Paradigm II, the Sequel

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And as they sing about how love will find a way, they notice that in their reflections, half of their faces are missing. After a long search, Kiara finds Kovu, and they see they their reflections form one face. They are one. Kovu suggests leaving forever and starting their own pride. But Kiara says that they need to go back, because war is going to break out.

They need to stop it. A storm breaks out over the Pride Lands as Zira leads her pride in war against Simba and his pride. A vicious battle breaks out. But just as Zira and Simba personally face off, Kovu and Kiara get in the way. Now I do. Just look at them. They are us. What differences do you see? Zira attacks Simba, but Kiara pushes her out of the way. The fall down a cliff to a flooded river. Zira is hanging on the rock side in classic Lion King style , with Kiara on the high ground. She offers to help Zira up, but she refuses and falls to her death in the river.

The Sequel: Life After Economic Growth

Okay, which one of you is Aslan? Oh wait All the lionesses of both prides, now united as one, bow to Simba, Nala, Kovu and Kiara as they walk to the edge of Pride Rock.

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The four of them have a nice roar together. We are one. Like I said in my introduction, I like this movie. The animation is amazing! This sequel looks and feels, in an animation sense, like the original movie does.

The characters look the same, the lighting and shadow are the same, and stuff still blows in the wind! It picks up where the original left off. I think a lot of sequels have too much time passing between the events from the first movie and the events of the second movie. But this movie begins exactly where the first one ended.

You can watch the two movies one right after the other and you get one complete story with no break or separation. The voice acting is fantastic. I think his voice just fits. Not counting the voice actors for the new characters unique to this film, almost all of the voice actors from the original movie have returned for the sequel. As far as I can tell, the man who voiced Zazu in the original movie, Rowan Atkinson, was the only person from the original cast that did not return to do The Lion King 2.

Even James Earl Jones reprise his role as Mufasa. Simba is an over protective father. This makes sense with his character. Again, with the exception of new characters, I feel like all the characters act the same as they did in The Lion King. Kovu, I mean, Mini Scar. I like how he was raised with one goal in life…kill Simba because he killed Scar! I even like how he ended up with a scar on his eye. I know that a lot of people hated it, thinking that they were trying too hard to be just like the original.

Was he born with it? Did Mufasa strike him for being too sarcastic? The music. I love the music of The Lion King. It was good music…I mean, they made a Broadway musical out of it, that should count for something. But I also love the music of The Lion King 2. Each song in this movie mimicked the style of a similar song in the original. Each song in the sequel is a mirror song to one in the original. I love these two songs.

In both songs they:. I mean, how can you beat Nazi hyenas? She and her pride of exiled lions, who were once loyal to Scar, use Kovu to get lovey dovey with Kiara, this way he can get close enough to Simba to kill him. I like this plan…and it probably would have worked. But because they went to Upendi Soon, readers, soon , this plan was foiled. But I still think it was a good idea. Let it be noted…she never finished that hunt.

I think Upendi got in the way. Kind of a cool aspect into the culture of the lions of Pride Rock. I love how Simba needs to judge Kovu, I believe this adds an interesting aspect to the story. But when that time comes and Kovu stands before him, after Simba thinks Kovu set up the ambush mind you, with the image of Scar on his eye, he exiles him. Only to find out that Kovu had changed and is no longer like the Outlanders.

Memory underpinnings of future intentions: Would you like to see the sequel?

I just think this is a cool element to the story. This is cool, and it gives us a taste of the fact that Simba is still haunted by that day in the gorge when he was a cub. I love the scene where Kovu and Kiara are looking up at the stars. We see the inner struggle of his desire to change his ways, and his loyalty to his own family. Andy Dick dies. This is a good thing. Just being honest here. He is raised to be an assassin and the next king of the Pride Lands.

Then, when he betrays his own pride, his mother strikes him and gives him the scar on his eye, symbolizing his path to becoming Scar is complete. This is also recognized at the moment of his exile; all the animals notice the scar.

Surviving the Disney Sequel Curse

Which by the way, I like how they show all the animals of the Pride Lands chase Kovu out. Did that happen to Zira too? But they sing that he is as evil as the scar on his face. The deed is done, and the scar is proof that he has become who he was really meant to be, the heir of Scar. This is also seen when Kovu looks into a pool of water and his reflection changes to Scar. Simba was always trying to be his father rather than be Simba. This hits home in Simba, and in the end, Simba becomes an even greater king with a son-in-law he can be proud of.

This again, adds to the character building of the story. Simba was trying to hard to be his father, and it caused him to fail as a king. This would have led to a vicious war, but Kovu and Kiara were able to prevent it. There are still some things that are stupid in The Lion King 2 that needs to be addressed. Chill out, Simba! Not to mention that because of his over protectiveness, she got into more trouble than she would have if he had just let her be most of the time.

His character was the same, but his voice was…just…awful like Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Where the heck is the Outlands? Why is this never mentioned in the first movie? What happened to the Elephant Graveyard? What, was that too obvious to use again? She wants to be herself and wants more out of life.

Paradigm Shift: It's Like Arise with GIFs

This makes her a princess. All she wanted was for Simba to take his rightful place as king…. Kiara just sucks as a princess because she has a bad case of CDPS. Okay, so there is the one line and action in this movie that is so bad you want to kill your next door neighbor and blame it on that creepy guy across the street. What is with this nine-year-old girl doing this slutty move…where did she learn to do that?!

He only knows violence? His sister, Vitani, and he fight, and when he meets Kiara only when she goes for the rough house play maybe it was play…who knows now with that slutty move she did , does he understand what she wants to do. Who exactly is Zira? His mistress? His sister? Just a loyal minion? Who is she in relation to Scar? We never find out. This would be nice to know. When did this happen? He already looks like me! I want to know when this happened! Where did that come from. Just saying is all. He was pissed and Simba knew it.

He was almost frightening. He sounded a little disappointed at the most…then he starts singing afterward! It was lame. Simba, grow some balls or bring back Mufasa! Messiah Mufasa says that you deliberately disobeyed him. He is not happy! Andy Dick. Out of all the actors in the world they chose Andy Dick to play the voice of the wimpy Scar look alike known as Nuka?! That is the worst casting choice in the history of voice acting…. This happened once when they were kids.

With Nala and Simba, there was a real friendship there. The recognition from the simple act of being pinned makes sense. But the sequel botched it up! Yeah, I know. This is the worst song in the entire movie. Second, The lyrics are awful:. Where the hippos swing from the jungle vines And the rhino rumba in a conga line And the pink flamingos are intertwined As the stars come out to play.

Third, is Upendi a state of being or is it a place? This is never answered! It looks like a place, but it could just be sexed up euphoria for all I know…kind of like that rainbow place in Anchorman. Fourth, everything is heart shaped. And I mean everything. Together with the Kickstarter, an alpha demo of the game was available to download and play.

The game was originally slated for release in mid Reviews for the game had been generally positive, with the game currently holding an average score of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Nerdist Industries. Penny Arcade. Adventure Gamers.

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