Indische Reisebilder (German Edition)

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Lots are knocked down to the highest bidder if no higher bid is received after three times of asking. In the case of two equal bids, the buyer is determined by drawing lots. If a difference of opinion regarding a hammer price cannot be resolved at once, the lot in question will be resubmitted for auction immediately.

The auctioneer reserves the right to auction lots out of sequence, to split lots, to combine separate lots, to withdraw lots, and to knock down conditionally.

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He is entitled to reject bids, either written or verbal, where appropriate security or satisfactory references have not been supplied prior to the auction. This tax will not be shown separately on the invoice.

Buyers from third countries i. If the goods are picked-up personally by the buyer VAT will be charged. Invoices issued during or immediately after the auction are temporary and are subject to later control. For works of art after , the costs resulting from the droit de suite under sec. The buyer is liable for acceptance of the goods and for payment. Agents are jointly and severally liable with their principals. Ownership only passes to the buyer when full payment has been received. The buyer, however, immediately assumes all risks when the goods are knocked down to him.

Auction lots will, without exception, only be handed over after payment has been made. Storage and dispatch for non-local buyers are at their expense and risk. Charges for dispatch, packing and insurance are billed separately. Dispatch is made only after receipt of payment in full.

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In the event of delayed payment, the buyer is liable for all resultant damages, in particular interest and exchange losses. All objects put up for auction can be viewed and examined prior to the auction at the times made known. Greatest care is taken with the catalogue descriptions, these however do not grant legal guarantee.

The objects are second hand. The actual condition of the Objects when the hammer falls — including paper discoloration, missing pages, the lack of original binding or closings as well as notes from prior owners or similar signatures, ex libris, stamps — shall be deemed part of the agreed specifications of the Objects. They shall not be deemed part of the agreed specifications of the Objects.

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Claims must be registered within three days of the receipt of the goods. The auctioneer accepts no liability for defects. He will however accept responsibility, in respect of properly founded claims for defects made within the term of limitation of twelve months, for making claims for restitution against the vendor. In the event of a successful intervention the auctioneer will reimburse the payer for the price of purchase. Telephone, telegraphic and faxed bids must be confirmed in writing. For telephone bidding during the auction a staff member will execute the buyers bids as advised on the telephone.

In jedem Sikh Tempel in Indien gibt es eine Essensausgabe. Das Essen wird auf Spendenbasis bereitgestellt: wer nichts hat, muss nichts zahlen. Alle Helfer im Tempel sind Sikh und selbst Pilger. Vielleicht mag ich die Sikh und ihre Gurdwaras deswegen so sehr.

Ich werde von einem Sikh angesprochen, der sehr gut Englisch spricht. Ich werde immer wieder im Lauf des Tages angesprochen. Anders als auf der Strasse in Indien macht es mir im Tempel nichts aus.

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Es ist unaufdringlich, die Menschen starren zur Abwechslung den Tempel an, nicht nur mich. Ich verlasse den goldenen Tempel nach 2 entspannten Tagen schweren Herzens. Ich lasse mich zum Abschied zu einer ordentlichen Spende hinreissen. Im internationalen Schlafsaal habe ich sogar andere Backpacker kennengelernt, eine Seltenheit in Indien.

Indizien , which is here first published in book-form. With regard to the film screenplays, finally, the volume includes, amongst others, Der weg nach Indien [The Way to India, undated]. As a screenplay writer, Toller was unsuccessful. Although the Werke cannot, of course, replace the original documents that are kept in the archives, scholars will find in this marvelous five-volume edition all the material they might need for further research on Toller.

All this makes these works interesting not only for literary scholars, but also for historians and other specialists. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History , n. Focus The Great War. Miscellanea Holocaust Research and Archives in the Digital Age. Holocaust Intersections in 21st-Century Europe. Portrait of Italian Jewish Life ss. A Historical Appraisal.

Contested Narratives of a Shared Past. The Making of Antisemitism as a Political Movement. Political History as Cultural History Modernity and the Cities of the Jews. Jews in Europe after the Shoah. Studies and Research Perspectives. Spalek, Ernst Toller and His Critics. John M. November 9 th Eine politische Biographie Munich: Bickel, November 4 th , Kirsten Reimers d.

November 5 th , and Distl d.

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