull it off. Dec 28, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotica , love , short-stories , drama. Got to love these novella's. Wow to live the life of these lucky females, getting swept off their feet by hansome sexy prince charmings. It wouldn't be a story to be told if there wasn't some jealous biatch hanging around trying to warn the new object of affection.

I think we all secretly want to be able to win over someone like this, as most of us earthlings have been treated like trash by soemone at soemtime in our lives. Can't wait for Got to love these novella's. I read this short novella in conjunction with its sequel Whiskey and Lace, and together I really enjoyed the story and am awaiting the third installment.

As a stand alone, I would probably rate this three stars due to its brevity, but the writing is sharp and it flows well. The second part picks up immediately where Steel and Lace left off and is double the length, providing more background detail. While there are similarities in the Lace series to some other recently popular series, I still enj I read this short novella in conjunction with its sequel Whiskey and Lace, and together I really enjoyed the story and am awaiting the third installment. While there are similarities in the Lace series to some other recently popular series, I still enjoyed the experience of reading about Carter and Eva and recommend Adriane Leigh as a new author worth checking out.

Dec 30, Hilda rated it really liked it. I got this book for free in return I give it a review. Love the book but a very short read I might add. Book was definitely predictable but I love these type of books. Trust Me! I do love a hot, sexy, alpha male, possessive guy. Book definitely leaves you in a cliffhanger, which leaves you wanting more.

Looking forward for the second installment of the series. Hopefully, a little bit longer. This is my first review. Hopefully it wasn't too bad Dec 19, The Reviewer rated it really liked it Shelves: alpha-male , drama , erotica , quickie-read , contemporary , romance. I read this book in less than an hour. I loved Carter possessiveness; he is so bossy.


Nothing else went between them apart from sex so Ill be waiting for the second installment to find out how this story ends. I hate ms Snow by the way :P I read this book in less than an hour.

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I hate ms Snow by the way :P Feb 13, SassySami rated it liked it Shelves: pre-crash. This series is obviously influenced by to put it nicely Fifty Shades. It doesn't have the BDSM elements, but the sex is still pretty hot. Overall not a bad way to spend 20 minutes. Feb 02, Mel rated it it was ok Shelves: free-download , humans , indie-authors , chick-lit , adult , erotica , fiction , short-stories , kindle-edition.

Downloaded this book for free today at Amazon. Is a very short, erotica novella that features a young, billionaire business man and a year-old online, fashion magazine editor. They have enough chemistry with one another capable of scorching the entire New York City in one single sweep. For example, right at the beginning of the story: Cate swiped two glasses of champagne from a waiter that was passing by and our eyes scanned the room accessing the crowd. Kindle Locations The emphasis is mine. Then, almost three quarters into the story: I nodded to each of them with a smile, and began fidgeting with my hands under the table.

Carter noticed, and took his warm hand in mind , holding it in his lap. Kindle Locations First time I read of a man capable of holding his mind on his lap, now that's a trick worth seeing. There really are not that many errors, but the few that are, are a bit obvious. In all, I wish the story had been longer. View all 4 comments. Dec 28, Savy rated it liked it. This short story is hard to rate because it's literally the first six chapters of a book; the following chapters are scheduled to be published January Due to this it's an extreme cliff hanger.

With that said, it left me craving more. I gave the book 3. I feel Steel and Lace book 1 and Whiskey and Lace book 2 , combined, may be a great story, but at this point I am left unfulfilled. As an avid reader it's hard for me to read a small port This short story is hard to rate because it's literally the first six chapters of a book; the following chapters are scheduled to be published January As an avid reader it's hard for me to read a small portion of a story, read other books, and then return and proceed where I left off.

The characters thus far are magnetic. Eva Austin seems to be a charismatic character, even tempered, and prefers to control her own destiny again the book is short, so the characters have not been fully developed. Carter, who is known to favor models, swoops in and targets Eva, a fashion editor.

San Francisco Connection (Steel & Lace t. 1)

Carter's possessive and controlled persona makes Eva unquestionably apprehensive and shy. Will she dive in head first to Carter's seduction? Someone please grant me patience. The Lace series may be a good contender to these, but it's impossible to confirm this assumption until the remaining books are published. Shelves: review. I feel unfulfilled. I feel like something was missing from this story. Like I told the author the ending felt very abrupt. I get her need to leave the readers feeling the same way as Eva but I just thought we needed some type of a small resolution.

