Women Composers of Classical Music: 369 Biographies from 1550 into the 20th Century

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Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, vocal, ballet, theatre. Style: modernist. Colorful circus suite in 11 scenes, incl. Sparse textures, mildly contemporary. Early Int. Works: orchestra, chamber, vocal, theatre, piano. In memoriam Alban Berg. Atonal, dissonant, sparse textures, shifting meters. Music for Piano Sikorski 7', 19p. Also: Klaviersonate No. Toronto, California, Princeton; teacher, Canadian universities; commissions, grants, awards.

Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, music theatre, electroacoustic. Style: infl.

Also: Etude and Pastorale Israel; prizes. Works: chamber, piano, vocal. Style: sense of optimism, lyricism, drama in most of her works; polyphonic and heterophonic textures. Folk theme becomes 8-bar passacaglia under 8 melodic variations; last two use chromatic alterations; coda. Suite IMI 11', 30p. Prelude; Intermezzo; Theme and 9 Variations. Pianistic, well constructed, 20th c. Suite 14p. Ms copy, Frauen Musik Archiv, Kassel.

Vivace: virtuosic, bitonal. Adagio: calm rondo-passacaglia. Allegro buffo: lighthearted, changing meters. Wayne State, U. Michigan with Bassett, Bolcom; grants, awards, commissions; professor, Oakland U. Works: orchestra, chamber, vocal, electronic, dance. Four Rhapsodies for Solo Piano Vivace 21p. Four contrasting character pieces, tonal but freely chromatic. See also, av. Vienna Cons. Works: chamber, vocal, piano teaching pieces. Numerous superior contemporary pieces are available singly and in anthologies.

Agay Yorktown Mild 20th c. Ten easy pieces, in patterns swimming all around the keyboard. Late Elem. Where the Palm Trees Grow Oxford , 10p. Brazil Pingos Verdes Vitale 3p. Works: orchestra, chamber, voice, dance. Style: rhythmic, innovative textures Sadie and Samuel , Miniature toccata; hands alternate rapidly on chromatic tones; driving rhythms. Also: Dynamics of Matter Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, vocal, opera, dance, electronic, theatre. Style: neo-romantic, theatrical; interest in feminist imagery and history. Belgian Tango AMC 3'. Romantic sounding, charming.

Late Int. Manos Inquietas AMC 20'. Dance commission in three piano parts; may be played singly or together. Appealing harmony, intricacy San Diego Music Teachers. Two pf versions and an arrangement for sextet exist. Quilt Music AMC 30'. NYPL; dance commission. Hpd or pf. Pf or hpd. Works: orchestra, chamber, vocal, keyboard, opera descriptions below: Carrigan , Epilogue Suite AusMC Six movements.

Mosquitoes AusMC 45", 3p. Descriptive scherzo playing with half and whole steps, rapid patterns divided between hands. Spectrum: Three Shades Albert Scherzo, serial; Biafra; Modicum of Five. Atonal, complex notation, wide leaps. Washington, Columbia, Princeton universities; awards, grants, honors.

Works: orchestra, chamber, vocal, electronic, multimedia. Style: early works lyrical, coloristic, traditional; later, sonic meditations explore concept of sound as affective energy. Fugue for Piano ACE Composed in ; copy av. Works: orchestra, chamber, keyboard, vocal. Style: early works atonal, later works accessible, with tonal centers. Rhapsody CMC 15', 25p. Chromatic fantasy; repeated notes, 8vas, 6ths; tricky subdivisions, cross-rhythms, passionate contrasts in dynamics, tempo. Utrecht Cons. Works: orchestra, chamber, vocal, choral. Style: lyric, expressive, tonal.

Greener Grass Donemus 8', 6p. Atonal toccata-like exploration of contrasting registers, figurations, textures, tempi, dynamics. Also: Piano Etuden. Dedicated to her father, Arnold Brown. McGill U. Works: orchestra, chamber, organ, piano, voice, opera, film, electronic. Style: neoclassic, linear, contrapuntal, dissonant.


