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Number 12, parte, is feminine a parte. Lauren says:. Jay says:. April 30, at am. Awesome list!! January 18, at am.

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Thanks for this list and this site! March 1, at pm. Omar says:. December 15, at pm. Mauricio says:. October 8, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Hacking Portuguese. This jewel of silent cinema has to be rescued from oblivion.

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The second film of Scottish director Armando Iannucci depicts the death of the President of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, on 5 March , and the fight for succession after his death. This political satire gets its inspiration from the comic of the same name written by Fabien Nury and Thierry Robin. Armando Iannucci is popular for his political satires like his first film In the Loop or his TV series: The Thick of It or Veep which depicts a fictitious US vice-president and the permanent madness of politics in Washington.

This film has created a huge controversy in Russia. The Death of Stalin brings us back to a genre we thought we had lost, the political satire, which has produced wonderful films like, for example, Duck Soup , The Great Dictator or the more modern ones Dr. All of them hilarious! Are we aware and coherent with our actions when we talk about and appeal to the ideas of equality and fraternity?

As he did in his previous film Turist Force Majeure , where the devastating avalanche was not the real threat, so The Square makes use of a similar metaphor to bring to the surface the real nature of the museum director Christian, interpreted by Claes Bang.

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Obsessed with his role as a victim, he conceives a plan to locate his telephone. In his search he will discover a reality that is very different to his normal life: the misery that exists in the streets of Stockholm.

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The play between natural and artificial, between truth and its imitation, between what can fit inside a civilized framework and what cannot, are the spaces the film inhabits. Inside an apartment in Damascus, a middle-class family lives with the fear of the threat outside. The family is joined by a neighbour, her newly born baby and her husband. When the husband goes out into the street the story starts developing around creating a routine of activities in the apartment.

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It could happen anywhere. The reason why all the characters are enclosed lies outside. Outside is invisible to us. There, sound takes a prominent role. Drama, Romance, Fantasia — HU, , min. On Body and Soul is an original fim, tender and emotional, that makes use of a mainly poetic narrative. It is a magical fable that wanders between crude reality and dreams. The story of two lonely characters who clumsily try to get closer and find their place in the world is full of original moments that will provoke a smile in the viewers.

During a medical inspection, a psychologist discovers that two employees from a factory of meat products, Endre and Maria, share the same dreams every night. The problem is that Endre has given up on love and Maria suffers from Asperger syndrome and she cannot stand being touched. Its exquisite photography shows a strong contrast between the pictures of a meat products factory and that of a beautiful wood covered in snow. The photography embodies the dreams shared by these two characters, while portraying the emotions that emanate from those dreams as they crawl into real life.

Fabulous, poetical and beautiful! The Bookshop is one of the most touching books by this extraordinary writer. She abandons London and opens a small bookshop in a village on the British coast. To her astonishment, her decision will unleash all type of reactions among the locals. Coixet tells the story with great delicacy. Images, dialogues, silences, small and revealing gestures live harmoniously, surrounded by an authentic and magnetic atmosphere.

Its intimacy is contagious. A simple story that touches the hearts of the cinema-goers! Drama — US, , 88 min. Lucky celebrates the beauty of being at the twilight of life and being able to ponder with clarity about it. Lucky is a solitary man. One day, a minor accident makes him reconsider his lonely existence. But instead of getting depressed or pity himself, Lucky looks for little emotions in the tiny details of his daily life.

There is not a grand narrative here, nor an heroic character solving conflicts, this is simply the story of a man and his day to day life.

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Both character and actor share biographical events, to the extent that David Lynch appears in the film as a friend of the character. Two roles that are in turn directly connected to his first masterpiece, acting in Paris, Texas : that man who wanders in the desert, utterly alone, utterly lost. A true jewel, not to be missed! A year later after having married her and enjoying apparent stability, Godard suffers a crisis due to the negative reception of his film and the social conflicts taking place in Paris.

T: Small plantations of holm oaks predominate in this area, a species of tree that takes many years to grow and can become enormous. Holm oaks are fantastic for their shade in the hot summers of southern Portugal. They are normally pruned and the cut branches make good firewood and good charcoal.

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  5. Over the last few years, what with depopulation and the land being abandoned, many of these trees become disease-ridden and have ended up dying. He makes use of the wood both for firewood and charcoal and also for creating pieces of furniture. He learnt how to make charcoal from a neighbour, who, in turn, had learnt it from older people.

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    This handcraft skill, almost extinct nowadays, uses the earth to cover the trunks of wood, leaving openings in order to control the fire. Did it coincide with the time needed to produce the charcoal? Once the kiln is filled with holm oak wood and the fire is lit, combustion takes between around five or seven days depending on the size of the kiln.

    Little by little, the openings are covered to prevent the fire from consuming all the wood. After having insulated everything, there is a waiting period of at least seven days until the kiln cools down.

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    Once it even took almost two weeks to cool. Everything was really beautiful. At the same time we were filming in other places, other people, going where our fancy took us. Instead, the beauty of the light is conveyed with great freshness as is the smoke arising from the openings of the burning charcoal, the passing of time and the transformation of space within this place. The crane is a symbol of happiness in Japan. Every year between the months of November and February, the cranes arrive in the south of Portugal after their journey from Sweden.

    At the end of every day they fly together to rest at a lake. We saw them flying one evening and afterwards we waited for them on several occasions. The choice of the first image was also clear to us when we saw again the image of Nuno shutting the kiln door, as this accentuated the mystery of what was happening behind that door.

    After that it was a question of choosing the other images taking into consideration linking aspects and dialogues between each one. How to feel the essential elements: fire, water, air, earth and space? How to lead the viewer to feel what we felt? We did not want to use the images and sounds to explain, so how to express all this without words? For me the experience of cinema lies beyond words.

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