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The document contains records on Africans; the former slaves recorded in the Book of Negroes were evacuated to British North America , where they were settled in the newly established Birchtown and other places in the colony. According to the Treaty of Paris , the United States argued for the return of all property, including slaves.


The British refused to return the slaves, to whom they had promised freedom during the war for joining their cause. The detailed records were created to document the freed people whom the British resettled in Nova Scotia, along with other Loyalists. Some freedmen later migrated from Nova Scotia to Sierra Leone , where they formed the original settlers of Freetown , under the auspices of the Sierra Leone Company. They are among the ancestors of the Krio ethnic group. As the Book of Negroes was recorded separately by American and British officers, there are two versions of the document.

It is inspired by the African Americans who were resettled in Nova Scotia, and some of them who later chose to go to Sierra Leone , where they created a colony of freedmen in Africa. He features Aminata Diallo, a young African woman captured as a child; she is literate and acts as a scribe to record the information about the former slaves.

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Those who founded Sierra Leone have been described as settlers who "brought America to Africa". The book won the top Commonwealth Writers' Prize. Canadian director Clement Virgo adapted the book into a six-hour television mini-series of the same title. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the historical document. Slave narratives. Slave Narrative Collection Captivity narrative.

Been there. Have seen that.

Jonathan Lagunez

And the play too. A sad part of our state history. Play is done in the courthouse. Believe I remember reading about it back in school in the 13 Ghosts of Alabama book? I could be wrong. I used to travel through there periodically 15 to 30 years ago, and took several good photographs of the image with a mm lens on an SLR.

The ghostly image would shift on the glass. Definitely a haunting. I still have the developed photographs somewhere. I guess they need to replace the pane of glass again, as has been done several times.

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I looked around in the building and it was very interesting. I saw it 50 years ago. My grandfather took me and several cousins to see this MANY years ago. We thought it was pretty neat!

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Yep, bout oce a year, my grandfather, or an uncle or an aunt, would take all of us riding…from Greene County over to Pckens , Carrolton…, to see the face and to hear that story and get a 6 cents co cola. Our paranormal group at the time was the very first group that ever investigated it.

Very interesting place!!! Daddy drove us by this every time we went to visit family in Gordo! When I had my own child, I took him, too! I have heard this story all my life and got a chance to see the window for myself a few years ago.

The Hidden Light of Northern Fires: A Novel (Paperback)

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