Linear and dissonant; extremely effective use of 20th c. Portraits of 4 contrasting moods: Forceful; Capricious; Introspective; Festive. Four Little Studies Waterloo Brief explorations of contemporary techniques; freely tonal, with some unusual harmonies. Three charming vignettes: lively Jig; Church Scene, with bells, chanting, and hymn; Christmas in Quebec, woven through with carol themes. Three very brief teaching pieces: Prayer: a chorale. Hop, Skip and Glide: contrasting articulations.

Vigorous and pianistic, sparse, dissonant texture, rapid leaps. Tonal; varied moods and styles, 2voice textures. Sonata No. Dramatic, demanding. Andante moderato; Largo a piacere; Andante ma energico-Allegro. Sonatina No. Early exploration of contemporary harmonies in classic form: gavotte-like Allegretto, graceful Barcarolle, capering Fughetta. Theme and Variations for Piano Waterloo , 9', 5p. Lyric theme, six variations. Fine, serious piece, showing influence of Hindemith: quartal, contrapuntal, parallel writing, strong dissonances.

Contrasting interval studies, rhythmic: Dreaming 5ths ; Dark Mood minor 2nds, forearm staccato ; Determination ascending chromatics. Buenos Aires with Villa-Lobos; honors, fellowships, prizes both for scholarly work and composition; leading authority on South American folk music. Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, vocal, ballet, electronic. Style: combines indigenous sources and avant-garde techniques. Exciting, challenging, wellwritten. Moderato agitato: dramatic contrasts in meters, tempi, dynamics, registers. Andante-ostinato-scherzando: ostinato murmuring relieved by center section scherzo.

Toccata: driving, percussive. Tokyo U. Works: orchestra, band, chamber, piano, vocal, traditional instruments. Ballet of the Sylphs Ongaku-no-Tomosha Four Pieces for Children Zen-on-galsufu Works: orchestra, chamber, vocal, theatre. Style: rich, colorful harmony; individualistic, often programmatic Sadie and Samuel , Duet, pf 4-hands. For hpd. Six variations on the same theme as that used by Sweelinck. Copy av. Paris Cons. Works: orchestra, chamber, voice, theatre, radio. Style: neoclassical, melodic, witty, charming, spontaneous, harmonically adventurous.

Delicate Oriental watercolor in shifting tonalities. Early Int-Int. First-rate neo-Baroque set, a fine introduction to 20th c. Prelude: vigorous Bach-like 16th-note figures doubled at the octave. Forlane: cheerful folk dance in triple meter, 3 figurational variations.

Gigue: clever, cheerful, frequent hand-crossings. Exciting tour de force, bold, percussive motives developed in several figurations. Modal, chromatic. Brief, enjoyable trio, each exploring one rhythmic motif. Modal, cheerful, lyric, rather like Poulenc. Mid-Late Int. Also, pub. Further listings: see Cohen, Bauer. Brief contrasting scenes, neo-Romantic, derivative.

Tonal; improvisational in effect; rapid arpeggios throughout 4 main sections. Studies in double notes, cross-rhythms, arpeggios, speed and touch. Porphyre: frenetic, with a driving ostinato bass. Cristal de Roche: 3 contrasting sections with added-tone chords. Triades Hortensia Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, vocal, ballet, opera, theatre. Duets: Lento; Suite Web page: www. Scheidel USA Composer, professor, organist; st. Peabody Cons. Connecticut; awards, prizes.

Works: choral, sacred. American Triptych composer Klavier Double AMC A prize winner. See also: Mia Music ; Prague Sonata Basle Cons. Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, voice, electronic. Style: serial, dodecaphonic; later, influenced by Boulez, Xenakis. Study in hand independence reversible parts : one hand plays chromatic 16th-note figures as the other drops in an occasional dissonant 8th note.

Women composers of classical music

Quick, light, changing meters, RH melody, chordal bass, polytonal dissonance. Modal, playful, shifting meters and moods. For composer-pianist Yolande Uyttenhove q. Oiseaux Op. Ricochet Op. Rather nice bagatelle, modal, ternary, gentle addedtone chords, whole tone passage. Also av.

Poland; st. Warsaw Cons. Works: orchestra, chamber, violin, piano, vocal. Style: individualistic, diverse, contemporary, strong. Two chromatic double-note studies. Moderato: rhapsodic, thick-textured. Vivace: frisky thirds frolic up and down the keyboard. Bravura prize-winner.