Eva wanted a one night stand, I think she should have gotten something to that extent with all the angst that comes with that. I know she wants more and I can see that's what Clark's got up his sleeve but alas we were cut off short. I think Eva and Cl I feel unfulfilled. I think Eva and Clark have something there but with short stories things always feel rushed. I'm glad to hear there will be a book 2.

Clark seems to have catty women after him so I'm hoping there will be some bitchiness thats ensues in the next book. Oct 03, Marissa rated it it was ok. This was the shortest book I have ever read. When i read the description, I was expecting this really great page turner but instead it was just ehh. You don't get to connect with the characters because you don't really learn anything about them. On top of that, it is very oddly written and you question why the characters are doing the things they do because it just doesn't make sense.

Needless to say, i was thoroughly disappointed. I will read the rest of the series to see if it gets better b This was the shortest book I have ever read. I will read the rest of the series to see if it gets better but that's the only reason why I will continue reading these books. Maybe, hopefully, by the end of the series there will be enough to make a full page turning book.

One can only hope. Dec 29, Michelle rated it really liked it. In this first book we meet Carter Morgan wealthy CEO and bachelor who you can't tie down until he meets the gorgeous Eva Austin who he is instantly taken with. Steel and Lace leaves you wanting more as it is a little bit too short for my liking and it abruptly ended but I hear book two is longer. Carter is definitely sexy but very full on 3.

Carter is definitely sexy but very full on and maybe a bit on the creepy side in his chase to win Eva. Book two is out in January Feb 02, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-freebie , novella , erotica. I was pulled into the story from the very first sentence.

There is a simple plot--the meeting and instant attraction between Carter Morgan and Eva Austin. The author does a great job of creating a very tangible chemistry between the two. The only downside for me is how the story ended. As someone stated previously, it is just merely the ending of a chapter not a cliff hanger or anything like that. As a reader it makes me feel cheated. But I digress. I did enjoy this short installment and am very interested in the future follow-up books.

Dec 29, Sofia Lazaridou rated it liked it. In the end I felt that the book is incomplete. It was cut abruptly and it seemed that I had lost a part of the book and only had the half. Dec 29, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: i-ll-have-what-she-s-having , romance , za-freebeies , z-kindle-not-lendable , a-novella. Ok, so this genre has been beaten to death In this version we have Carter and Evangeline.

Carter lavishes her with expensive gifts and becomes extremely controlling very quickly. If you like this genre, you will like this novella. It was very quick but I think that was the way it was meant to be. Things moved VERY fast. It was a nice little erotic roma Ok, so this genre has been beaten to death It was a nice little erotic romance. Feb 04, VEL rated it really liked it. Ok, this is a hard one!! Customer reviews: Steel and Lace (#1)

The 6 chapters take you straight into the story line. Eva and Carter good characters, well Carter is the controlling Alpha Male Before i new it had ended, so have swiftly moved on to book !! This is a short story, very quick to read. I wish it had been longer so the characters could have been more developed. I felt the ending was rushed - in fact I was wondering if there were pages missing.

I liked what I read and look forward to the next book.

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  4. I do have to say though that I don't really like short stories and hope that the next one is longer. This book is a quick story that combines Christian Grey and Gideon Cross. I would have enjoyed the story even more if it was longer, but again this is a quickie with a "Man that is sex on legs"!!

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    8. I will make sure to look for the second installment in the series, as I enjoy it for what offered. Dec 23, Rachel rated it really liked it. I thought it had a good start but the ending was a little to abrupt. Not much interaction other than great sex. Hopefully the 2nd book will have a bit more character development with Carter's character. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed.

      Short Stories. About Adriane Leigh. Adriane Leigh. She was born with a book in her hand and won her first Young Authors Award before the age of ten. She enjoys good wine, bad reality TV, walks in the woods, and travel to dreamy destinations. Hot Reviews! Other books in the series. Lace 4 books. Books by Adriane Leigh. Trivia About Steel and Lace L No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Steel and Lace. But why did you send it?