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The four instrument skills, i. Laser Rhythm-a-con is also considered a band skill, though it has some limitations, such as the lack of ability to jam and be used for a band. Violin skill, however, is a standalone skill that is not related to the other instrument skills. It cannot be used for a band either. Sims with level 5 or higher instrument skill can learn new compositions by buying and reading sheet music from bookstore. Compositions can only be learned once, and after Sims finish learning it, the sheet music will vanish.

Octet for winds in E-flat, Op. 103 (1792) - Beethoven

Unlike the other instruments, violin skill doesn't have sheet music in the bookstore. Sims will instantly learn violin compositions when they reach higher skill levels. Violin also has 2 types of compositions: normal and medieval composition. Sims can play for tips at level 5. They can go to a community lot and play for tips to earn money from watching Sims. In addition, they can also play for tips in the subway , [ TS3:LN ] which is more efficient because they may earn tips without actual Sims watching them playing.

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If the Sim has a romantic interest, they can also serenade them with their instrument. More skilled Sims will create an "Enjoying Music" moodlet when Sims are around. The moodlet effect will be higher if the Sim has higher skills. The effect does not stack with other music sources however, like stereo. Each instrument, excluding violin, has special master track compositions. Guitar, piano, bass, and drums have four master tracks, while Laser Rhythm-a-con has five.

Three four for Laser Rhythm-a-con of the master tracks can be randomly learned by completing the Master Instrumentalist and Money Maker challenges, as well as maximizing the skill if the Sim has the virtuoso trait. The last master track for guitar can be learned by completing a certain opportunity.

Composer Margriet Verbeek

In The Sims 4 , there are four different instrument skills: guitar , piano , violin and pipe organ. The guitar, piano and violin skills are in the base game, while pipe organ is added in Vampires. The inspired emotion is helpful to raising these skills, as it gives Sims a boost to instrument skill gain. These skills are also augmented by the creative trait , as those Sims tend to be more inspired than others.

Sims with the music lover trait can also be better at raising instrument skills, as they become more inspired from listening to music and become happy from playing instruments. The Musical genius aspiration is heavily centered around raising instrument skills.

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Children can also learn the guitar, piano and violin after mastering their creativity skill. Sims can start gaining tips from playing instruments out in the public; the higher their instrument skill, the more Simoleons they will gain. Lounges include guitars and violins, making them a great place for Sims to gain tips.

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City Living comes with a performance stand, that also allows Sims to gain tips. They are found in the neighborhoods of San Myshuno and Sims can also buy one of their own, which they can carry in their inventory to wherever they want.


Reaching level 10 of one instrument skill will unlock the corresponding skill achievement. The Sims 4: Vampires introduces the pipe organ skill. Sims can practice and learn the skill by playing the Napri Parlour Organ organ. Each instrument has various compositions, that Sims can write after reaching high enough levels. Once a song has been finished, Sims can submit it to a publisher to gain royalties.

Another use of the flugelhorn is found in the Dutch and Belgian " Fanfareorkesten " or fanfare orchestras.


In these orchestras the flugelhorns, often between 10 and 20 in number, have a significant role, forming the base of the orchestra. Joe Bishop, as a member of the Woody Herman band in , was one of the earliest jazz musicians to use the flugelhorn. Shorty Rogers and Kenny Baker began playing it in the early fifties, and Clark Terry used it in Duke Ellington's orchestra in the mids. Chet Baker recorded several albums on the instrument in the s and s.

Miles Davis further popularized the instrument in jazz on the albums Miles Ahead and Sketches of Spain , both arranged by Gil Evans though he did not use it much on later projects. Most jazz flugelhorn players use the instrument as an auxiliary to the trumpet, but in the s Chuck Mangione gave up playing the trumpet and concentrated on the flugelhorn alone, notably on his jazz-pop hit song " Feels So Good ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brass musical instrument. Brass instruments. String instruments. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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