The Burden of Immortality

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The Burden of Immortality

He decided that that was not normal considering his age and profession, with the amount of stress he had to undergo. Even visits to the doctor told him that his health was optimal, but strangely resembled that of a twenty-year-old. He first noticed this change when he acquired the alien he named "Life Sucker" eleven years ago. Although he rarely used this alien except for defeating the toughest opponents, he could feel the change on him constantly, as if he was always morphed into Life Sucker.

The reason why he named the alien such was because of its unique powers to drain the life force of anyone he wishes, enabling him to defeat the weakened opponent with ease. From what Ben had gathered, Life Sucker had no other special powers aside from its namesake.

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He didn't want to worry anyone, so he used the shape-shifter alien on his omnitrix to tweak his appearance. He added gray hairs and a few wrinkles to his usual appearance. Although usually in his shape-shifter alien form when human, no one could tell the difference, which was what Ben was grateful for. He didn't need anyone thinking that the omnitrix was having bad effects on him and quarantining him when he was the prominent crime fighter, even if it was mainly against aliens, in the city.

Ken had seen Life Sucker once and had wanted it to be added to his personal arsenal of aliens, but Ben had refused. Delvin had seen it as well and had asked to absorb its power to add to his collection of aliens, but Ben had refused that as well. Its burden was his to bear and he didn't need Ken to suffer any side affects that alien might result in.

Ben and Gwen were beyond thrilled when Ken had invited them to dinner with his current girlfriend. It was one of the happiest days of Ben and Gwen's life when Ken told them that he and his redheaded girlfriend, Jessie, were engaged and were to hold the wedding ceremony in half a year.

Delvin at the time had moved out and was pursuing a singing career, though he was to be the best man in the wedding. He had not expected Vilgax, or Kevin to escape from the null void for the fourth time. They had grown stronger during their absence and even more determined to take the omnitrix from him. With them were several other alien subordinates that had managed to escape with the deadly duo. Although he had Ken by his side this time around, Ben wasn't sure if he would be able to defeat them once again.

The last few times he had fought again Kevin or Vilgax, Grandpa Max had been there helping the best he could, whether it was through the computer, or through support. But this time around, he was on his own. Grandpa Max had passed away a few years ago when his age had finally caught up to him. Ben was relieved that Grandpa Max died a painless death in his sleep. Fifty-five year old Ben and Gwen had fought an epic battle with twenty-five-year old Ken at their sides.

The fight caused major damage to the city and extensive injuries to their fighters. Although they had won the battle, Gwen had been the most injured of the group, having been attacked by a boulder to the back of the head when she had her guard down. She was in a coma for the past five and a half months, which put Ben nearly at his wits end.

He was a nervous wreck and visited her in the hospital everyday, praying for her to wake up and to not leave him. He was beyond thrilled when she awoke from her coma a few days later that he nearly crushed her in a bone-crushing hug. Ken was worried that his self proclaimed mother would miss his wedding, but was relieved when she showed up, though a bit weak, attached to his father's arms while smiling madly during his wedding reception.

Ben was so happy that day that he had unconsciously morphed back to his regular human form without the tweaks in his appearance that the shape-shifter alien allowed him. Gwen had been shocked to find that he still looked as if he were in his twenties and could practically pass as Ken's brother. It was then that he explained the whole truth to her, away from the public, who luckily didn't see his slip-up. It still amazed him that she could still look so young and beautiful for her age. She let out a laugh. I've been worrying about you ever since you found the omnitrix.

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He let out a sigh. Ben shrugged and then pulled her to him in a hug, surprising her, since she wasn't expecting such an action. I don't know what I'd do without you," he told her softly. Although he had to witness a few friends and colleagues die before him, he was glad to be able to spend as much time with his sons and cousin as he could.

Shortly after Ken's wedding, Ben had confessed that he had fallen in love with Gwen and had never told her for years.

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He was surprised that she felt the same and they had tied the knot. Ken was ecstatic since he had always figured that there was something going on between the two and that he was able to call Gwen his mother out in public now. Much to his dismay, Delvin had lost a hundred dollars for losing the bet that it'd take a few more years before Ben confessed. At age ninety, Ben and Gwen had lived a life full of adventure, but had finally found the love that they weren't sure was out there for them. Even though he had to watch Gwen die peacefully in her sleep, he knew that it wouldn't be long before he joined her, with the omnitrix or no.

The moment he figured a way to remove the omnitrix, all the youth and life energy that Life Sucker had given to him returned right to the alien contraption. That had been a few years ago, so he had been able to live life normally without having to hide his true appearance. Ben removed the omnitrix and placed it in a special pod that he addressed to Ken. He lay down beside his wife and closed his eyes, letting the darkness surround him. It would not be long before he joined her in the afterlife since he could feel the last bit of energy the life-sucking alien had provided him leaving his body.

He had been glad that he had not allowed such a scary and most desirable alien to those seeking immortality to Ken. But he knew that his son would keep the omnitrix safe and probably find a way to remove the life-sucking alien's DNA from the contraption so that it never fell into the wrong hands. And with that, Ben Tennyson died with a smile on his face, after a life filled with doubt, fear, and most of all love. Well, that didn't come out as depressing as I thought it would. The idea of having an alien grant you immortality and not allowing you to die whist your loved once have all died before you was heart wrenching in my head.

