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Despite the other changes in her appearance she still smokes a traditional tobacco pipe. When Abraham was a boy, he was sent to the UK from Poland by his parents in the hope that he would be safe there. During his time on Cairnholm Abe became an integral part of the group of Peculiars living there.

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However, despite his respect for Miss Peregrine he began to resent the way in which she protects him and her other wards. Eventually Abe chose to leave Cairnholm, finding Miss Peregrine's protection suffocating, however, this did not sour any of his relationships with those on the island.

He and Miss Peregrine were still communicating with each other via letter until around the late s. Miss Peregrine admits to loving Abe as though he were her own child. Emma Bloom is one of Miss Peregrine's charges. According to Emma Miss Peregrine rescued her from a circus when two other Peculiars were attempting to kidnap her in order to sell her. Emma and Miss Peregrine are very close with Emma seeming to act as Miss Peregrine's right hand during their time on Cairnholm.

They are also incredibly protective of each other; Emma regularly putting Miss Peregrine's welfare first during the journey to rescue the Ymbrynes and Miss Peregrine even goes so far as to warn Jacob of the consequences should he, even inadvertently, hurt Emma. They also appear to consider each other family, often acting like mother and daughter; Emma chooses to celebrate her birthday on the anniversary of the day that Miss Peregrine rescued her and Miss Peregrine has said that she loves Emma like a daughter.

However, despite their closeness their relationship can be somewhat tense; Emma growing weary of the loop on Cairnholm and of Miss Peregrine's protection. When Jacob first arrives on Cairnholm Miss Peregrine immediately considers him to be one of her charges and therefore under her protection, whether he likes it or not. Initially their relationship is one of tentative trust as Jacob is aware that she is keeping information from him but feels some sense of obligation to aid Miss Peregrine and charges given the way that she took in his grandfather. As time goes on Jacob's opinion of Miss Peregrine begins to fall more in line with that of the other peculiar children she has taken in and protected, he soon considers himself to be one of her charges, despite his initial misgivings.

By the time that he and Emma find Miss Peregrine and the other Ymbrynes in Devil's Acre he considers her to be a second mother, a feeling that is reciprocated.


Caul is Miss Peregrine's evil brother who can transform into a Peregrine Falcon. As a child he regularly abused his sister; pinching her to make her cry when she was an infant and when they were a little older catching her and plucking out some of her feathers when she was in bird form. Miss Peregrine is said to have distanced herself from her brother at a young age, already aware of the path he was heading down.

Their relationship is strained at best, dangerously antagonistic at worst. Caul is intensely jealous of his sister's abilities and the power and respect she commands as a result. It was this jealously that spurred him to begin the Claywing movement, with the aim of overthrowing the Ymbryne Council. As an adult, Caul takes sadistic delight in tormenting Miss Peregrine, whether by hurting her or by threatening to hurt those she cares about. Myron Bentham is one of Miss Peregrine's two brothers. Myron and his sister are not on very good terms with each other; he blames her for his exile in Devil's Acre and she blames him for his part in the Claywing movement, the creation of the Hollowgasts and his theft of Abe's second soul all of which he is guilty of.

Though Myron does not resent his sister in the way that Caul does he is more than willing to betray her to serve his own purposes.

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Anja, our protagonist, lives with her boyfriend, Louis, in an experimental eco-community in Berlin on the side of a fake mountain where everything they do is monitored. But soon, the house starts to collapse — and everything they were promised about the community seems to be failing along with their relationship. Also smart and thoughtful reflections on the Internet, reality TV, social media, sexual assault, weddings, athleisure, and more.

Their lives unfold against the background of historical events as wide-ranging as the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the election. If this sounds purposefully vague, it is — the power of Mrs. Confession: I read it in one night! I hope that it has all the things readers have come to expect from my stories and characters. For the true crime fans out there, you will not want to miss Conviction. The story centers on a wealthy woman named Anna who finds her entire life upended when a true crime podcast reveals her actual past. True crime podcasts!

Fictional crime! Rachel Monroe breaks down the genre — asking why do we love it? Why are women so drawn to such gruesome stories? She centers the book on four true stories, each linked to a key archetype Detective, Victim, Defender, Killer. After they married, she devoted her life to getting him freed from death row. Inland is set in the Arizona Territory in , telling the tale of Nora, a frontierswoman dealing with a drought, and Lurie, a Turkish immigrant and former outlaw. And part of it is narrated by a reformed outlaw to a camel named Burke.