Women composers of classical music | Classical Music | Performing Arts

Popular Polish melodies with motivic, harmonic, rhythmic transformations; extreme registers, pungent harmonies. Fresh, original. Little Triptych PWM 5p. Brief studies in sonority; thick textures, vivid contemporary techniques include polyharmonies, tone sets. Playfully rhythmic and chromatic 9-bar theme alternates with episodes; added-tone chords, leaps, contrasting dynamics and textures add interest. Briscoe [Indiana Univ.

Press, ]. Rich blend of neoclassical and folk-derived styles. Agitato: varied textures and figurations, strong bass octaves. Largo: remote, serene sonorous; expressive Fugato. Charming, deservedly popular settings of 8 traditional forms. Tonal but chromatic, rhythmic, colorful, clever. Gavotte incl. Works: orchestra, chamber, organ, piano, voice, chorus.

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Attractive, quasi-Romantic; standard forms and figurations, tonal but freely chromatic. Ricordanza: bolero-like ostinato, Moorish. Nocturne: sustained melody over continuous 8thnote arpeggios. The Dark Pool: plaintive, sighing tritone motif, undulating triplets. At the Fair: lively peasant market scene. The Old Village Church: chantlike ostinato triplets. Ausklang [Ringing out]: changes rung on a Dorian folk song. Rhythm, colorful, pianistic; modal with some chromaticism. Added-note chords, strong rhythms, good formal contrast in this attractive set. Bucharest, Italy, Germany, Montreal; many commissions.

Works: orchestra, chamber, voice, multimedia. Style: imaginative use of folk materials, interest in timbres Preface, Fantasia. Comprehensive notes. Elem-Late Int. Somber, passionate, contrasting sonorities. Includes formal analysis. CMC, pub. Works: orchestra, jazz ensembles, film scores, music for children. San Francisco State U. New Mexico, U.

Denver; teacher, Denver public schools. Works: vocal, instrumental. Walker-Hill Hildegard 2p. Playful burlesque with staccatos, accents, changing meters, dynamics, registers; dissonances. Companion pieces: Dance ; Dialogue Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Royal Cons. Works: chamber, guitar, piano, electronic. Style: bridges stark modernism, cyclical composition—New Zealand Listener, Giro I 1'. Scores av. Roosevelt U.

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  8. Works: orchestra, chorus, voice, chamber, piano, opera, theatre. Style: eclectic mixture of idioms and techniques, from serialism to black American folk music. Bal y Gay 15 Etude No. Wisconsin, Michigan State. Works: sacred and secular concert music. Winner, National Conference on Pedagogy competition. Clever, attractive pair built on a chromatic tritone theme. Q: a murky, mysterious triplet figure in sequence; A: bright and jazzy with a Latin bass. Voicing, figurations, colors reminiscent of Barber. Toccatina Alfred CD recording TP available.

    Bergen, Oslo, California, Washington State. Works: orchestra, band, chamber, organ, vocal, multimedia. Style: free tonality, tone clusters, improvisation; timbre, rhythm important Sadie And Samuel , Works: orchestra, chamber, piano. Preludio Ed. Tempo di pasodoble. A spicy, attractive piece built on arching 8th-note figures over flirting, shifting accents; chromatic and whole-tone dissonance, occasional scales in sweet thirds.

    Bennington Coll. Works: orchestra, chamber, organ, piano, vocal. Style: traditional forms, moderate chromatic dissonance, colorful, pianistic. Charming neo-Baroque set with 20th c. Trills, 7ths, extensive range. II: Bitonal, sustained. Chorale theme doubled at five octaves; 4 variations Hinson , Moderately fast: smoothly flowing melody over nervous 8th-note ostinati.

    Slow: elegant Dorian melody over open chord bass, legato blues style. Rondo: nimbly scampering folk tune in shifting meters, thin textures. Percussive scherzo; trio with ostinato effect. Exciting and hectic Hinson , See James R. Warsaw, Katowice; member, Union of Polish Composers. Works: orchestra, piano, vocal. Toronto, Western Ontario; awards, commissions.

