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In minutes, you can draw your garden plan on your computer. The Garden Planner automatically pulls in the frost dates for your location! You have done great job. Thanks for the sharing such a great post. Why, after working so hard to get my raised beds fertilized, ran drip system, mulched and weed all season my veggies didn't produce much. Zucchini's were few, tomato plants tall and lanky with few fruits, peppers stunted, and my seedless grapes not in raised beds came out with tough skins. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, Sandy, Oh, my, this is hard to hear. I am going to assume that the bed is in a place that get at least but ideally more than 6 hours of direct sun per day. Oddly enough, I was working on a project today about soil nutrients, which, despite what sounds like your ideal set up, could possibly have been missing.

What Every Gardener Should Know about Peat Moss (Plus 5 Alternatives)

And then there is pH acidity to consider. Even with the proper soil, improper pH values can hinder plant growth. We hope this does not deter you from trying again next year! We have a cucumber plant that has been doing rather well but all of a sudden something ate it. Literally over night. I sprayed it yesterday with an organic pesticide and my daughter found several little black almost microscopic bigs still eating it today.

How do I get rid of the bugs? What are they? How do I prevent? This is not the weaker type vinigar ound in the grocery. A good garden or chemical supply will have it. Also you might want to put the area with Diatomaceous Earth. While it looks like powder and is safe to use around children and pests, to crawling insects it is like a phalanx of Spartan soldiers. Along the south facing wall of my house I have planted dwarf citrus trees - they get lots of sun and are growing well. What do you recommend that I plant along the base of the wall, knowing that it will not get any direct sunlight?

Most veggies need at least partial shade to produce a worthwhile crop. Your best bet would be to try leafy greens, like lettuce, arugula, spinach, or Swiss chard. If the area is completely shaded though, you may not have much luck with veggies. Good day all, This Garden Planner sounds wonderful and would like to utilize it but moved down from a wonderful growing area in Roswell, GA to the high Andes Mountains with an arid elevation of 8, I learned that I needed to import Top Soil compost and remove the clay soil that I have in order to grow my heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn etc.

I was wondering if this Garden Planner has any adjustments to allow me to adjust to a reverse growing season plus I can't grow Blueberries, as there is no winter here : It the Garden Planner doesn't does anyone know of a website that they can direct me to on growing in this type of climate? Thank you for reading this. Hi David. I am in Costa Rica. We have simularities of climate and geology when it comes to gardenin.

One of those is volcanic soils lack iron.. If you can get iron filings that would take care of that problem. Sorry I don't think blueberries will grow well. At least not below or more feet elevation.

They need some cold weather but not necessarily freezing, but definitely below 45 F. On the other hand blackberries should grow well. Get the seeds from the fruit hopefully found in a grocery store.

Watering Tips, When to Water | Gardener's Supply

Reversing seasons won't help. We are both too close the Equator ans other than rainy and dry season, temperatures and daytime don't change much. I have had many things fail. Sometimes planting seeds that remain dormant about two months, grow a short spurt and die. I am closing in on this problem by planting seeds every two weeks. I am certain there is something about the timing but not temperature, length of day nor even rain after all, the garden hose resolves that problem.

I live at an altitude of feet in the same place the best and most expensive coffee grows. Tarrazu Costa Rica. I know manycoffee farmers and much of what I am doing is to get ather crops growing between and under the coffee trees. I think tall plants like sunflowers and perhaps Okra. I would also like to get Hops growing.

Used in beer brewing and labor intensive. There is a world wide shortage of Hops. I would think Ecuador would be perfect again above foot elevation.

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It snows and freezes but not much. I have seen citrus trees and palm trees growing as ar north as Eugene Oregon. These can be purchased at nurseries or grown at home from an existing sweet potato. Hi Laverne, Sorry, we are not sure which club you wish to join. We planted our first garden last year and it was a real learning experience for us. We would like to know what vegetables to plant together for watering purposes. We were told that some vegetables require more water and others less, so we wanted to plant those that used more water together to make it easier when watering.

Our garden includes tomato, potato, squash, zucchini, okra, radish, onion, jalepeno, cucumber, corn, bell peppers and green beans. We appreciate any help you can give us. We wouldn't stress too much about Earthworms! We hope you see why after reading this Wonder! I like to think that nature is there for us. That's why I love be happy with my body in an organic nail salon nyc. Hi, aidan! This Wonder was originally published in If you are citing it for a references page, you can list the date that you accessed this webpage for information, such as October 26, Mulched leafs last year Just finished tilling garden.

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Do you know if i can go to the fishing store to buy more worms for my garden? Or do I need one of the specific kinds you mention above? Thanks much. Hello, Carol! You might be able to get them at the fishing store or pet store. However, you can also add more organic matter to draw more earthworms to your garden. Adding mulched leaves and grass clippings are great ways to increase earthworms. Good luck!

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I remember as a kid my dad always told us he had to "plant" earthworms when he first bought the farm. He knew the value of them and this article helps everyone understand their importance. Thanks for covering such interesting topics! Thanks for sharing your story, Kathy H.!

You're right, earthworms have a very important role. I loved this article. I think young children are fascinated with worms and could really relate. How fun for parents and children to explore nature together. Hello, Amanda! Worms are really fascinating for kids, we agree! We know lots of grown-ups who "dig" them, too! I have always heard that earthworms are good for gardens, but I never really knew why. I think this question is really good! I'm excited to find out! We're happy to see that you're joining the conversation for this Wonder!

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Want to add a little wonder to your website? Help spread the wonder of families learning together. We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook. Why are earthworms good for gardens?

The key to a lush, green lawn

What are castings? How do earthworm tunnels help plants grow? Wonder What's Next? Join us in Wonderopolis tomorrow for an ooey, gooey Wonder of the Day! Try It Out Are you ready to dig into some more information about earthworms? Be sure to check out the following activities with a friend or family member: It's time to get up close and personal with some earthworms! You can either take a trip to a bait shop to buy some or you can probably find some just as easily with a little digging in the backyard. Ask a friend or family member to help you find some earthworms and then spend some time observing them.

If you need some tips on how to find earthworms, read through the instructions in this Observing Worms activity. If you've never paid much attention to earthworms in the past, follow the directions and write down some of your observations. To take your earthworm studies even further, consider building a Worm Condo or making Worm Food.

You'll be able to observe earthworms doing the very things that make them such great gardeners! Share what you learn with a friend or family member. Isn't it amazing to think of all the earthworms hard at work below the soil? Want to get an early start on your next gardening project? Over the course of a few months, you'll watch earthworms work their magic to produce healthy, fertile soil you can use in your garden! Did you get it? Test your knowledge. What are you wondering? Wonder Words grimy slimy castings bait plow roots compacted manure organic digest unique excrement phosphorus calcium nitrogen magnesium nutrients mulched Take the Wonder Word Challenge.

9 Gardening Tips for Beginners

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