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But then a Notraider who wishes to control the universe appeared and attacked Fuwa When I thought "I want to save Fuwa!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Song Lyrics and Sound Clip

Hikaru is an imaginative and curious second year student who loves constellations and space. She can be rather stubborn to which she will investigate anything that interests her thoroughly and acts on intuition. Lala is an alien from Saman who is treated more like an adult. When searching for the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure with Fuwa and Prunce, she ends up on Earth thanks to Fuwa's powers.

She's serious with a strong sense of responsibility but sometimes makes mistakes. Elena is a third year student with a radiant smile. She's very popular to the point that she is known as "The Sun of Mihoshi Town".

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Her family owns a flower shop in the shopping district known as "Sonrisa", where she sometimes works. She often looks after her 6 little brothers when her parents are off working at the store and transforms into the Pretty Cure of the Sun, Cure Soleil. Madoka is a third year student who tries her best to be ladylike. She from a family with a storied history; her father works in the government while her mother is world famous pianist. She herself holds national championship titles in piano and archery.

She also does flower arrangements and tea ceremonies, and gets excellent grades. Yuni is a resident of Planet Rainbow who took on various aliases to try and restore her planet. She was a space idol named Mao, a space phantom thief, Blue Cat, and Bakenyan, all to find out how to save her people and steal back the treasures that were sold away.

✰ 3 HOURS ✰ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ♫ MUSIC BOX ✰ Lullaby for babies to go to sleep

She transforms into Cure Cosmo. A fluffy universe fairy created by the star princesses as the last hope. The song carries the same melody as in the alphabet song. The song is short and sweet. Your kid will find it as an easy task to memorize it as well. Therefore, you can kick-off the lessons and teach this as the very first song to your child.

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Why stars twinkle in the night

Just learning to walk? The connect the dots doesn't thrill me because only the star lines actually connect upon touching the dots. The other connect the dots figures are astrological, such as an X for Taurus, and do not actually connect until more dots are touched. The only other negative I have is that the last verse of the song has a wrong word written AND sung - I really wish they would fix it: As your bright and tiny spark, Lights the traveller in the dark.

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