But once I wrote all this out, I ended up making it a bit Ben x Gwen fluffy, which was not my original intention. Oh well, I hope you have enjoyed this.

The burden of immortality: Henry Rollins on He Never Died - The Film Reel

Note: This is the first time that I wrote for the category and most probably my last. And, I had to edit this story since AM had so kindly pointed out a plot hole that I wrote myself in. Then again, I wrote this all in one sitting and completed it at about five in the morning, so I had expected something to be off. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Ben Immortality is something that man has been seeking for years, but now that Ben Tennyson has it in the palm of his hand, why does he want to be rid of it?

The Burden of Immortality After the slimy alien had the wind knocked out of it for the last time, it fell to the ground with a loud thud, shaking the earth around him and leaving a small crater in his wake. Smiling at his heartfelt words, she pulled him in for a tighter hug. The temperature was definitely warmer yesterday. I brought both my hoodie and down jacket both mostly in vane, but climbing was just perfect! Its rrrrrrreally run out too! I was pretty sketched! I did managed to squeak through though! I took a long rest, downed a builders bar and some scratch labs drink mix, then tied in and sent the rig second go!!!!

I was really trying hard. Ok so the beta. Burden of Immortality 5. Though I think 8 of them are on the 5. Woo slab climbing! After the slab, you go straight out this juggy crack section. It is really steep, but the holds are good and you have good stem feet Very, and I enjoyed it. I don't know. I think that over time, immortality would change a person in ways I might not even be able to fathom. Keeping up with current day things. I'm already catching myself turning into a geezer at times, going: "Back in my day Though getting the opportunity to watch the world change on such a massive time scale might be worth it and going back to my third answer, those other things might also start to become more and more trivial to an immortal being as time goes by.

Thank you for answering the questions so thoroughly. I agree it would change a person, though I'm probably pessimistic but I'd think the colours of the world would fade away.. Yeah I agree, I think the things that once mattered might become entirely insignificant. I guess we'll just have to submit ourselves to science and find out! A very interesting article, thank you! Interesting, I share your opinion on 4, I'm sure boredom would be bound to kick in. Very true, but you could also suffer an immortality enslaved or imprisoned.

Yagamiseven Featured By Owner Oct 24, Thank you. You've finally done it Worthwhile thing you've done, my friend I'm proud of you. And No, I'm not answering your questions - I'm happy you've brought an improvement in your artist description. So you're ignoring the poem and my questions just cause of the artist description.. De rien, mon ami. Its like you're flirting even when you're cursing. I know o. Much like a tree in winter I slowly wither — but do not die. As I find myself here and now, contemplating this fake suicide.

Will you be the escape pod that shoots me into a celestial sky, away from all those chains that shackle me. Away from myself, my former me.. Tear me from limb to limb until you can tear no more. Never fading bruises. My identity heavily forgotten. And within the flames, I still endure. I dreamt of being dead. I was very wrong. Yet the thousandth crane Would never fly. Perfectly awkward - just like me. Yet the reflections still look the same to me. Unpolluted pool of light Silver fragranced moon Shed your tears tonight. A still surface -- with troubled waters underneath.

Yet your reflections always look the same to me. Ever fixed halo in the sky Shed your tears tonight Move the oceans and the sea, Break apart this entity. Bereft In the forest of Stillborns, pregnancies go to die. Aborted beginnings, Cradle robbed dry.

Imaginary Restraints Cross imaginary silver clouds, malediction strikes Crashing 'tween velvet shores and crimsoned seas Layers after layers ripping through my apathy this indifferent, patronizing tranquillity. As waves flow away from shores This velvet and crimson; we abhor. Grace the horizon shores and sea, Piercing silence baptizes me. Repulsive colours overflown. Cast away this jaded crown, Right down the abyssal sea.

Ne'er holds fanciful clouds, or notional tranquillity. Dragging the past in silence, Chasing a lost childhood.

Stranded on your ship, Without a crew. From the shore, caught somewhere in time, Solace seeks a dying man. Your last words, Caught in a scream in the wind.

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The Same Story we rewrite our lost history on the same paper, expecting new endings. Poems by Yagamiseven Dreams You're clenching on to your dreams Despite the fact that they are mere illusions. Illusions of thoughts and memories you never had. Caged You've trapped me like a bird in a cage Alone with my conflicting feeling Where nothing could further fuel my rage Except this agonizing sealing. Forever stuck in this state of hurt But as long as you're truly happy I'll find relish in this veil of dirt And allow myself to be treated crappy.

I kept my eyes firmly shut, not wanting to let. View More. More from DeviantArt. Silence is her Lullaby Sleep - That's all she ever does. Only until everything resurfaces. The voices, the images, her screams. She struggles to reach over to her night table, Trembling, she drops the little blue tablet on her tongue, swallows, and waits This, then, is life. The weighing in and the rushing out the heavy hands and the full-of-doubts the how-dare-yous and the desperate pause the sinking of ships without a cause.