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    Works: chamber, electroacoustic, theatre, film, television, radio. Nuclear Beach CMC Brave New Works, Ontario. Australia Oboist, composer, teacher. Works: film, theatre, multimedia. Style: incorporates new technologies in performance and composition. Reflective, expressive; based on LH 2-note ostinato, RH improvisatory melodic fragments; straightforward rhythm.

    Queens Coll. Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, vocal, electronic, multimedia. Contrasting city sketches: Cambridge, moderately fast; Natick, slow; Waltham, fast; Lenox, quickly, relaxed. Serial, dissonant, contrapuntal, rhythmic, with frequent metric changes. Atonal expressionist sketches, shifting meters, contrasting registers, percussive, multi-layered, contrapuntal.

    Also: Soundtext for J. Dukas, Paris Cons. Works: orchestra, chamber, organ, piano, vocal, ballet, theatre, film. Fantaisie pour clavecin ou piano Ed. Mysterious and improvisatory; neoclassic flirting with 20th c. Leicester U. Works: orchestra, chamber, vocal, teaching pieces. Four Contrasts Op. Imaginative, attractive, bitonal colors, clever rhythms, skillful ctpt Grasshoppers; Goldfish, Dolphins Playing; Sparrows and Starlings. Fragments Op. Tranquillo: slower, bluesy. Vigoroso: exciting leaps, textural contrasts. Also: The Fires Op. Versailles, Paris Cons. Works: electroacoustic.

    Style: technology combined with deep humanity Sadie and Samuel , Ritratto di Giovane Slow, solemn march, like a funeral procession approaching and passing by. Moscow Cons. Author of musicological works, editor of folk song arrangements. Roisman, 3 Vols. Simple arrangement of Bashkirian folksong. Works: orchestra, chamber, vocal, theatre, multimedia. Style: divisions between genres ignored; extremely economical musical materials Sperber , Pointillistic, unmetered, chromatic; sparse textures over entire keyboard; precise dynamics, tricky rhythms; attractive colors.

    Also: Scala Mobile , tone study for disk klavier. Sydney, in England with Lutyens q. Works: chamber, piano, vocal, theatre, electronic, dance. Style: imaginative, powerful, dramatic. Piano Piece Novello 4'. Concert Novello 7'. Play Your Way Novello Queensland U. Style: influenced by Indonesian travels. Asmaradana AusMC , 4p. Based on ancient Javanese love song. Pleasant, tonal, not fast; hand crossings, 2x3 rhythms; requires skillful pedaling, singing touch.

    For LH, ruler. Uses whole keyboard; ruler presses down gong-like double-8va clusters. Challenging rhythms, coordination, pedaling. Contrasts AusMC 2', 3p. Toccata-like in 3 contrasting sections. Didjeridu AusMC Short, effective. LH ostinatos, variety of melodic bursts in RH, changing meters and rhythms evocative of native didjeridU.

    Prelude to Dreams: pentatonic harmony, leisurely. Birds the Colour of the Moon: with a sense of freedom, colorful. The She-Wolf: some parts dramatic, energetic; others slower, fluctuating tempos. Earth Spirit: rhythmic, dance-like, pentatonic. Toward Dawn: awakening to birdcalls.

    Day Dream: melody over thick texture. All above descriptions: Carrigan , USA Church organist, pianist, composer; st. Princeton, Columbia U. Works: orchestra, chamber, vocal, theatre pieces, electro acoustic and sampled works. Landscaping for Privacy Sarah Cahill.

    Curtis Inst. Works: orchestra, chamber, piano, vocal. Style: idiomatic, highly effective. Composed at age Incessant humming figure evokes the turning whetstone; ternary; programmed by Josef Hofman on recitals. Lyric, intimate, and expressive; a latter-day Brahms Intermezzo. Companion scherzo to Pastorale, above. Whimsically leaping, swirling theme, sweeping accompaniment; ternary, tonal with chromaticism. Prizewinning suite of seven scenes; unpretentious, sensitive, tonal with mild dissonance. Sonata Op. Sonatina See E. Sydney; Holland, Germany, Austria, U.