The American west! As I read, I could not stop smiling at my book. A two-for-the-price-of-one list entry!

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Natalia Ginzburg is an Italian novelist and playwright, born Natalia Levi in in Palermo, Sicily, who died in Natalia was raised secular. In , she married Leone Ginzburg , and they had three children. Leone was a noted anti-fascist political activist; in , he was arrested by Nazi forces in Italy and in , he died in prison at age A few years later, Natalia converted to Catholicism. Nevertheless, she remains one of the most influential post-WWII Italian Jewish writers, and even became a member of the Italian parliament.

She asks us to fight back against them, to be brave and resolute. In the past, a younger Leo wrote a letter to his old friend Zvi, asking for his manuscript of The History of Love to be returned to him. Leo had given Zvi The History before they parted, years ago. However, his wife Rosa informs him that the book was destroyed in a flood, choosing to hide that her husband did not write The History of Love. Zvi also describes an event where Leo fell gravely ill in Poland and wrote his own obituary, after which Zvi stole it in the hope that it would keep his friend alive.

Unknown to Leo is that the book had been published in a small printing of two thousand copies and re-published upon the supposed author's death in Spanish, but under the name of Zvi Litvinoff, who copied the book thinking Leo was killed in Poland. Zvi felt so guilty for copying his book that he added his friend's stolen obituary as the last chapter, telling the publisher that including the obituary was conditional to printing the book, although doing so did not make sense with the plot.

Zvi died later without telling the world about the real author of The History of Love.

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In a parallel story, a year-old girl, Alma Singer, named after the Alma in The History of Love , her parents' favorite book, is struggling to cope with the loss of her father due to cancer. Her mother becomes distant and lonely, escaping into her work of book translation. Her younger brother Bird, so called for jumping from the second story of a building hoping he could fly, seeks refuge in religion and believes himself to be one of God's chosen people, thus distancing himself from reality.

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Alma finds refuge in one of her father's hobbies: surviving in the wild. Alma also bears a crush on her Russian pen friend Misha, who has moved to New York. The two become a couple but they break up because of Alma's incertitude. Alma's mother finds the sum suspicious, but the stranger confesses that his mother used to read the book to him when he was a child, so it has a great sentimental value.

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Alma sees this as an opportunity to help her mother recover from her depression and changes her mother's straightforward letters to Jacob Marcus into more romantic versions. When the letters stop before her mother completes the translation of the book, Alma decides to find the mysterious client. She starts by noting down what she knows about Jacob Marcus in her diary, and concludes that the Alma in the book was real and proceeds to find her.

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  4. She struggles in her search for Alma Mereminski, but succeeds when she realizes that Alma could have married and finds her under the name of Moritz. She is disappointed to hear that Alma has been dead for five years. However, she finds out that Isaac Moritz is the first of Alma's sons and a famous writer. When she starts reading his bestselling book, she finds that the main character's name is Jacob Marcus and realizes that Isaac Moritz had hired her mother to translate the book.

    Isaac is dead, however, which explains why his letters had stopped coming to their home. To be sure about her suspicions, Alma leaves a note on Isaac's door asking who the writer of the novel is. In the meanwhile, Bird finds Alma's diary and misinterprets the names Alma Mereminski and Alma Moritz as being his sister's real names, and believes they had different fathers. Isaac's brother calls Alma, after reading the note and the original manuscript of the book, to tell her that Gursky is the real author, but Bird answers the telephone and it confuses him even further.

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    He now suspects that Leopold Gursky is Alma's real father. To cleanse his sin of bragging and to regain the status as one of the chosen ones, he decides to set up a meeting with Alma and Gursky, thus doing a good deed without anybody knowing except God. When the two receive the letter regarding their meeting, both are confused: Alma tries to discover which of the people she met during her searches could have sent her the note, while Leo comes to believe it was Alma who sent him the note, despite her being dead.

    Leo settles himself on a park bench, waiting a long while for Alma to appear. He ponders his life, key moments from his past, the loss of his love, and what it means to be human.