Le roman de Tristan et Iseut: édition intégrale (Fiction Historique) (French Edition)

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A Collegial Evaluation. Rape Narrative in the American South. Reception of Christine de Pizan. A Preliminary Study and Source Book. Reception of Jacques Ellul's Critique of Technology. An Experiment in Historical Imagination. Representations of Education in Literature. Review of "Don Juan" Criticism: to Song of Roland - on Absolutes and Relative Values. Study of B. Traven's Fiction. The Journey to Solipaz. Svend Borberg's Sinner and Saint. Synder Og Helgen White and the Matter of Britain a Literary Overview.

Thorstein Veblen's Contribution to Environmental Sociology. Transvestism in the Middle Ages. The Venusfahrt of Ulrich Von Liechtenstein. Director: Bill Anderson. Production: Box TV. Production: Indigo Films. Television special; in English and Latin. Burning Times , 56 min. Director: Donna Read. Producers: Mary Armstrong and Margaret Pettigrew. Part 2 of the Women and Spirituality trilogy, this documentary about witch hunts includes a discussion of medieval responses.

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Director: Anthony Mann. With Sophia Loren, Charlton Heston. Production: Samuel Bronston Productions. Director: Josep Pozo. Production: Castelao Producciones. Animated version; in Spanish; German version runs 83 minutes. Director: Miguel Iglesias. Production: Alexandra Cinematografica. Director: Cecil B. Director: Florian Baxmeyer. Production: Lietuvos Kinostudija. Director: Peter Flinth. Story of a Swedish nobleman and the Crusades; heroine as love interest; original.

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The German version runs minutes. Director: Paolo Barzman. Production: Muse Entertainment Enterprises. Television miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Raymond Khoury; modern-day woman faces medieval adventures while seeking out artifacts of the Templars. Director: Ridley Scott. A young blacksmith travels to Jerusalem and becomes involved in the conflict between King Baldwin and Saladin. The film adds a romance between Balian, the main character, and Sibylla, the queen.

Director: Ben Sombogaart. With Joe Flynn, Stephanie Leonidas. Production: Kasander Film Company. Based on the book Crusade in Jeans by Thea Beckman; female character added to the film. Director: Gemma Stagno Bellincioni. Production: Bellincioni Film. Based on the life of Joanna I of Naples d. Giulia Colonna [also known as Julie Colonna] Director: Enrico Guazzoni. Based on the rivalry of two Roman families, focuses on the impris- onment of Giulia by the rival Orsinis. Hildegard of Bingen : Although very differently, the follow- ing films address aspects of the life of Hildegard, a twelfth-century visionary, musician, philosopher, artist, and abbess.

Director: James Runcie. With Patricia Routledge. Production: Gateway Productions. Production: Morehouse Publications. Four fifteen-minute segments with study guide celebrate the life, work, and spirituality of Hildegard. Performed by Lauren Antress. Production: Wellspring Media. Jahrhunderts , 54 min. Documentary; in German. Director: Margarethe von Trotta. Production: Zeitgeist Films. Presents Hildegard as a challenger of patriarchy; in German and Latin. Director: Ellen Besen. Production: National Film Board of Canada. Animated; everyday life of medieval women sixth to sixteenth century with a look at specific tasks performed according to class and location; based on medieval manuscript illuminations.

Inside the Medieval Mind: Sex , 59 min. Director: Dominic Sutherland. Writer: Robert Bartlett. Jane Shore : The title character of these four films is based on the real-life mistress of Edward IV, who was excommunicated for witch- craft and stoned to death.

Production: Gaumont British Picture Corporation. Based on a play by Nicholas Rowe. Director: Frank Powell. With Florence Baker. Directors: F. Martin Thornton and Bert Haldane. Director: Edwin J. With Sybil Thorndike. Production: Master Films. Most of the following films include some representation of her trial for heresy and her subsequent execu- tion some reviews of films provided at the online Saint Joan of Arc Center.

Director: Gustav Ucicky. Produced for Nazi Germany. Directors: Keith Cheetham and Werner Herzog. With Renato Bruson, Susan Dunn. Production: British Broadcasting Corporation. Director: Roberto Rossellini. With Ingrid Bergman, Tullio Carmi- nati. Production: Produzione Cinematografiche Associate. With Mlle.

Production: Star Films. Director: Albert Capellani. Director: Jacques Rivette. Production: Pierre Grise Productions. Director: Ubaldo Maria Del Colle. Production: Savoia Film. Direc- tor: Victor Fleming. With Ingrid Bergman, Jose Ferrar.

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Production: RKO. Director: Christian Duguay. Director: Pamela Mason Wagner. With Anna Paquin, Alfred Molina. Production: International Production Company. Television docudrama. Czech musical from the Czech Republic. Director: Richard Rich. Voices of Bridget Connors, Mark Hunt. Director: Laurent Preyale. Production: Alamagordo Films et Spectacles. Television series set around a teenager who hears the voice of God. Director: Marco de Gastyne. Production: Production Natan. Director: Luc Besson. Pro- duction: Columbia Pictures.