    Dwo Ellsmore , Caroline Anne. Verdi's exceptional women : Giuseppina Strepponi and Teresa Stolz. Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge , Embodied voices : representing female vocality in western culture. New Perspectives in Music History and Criticism. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, Emerson, Isabelle Putnam. Five centuries of women singers. Enstice, Wayne. Jazzwomen : conversations with twenty-one musicians. Ericson, Margaret D. Women and music : a selective annotated bibliography on women and gender issues in music, New York : G.

    Hall ; London : Prentice Hall International, Fleeger, Jennifer. Mismatched women : the siren's song through the machine. Gillett, Paula. Musical women in England, : "encroaching on all man's privileges". New York : St. Martin's Press, Gordon, Bonnie. Monteverdi's unruly women : the power of song in early modern Italy. Gourse, Leslie. Madame Jazz : contemporary women instrumentalists. Gray, Anne. The world of women in classical music. La Jolla, Calif. Green, Lucy. Music, gender, education. Groh, Jan Bell. Fayetteville : University of Arkansas Press, ML49 Ge. Berdes, Jane L, and Joan Whittemore.

    A guide to Ospedali research. Annotated Reference Tools in Music, No. Hillsdale, NY : Pendragon Press, Hadlock, Heather. Mad loves : women and music in Offenbach's Les contes d'Hoffmann. Princeton, N. Of2 Hm. Hale, Thomas A. Women's songs from West Africa. African Expressive Cultures. Hamer , Laura. Female composers, conductors, performers : musiciennes of interwar France, Handy, D. Black women in American bands and orchestras. Revised edition. In8 Hb Black women and music : more than the blues. African American Music in Global Perspective.

    Hayghe, Jennifer. A history of women pianists. PhD diss. Head, Matthew William. Sovereign feminine : music and gender in eighteenth-century Germany. Berkeley : University of California Press, Heinrich, Adel. Organ and harpsichord music by women composers : an annotated catalog. Hellier, Ruth. Women singers in global contexts : music, biography, identity. Heller, Wendy. Emblems of eloquence : opera and women's voices in seventeenth-century Venice.

    Henry, Murphy. Pretty good for a girl : women in bluegrass. Hisama, Ellie M. New York : Cambridge University Press, Hixon, Donald L. Women in music : an encyclopedic biobibliography. Metuchen, N. Hw Howe, Sondra Wieland. Women music educators in the United States : a history.

    Jackson, Barbara Garvey. Say can you deny me : a guide to surviving music by women from the 16th through the 18th centuries. Jackson, Buzzy. A bad woman feeling good : blues and the women who sing them. New York : W. Norton, Jezic, Diane. Women composers : the lost tradition found. ML Jw. Johnson, Rose-Marie. Violin music by women composers : a bio-bibliographical guide.

    Kelly, Jennifer. In her own words : conversations with composers in the United States. Kenny, Aisling, and Susan Wollenberg. Women and the Nineteenth-Century Lied.

    Czech Composers Pt.1 (Jenštejn to Vojta)

    Farnham, Surrey : Ashgate, Her majestic voice : South Indian female playback singers and stardom, Klein, Hermann. Great women-singers of my time. New York : E. Dutton, Koskoff, Ellen. Women and music in cross-cultural perspective. Illini Books ed. ML49 Wk. Women composers, conductors, and musicians of the twentieth century : selected biographies. Letzter, Jacqueline. Women writing opera : creativity and controversy in the age of the French Revolution. Cultivating music in America : women patrons and activists since Mack, Beverly B. Muslim women sing : Hausa popular song.

    Macleod, Beth Abelson. Women performing music : the emergence of American women as classical instrumentalists and conductors. Also contains 58, historical documents; 43, biographies of historical figures; more than 12, historical photos and maps; and 87 hours of historical film and video. Fine Arts and Music Collection Gale. With more than full-text magazines and journals covered in databases such as the Wilson Art Index and RILM, this collection will provides resources to support research in areas such as drama, music, art history, and filmmaking.

    Humanities Source. Contains full text, citations, and indexing for over English-language periodicals covering literature and language, history, philosophy, archaeology, classical studies, folklore, gender studies, performing arts, history, religion and theology. Oxford Art Online. Contains the entire text of The Dictionary of Art 34 volumes, covering all aspects of the visual arts of every civilization from prehistory to the s with annual additions of new material and updates to the text, plus extensive image links.

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