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At night, he took classes at the Chicago Academy for Fine Arts. When he was 16, Walt dropped out of school and tried to join the army but was rejected since he was underage. After coming back to the United States, Walt decided to head back to Kansas City to begin a career as an artist. Their business was a flop, and Disney ended up taking a temporary job at the Kansas City Film Ad Company to support himself — Iwerks soon followed. During his time at the Kansas City Film Ad Company, Walt became interested in animation and wanted to become an animator.

Walt then started his second company called Laugh-O-Gram Studios. With nothing left for them in Kansas City, Walt and Roy combined what little money they had and moved out west to start a cartoon studio in Hollywood called Disney Brothers Studio. Roy and Disney hired Iwerks and his family to come and work at the studio as well as Lillian Bounds.

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Walt and Lillian soon fell in love and were married shortly after. The couple had their first child, Diane Marie Disney, on December 18, and ended up adopting a second child, Sharon Mae Disney, born on December 31, Shortly after losing the rights of Oswald, Disney was on a train and began doodling the first sketches of Mickey Mouse. Disney Brothers Studio ended up producing three shorts starring Mickey.

3. He lied about his age to join the military.

One of the shorts, Steamboat Willie , became an instant hit and was the first time the studio ever incorporated sound into their cartoons. With the growing success of Mickey Mouse and cartoon shorts such as The Three Little Pigs and Flowers and Trees , Disney started focusing on producing full-length feature films. This marked the beginning of what many consider the golden age of the Walt Disney Company. Although the company struggled during World War II, the studio was able to regain success during the post-war era with hits such as Cinderella.

Disney first began creating the idea of Disneyland during the late s. Originally, Disney wanted the park to be a place where Disney employees could spend time with their families. Disneyland opened on Sunday, July 17, In , the studio released their first live-action movie, Treasure Island , and shortly after released their first daily television show called The Mickey Mouse Club.

In , Walt Disney acquired the rights to Mary Poppins. The film, released in , ended up being the most successful film the studio produced during the s. Unfortunately, he would not live to see its opening. Walt Disney established a business empire based upon fantasy and what he considered to be good, old-fashioned fun.

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The crash was the result of risky financial decisions made by investors in the stock market. The value of stocks fell dramatically, sending the economy into a tailspin. Many people went broke and faced tough times.

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Many people were unemployed during this time, income dropped, and many families became homeless. In response, Britain and France declared war on Germany. Japan invaded China, occupied the Philippines, and seized a number of islands throughout the Pacific, while Germany captured much of Europe and North Africa before invading the Soviet Union.

Millions of civilians were killed; Jews were specifically singled out by the Germans for extermination, as were other minorities, such as those who were mentally ill, physically and mentally disabled, homosexual, or members of political and religious groups who opposed the Axis Powers. The United States provided aid to the Allied Powers but remained neutral until Japan launched a surprise attack on the U. The United States joined the Allied Powers and launched an enormous war effort at home and abroad.

On the home front, civilians made important contributions by helping to produce military equipment, supplies, and food in record amounts. By the end of the war, over twelve million Americans had served in the armed forces. On May 7, , Germany surrendered, bringing an end to the war in Europe. The war in the Pacific continued until the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in early August The Japanese surrendered on August 14, By the end of the war, over , American servicemen were killed, and worldwide an estimated thirty-eight million people lost their lives during the war.

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Marceline and Kansas City, Missouri Downtown Marceline would have looked like this when Disney and his family lived there. Disney is said to have modeled his Main Street U. Walt Disney as a child Walt Disney around the age of one while still living in Chicago. The two oldest boys had moved back to Chicago by this time. Census, Linn County, Missouri]. Walt started McKinley High School in and he began to draw for the student newspaper. His biggest adventure Disney lied about his age and enlisted in the Red Cross Ambulance Service in World War I was over, but Walt got to go to France to assist military personnel as a driver in the motor pool.

The conflict began on July 28, , and lasted until November 11, Alliances between countries were tested and war soon erupted. The two opposing alliances were the Allies and the Central Powers. Other countries were later drawn into the conflict, including the United States, which supported the Allies and entered the war on April 6, More than sixteen million died during the war and twenty million others were wounded. From there, the two got jobs with the Kansas City Slide Company, later renamed the Kansas City Film Ad Company, making one-minute advertisements to appear before movies and live action films.

Disney learned about animation at this job and eventually felt confident enough to start his own business.

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The structure is undergoing renovations and is currently owned by a non-profit group called, Thank You Walt Disney, Inc. Walt Disney kneels beside Lois Hardwick. It was shortened to Hollywood in the s. Each of the letters stands four stories high.

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Disney in the s and s Disneyland Disneyland. Disney took advantage of television to promote Advertisement for TV show about Disneyland. July 17, More than 6, people showed up on July 4th for a chance to see Walt Disney. The Dreaming Tree Disney returned to Marceline several times. Here he visits the "Dreaming Tree" with his brother Roy. The tree is on the Disney farm in Marceline and Walt used to spend time there, sketching the animals around him.

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1. Disney came from humble beginnings.

Historic Missourians : Walt Disney. Walt Disney in at the age of Career in Kansas City. Walt Goes to Hollywood. Mickey Mouse is Born.

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