Director: Carl Theodore Dreyer. With Maria Falconetti, Eugene Sylvain. Director: Otto Preminger. Production: United Artists. Director: Douglas Allen. Director: Robert Bresson. Director: Hubert Moest. With Hedda Vernon. Production: Wistaria Productions. Director: Arthur Lubin. Production: Universal International. Director: Doug Lefler.

Production: Dino De Laurentiis Company. Tells the events prior to the King Arthur storyline by focusing on Romulus Augustus during the fall of Rome; adds Mira, a female warrior. The Lion in Winter , min. Director: Anthony Harvey. Director: Andrey Konchalovsky. With Glenn Close, Patrick Stewart.

Remake of the production. Medieval Women , 24 min. Director: Society of Creative Anachronism. Director: Sergei Bodrov. Production: Picturehouse. Mystic Women of the Middle Ages , 24 min. Six-part series focused on six medieval women and their spiritual- ity. Director: Bertrand Tavernier. Passion of the Saints 50 min. Pope Joan : Films focused on the legend of a female pope. Director: Michael Anderson. Production: Big City Productions. Set in the twentieth century, Joan is a preacher who, when regressed through hypnotism, finds that she is the woman who became pope in the ninth century.

Production: Constantin Film. Story of the possibility of a ninth-century female pope; in English and Latin. Director: Harmon Jones. Production: Panoramic Productions. Set during the Crusades, the prince defeats an evil tyrant to regain his city and the hand of the princess. Director: James Dodson.

With Olivia Hussey, David Warner.

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Production: Ramsway Ltd. Evil queen and king wreak havoc for good knight. Director: Gabriel Axel. Produc- tion: ASA Film. Based on the twelfth-century Gesta Danorum, describes the love of Hagbard for Signe and their deaths as part of a blood feud; set in Iceland. Director: Sergio Grieco. Production: Film Columbus. Two warring factions become allies when the queen of the Barlas falls in love with the Tartar leader. Director: Daniel Vigne. With Nathalie Baye, Maurice Barrier. Based on sixteenth-century French sources, the story of a wife whose husband returns from war completely different from the man she had known.

Director: Jon Amiel. Production: Alcor Films. Retelling of the Martin Guerre story; set during the Civil War. Saints or Sinners. Director: Ingmar Bergman. Production: Svensk Filmindustri. Set in Sweden, a Crusader-knight returns home to find his country devastated by the plague; his chess game with Death includes a vision of a witch burning. Director: Suzanne Schiffman. Production: Bleu Productions. Researched and written by medievalist Pamela Berger of Boston College, this story focuses on a female healer in medieval France who is a suspected witch.

Stealing Heaven , min. Director: Clive Donner. Production: Voytek Roman, Amny International. Strange Landscape. ISBN: Director: Carlo Campogalliani. Production: Titanus, United Artists. Set during a battle between the Lombards and the barbarians; Rosamunda falls in love with the leader of the barbarians. Trollsyn [translates to Second Sight] , 93 min. Director: Ola Solum.

Set in plague-ridden Norway, details the life of the young girl Maren who is thought to have prophetic power. Vikings , 45 min. With Travis Fimmel, Kath- eryn Winnick. Production: Take 5 Productions. Television series focused on the adventures of a Viking and his family. The Viking Queen Director: Walter Edwin. With Mary Fuller, Harry Eytinge. Production: Edison. Viking Women and the Sea Serpent , 66 min. Director: Roger Corman.

With Susan Cabot, Abby Dalton. Production: Malibu Productions. Group of women warriors search for missing menfolk, free them from captivity, and defeat a sea serpent who threatens their return home. Director: Lewin Fitzhamon. Production: Hepworth. Details the ritual of bride snatching. Director: J. Stuart Blackton. With Florence Lawrence.

Production: Vitagraph. Viridiana , 90 min. Before she takes her final vows, a young novice is forced to visit her uncle who attempts to rape her and deceives her into believing she is no longer worthy of her religious vocation. Production: Films Media Group. Educational video; includes Eleanor of Aquitaine and Joan of Arc. Director: Alain Cuny. Focuses on thwarted lovers who cannot marry because Violaine contracts leprosy; Violaine is seen as a healer who is called upon to bring her niece back to life.

Arthurian Legends : Various story lines in the following pro- ductions focus on female characters, including Guinevere, Morgan le Fay, Elaine, and Isolde. With Jane Hyl- ton, William Russell. Television series.

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Production: Sapphire Films. Director: Neil Mandt. Production: Crystal Sky Worldwide. Family film. Director: Joshua Logan. With Vanessa Redgrave, Richard Harris. Director: William R. Kowal- chuk Jr. Production: Northway Productions. Animated musical of the love story between Lancelot and Guinevere. Director: Roger Young. With Whoopi Goldberg, Michael York. A scientific accident sends Dr. Director: John Boor- man. Production: Orion Pictures. Significant portrayals of Guinevere and Morgan le Fay. Director: Jerry Zucker. Production: Columbia Pictures. Guinevere is a landowner near the Welsh borderlands who marries Arthur to protect her people.

Director: Terry Gilliam. A twentieth-century retelling of the tale focusing on the cracked American consciousness as a metaphor for the Wasteland. Director: Judson Taylor. Director: Arnie Custo. Production: Crawfords Australia, Ibis Entertainment. Television series featuring a teenager who is Queen Guinevere reincarnated; the show had two seasons.

In these presen- tations, the lovers are often excused for their behavior because they unwittingly drink a magic potion that causes them to fall in love. Director: Fabrizio Costa. Production: Sat. Director: Jean Delannoy. Written by Jean Coc- teau. Director: Jytte Rex. Production: Nordisk Film. Director: Philippe Harel. A killer forces victims to read the classic Tristan and Isolde story; in French. Director: Scott Hill- man. Production: Barman St Productions. A comedy presenting a gender reversal of the protagonists. Direc- tor: Maurice Mariaud.

La folie Tristan d'Oxford

Production: Films Louis Nalpas. Direc- tor: Ugo Falena. Director: Yvan LaGrange. With Claire Wauthion, Yvan Lagrange. Production: Film du Soir. Director: Thierry Schiel. Voices of Louis Wright, Ciara Barker. Production: Neuroplanet, Oniria Pictures. Animated retelling; in French. A German television version of the film runs 77 minutes.

Direc- tor: Tom Donovan. Production: Clar Films. Director: Kevin Reynolds. Produc- tion. Twentieth Century Fox. Focuses on the Mark-Isolde-Tristan love triangle; the second Isolde has been removed. Director: Brian Large. With Jane Eaglen, Ben Heppner. Conducted by James Levine. Director: Nikolaus Lehnhoff. With Robert Gambill, Nina Stemme. Production: Glyndebourne Festival Opera. Director: Michael Beyer. Conducted by Peter Schneider. Production: Festspiele Bayreuth. Director: Patrizia Carmine.

With Ian Storey, Waltraud Meier. Directors: Stephanie Vlahos and Chris M. With Jeffrey Springer, Othalie Graham. Produc- tion: Allport Production Studios. Director: Antoine Fuqua. Production: Touchstone Pictures. Director: Robert Tinnell. Produc- tion: Melenny Productions. Arthurian story set in the present day with an appearance from Merlin.

Alex must overcome bullying and deal with his emotions when the girl he likes, Jenny, prefers Luke. Director: Richard Thorpe. Production: Metro-Goldman-Mayer. Director: Elwin Neame. With Ivy Close. Pro- duction: Ivy Close Films. Director: C. With Flora Finch. Director: James A. Production: Fitzpatrick Pictures. Directors: Luigi Bazzoni and Franco Rossellini. Production: B. Director: Charles Kent.

Based on the Mort Artu, details the developing relationship between Guinevere and Lancelot. Director: David Winning. Made for television movie; presents a story of a young Merlin; female characters include Nimue, Morgana, and Princess Leona. Director: Steve Barron. Production: Hallmark Entertainment. Director: David Wu. Made-for-television sequel to Merlin.

Television series focusing on the adventures of a young Merlin and Arthur; significant roles for Gwen and Morgana. Director: Warren P. With James Callis, Laura Harris. Fantasy film set after Arthur dies and his daughter has to protect Camelot from an evil sorcerer. Quest satire, with depictions of lecherous virgins and gendered role reversals. Director: Gillian Lynne. With John Barton, Jeremy Brett. Imprisoned knight narrates the last two books of the Morte. Director: Uli Edel.

Director: Anthony Hickox. Director: Nathan Juran. Director: Stephen Weeks. Production: Scancrest. Director: Cornel Wilde. Production: Emblem Productions. Production: Golan-Globus Productions. Based on the medieval poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Director: Frederik Du Chau. Production: Warner Bros. Aucassin and Nicolette : These two films are based on the twelfth-century romance chant-fable in which a young French noble- man cannot marry his beloved because she is Muslim. Gender roles are reversed and Nicolette brings about the happy resolution of this tale.

Director: Lotte Reiniger. Pro- duction: National Film Board of Canada. Based on the medieval chant-fable in which gender roles are cri- tiqued; animated. Searle Dawley. Beowulf : Many recent films include female characters, expand the roles of women, or create new female characters. Director: Graham Baker. Director: Sturla Gunnars- son.

Production: Movision, Beowulf Productions. Depicts a relationship between Beowulf and the witch Selma. Director: Scott Wegener. Produc- tion: David Garrison Productions. Retells the story of Beowulf. Director: Robert Zemeckis. Production: Paramount Pictures. Computer-generated film retelling. The Black Shield of Falworth , 99 min. With Janet Leigh, Tony Curtis. Production: Universal International Pictures. Blanche , 92 min. Que pourront-ils en dire? S'en dirai je le voir du tot :. Le nain est toute attente d'une trace, d'un signe, et non plus d'un mot. Mais le signe tangible de l'union n'adviendra pas.

Espandroit flor por nostre trace. Audret, un autre neveu de Marc, place un soir des faux tranchantes autour du lit dTselt pour surprendre Tristan. Que ele m'aime en bone foi, II ne m'aime pas, ne je lui,. Vos n'entendez pas la raison : Fors par un herbe dont je bui. Q'el m'aime, c'est par la poison. De la lettre au roman.

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