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We hail from Kerala and landed in Canada a month back with a hope for a promising tomorrow but unfortunately the start itself gave us a shock. We had left our bag with two laptops and some clothes at the airport itself and came to know of that only after a few days. Because we had left it near the conveyer belt, the chance of getting it back was really low We rushed to the place but could not meet the concerned person and thus had to come back.

There was so much of pressure inside us as the laptops were costly and if we had lost it buying a new one will be unaffordable for us, it will also affect our job hunt here. We prayed day and night and finally as a blessing we could get the bag back with all its contents after 2 days and the first thing we got while opening the bag was the photo of Saint Antony that we had brought along with us. This was a breath taking moment for us and also it was the saint Antony showing us that miraculous presence.

I strongly believe that St. Antony has answered our prayers so that we could use my laptop for typing this only because of your choicest blessings. In another instance, my husband left his mobile in a public washroom and without noticing this we walked quite a long way All through the way while running I was praying to my saint to help us because it was the only mobile we were having also we had all our contacts and passwords and credentials saved in that.

As a miracle it was found at the same place where he had kept it. This is again the blessings from the heaven above, I truly believe. We lost something far more important than the above mentioned two things Without this nothing will be possible in a foreign country like Canada. We did not lose our hope We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and offer you our garland as you have saved us from very critical situations in life at a foreign land.

Thank you once again for your blessings and I seek your presence in our life in the future too. Up on the loud of our voice and the heights of our belief we proclaim our belief in Saint Antony and also will definitely spread this message across to everyone. I pray that St Anthony may always be very close to you, and may he lead you ever closer to Jesus.

Glenn Dallaire. Anthony, I am anxious with depression and no lust for life. Please intercede on my behalf. Help me grow in my faith. I am weary. Dear Saint Anthony, I am not hear to ask for material things. But yes, I did lost someone and I'm longing for him desperately. His presence and love for me was faded and his faith to God especially. He hates me when i pray for him. I know what i am asking needs a real miracle. He is my desire my dreams my fantasies. I know this is what he's looking for as well. Dear Saint Anthony.. Anthony,i pray in the name of Jesus for the conversion of Chad to Catholism for the sake of our son.

Create in me a clean heart, patience and a heart full belief and faith. Touch him, oh Lord, touch him in the most profound way that he will bow down to you and acknowledge You as Lord. I pray through the intercession of St Anthony for this miracle. I ask though I am not worthy but because Jesus died on the cross for me. Good an holy S. Anthony please help me my life is coming apart at the seams. I have lost my self esteem ,I haven't work in years, and I am ashamed of it. My family needs my support please help me, I believe in you with all of my heart and soul, Please speak with the infant Jesus, I know I am not worthy but please help me.

Dear st Anthony, worker of miracles, i have a professional exam to write next week,please help me get an A in this exam, i know I don't deserve it but you are a saint of miracles, please whisper my petitions and worries to Jesus.. Thank you God,Thank you st anthony.

Dear, St. Anthony, Please help me with my marriage. I want my husband to be good, faithful and love me the way I am. You're the saint of miracles.

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Thanks God and St Anthony. G Dear Saint Antony , I saw you in my dream yesterday night. I dont know what to say ,My brother is lost since 17 years My dad is 92 years aged and expecting his son My mom is not doing well health wisely. You have to take care of these issues and take care of my family. You have to bring my brother back and save my family. I trust in you.

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G Dear Saint Anthony, please intercede for me. I believe that you make miracles happen. In I was diagnosed with cancer. I had surgery and chemotherapy and radiation. Scans show that I don't have cancer. Please help me that it doesn't come back. Also I have financial hardship and can never catch up in my bills. Help my family to be able to breath from all those bills. Especially to save our home. Let us be financially independent. We can never celebrate our children's birthdays. My daughter will be turning 15 soon help us to be able to celebrate it.

To make that day special for her. Help my son find his way in life. To open his eyes and make better choices in life. Guide him into a good life. Help him to become very intelligent and in sports and friends. Help my daughter in school and sports and friends. Open my mind to go back to school. But 1st help in that my social security gets approved. I pray for all the sick and all in need of miracles. Please help me and my family.

Also help me find a buyer for this other property that has lions. So I could sell it, pay the lion and still have money left over. I trust in you that you'll help me with all my problems and worries. It was after 9 pm when we parted ways. She said she put it in her make up bag and left it in her car, during the reception another friend ask her to move her car out of the driveway so the owner of the house could park his car in the inner parking.

She then gave her car key to him asking him to move it for her. Then that night after she found out about her wallet being missing, She ask me if it's okay if she call him to ask whether he saw that wallet during that time, I told her to check in her car first but she said her husband had gone to work at that stage driving her car, so I said why don't you txt him first, ask him to check your wallet in the car. While waiting for her husband to reply I also asked her to pray to St.

Anthony and I did the same for her. The next morning She sent me txt telling me that her husband found her wallet in her car, She thank me for the prayer and to St. I smiled and said to St Anthony " You never failed me " Morena. My name is Jennie Ruiz. I am writing my testimonial about St. Anthony's helo to find something. Years ago I was a seller on Ebay and I was waiting for a package in the mail that contained what I had sold to ship to customers.

I kept on tracking the package for days. I then prayed to St. Anthony to please find the package for me, because I was about to have to refund hundreds of dollars back to buyers. That same day I got the package delivered to me, and all my buyers were super happy and everything went smoothly!! The package had been lost in transit and somehow was found! This miracle that happened to me last night is nothing short of a miracle, divined intermission. My husband gave me a pair of diamond earrings for our 15th wedding anniversary last year. They were so special to me and they were also my only pair of real earrings lol.

A couple of months ago I fell asleep in them and in the middle of the night just took them off and put them on my nightstand. The next morning I was clearing out my nightstand and threw away some papers. I later remembered I had taken off my earrings and put them on the nightstand. When I went to get them one of them was missing. I was looking for them for months, praying to God everyday to find them. I also remembered the St. Anthony prayer that I had done back when my package was lost.

A couple on months past, literally would look for them everyday and praying with so much faith. My daughter would find me looking for them and would say "mom you should stop looking for them, they are lost". So last night I was cleaning my room, moving furniture and all and still looking. In the process one of my nails needed filing.

I remembered that sometimes I would keep a nail file in my purse, so I decided to look in one of my old purses, which was ripped in the inside and I have not used it in over a year. Guess what? No only finding the earrings was a miracle, where I found them was unbelievable. That to me believe even more in miracles!! Sorry for the long testimonials, but I am just so happy and had to share my story and thank my Lord Jesus Christ and My favorite saint St. I pray to saint Anthony always, Even For The Smallest Of Things I Ask His Help, Or If Im Trying To make a decision and im not sure im making the right choice i pray to saint anthony and saint Michael the archangel My protector for guidance if the think its the right decision or not, and believe it or not sometimes the things i wanted to do i never did because something else would come up to change those plans,, And i believe That was my 2 favourite saints helping and guiding me, saint Anthony has never failed me no matter what iv ever asked for from him, it.

I thank Jesus , Holy mother Mary and Saint Anthony for letting me find my fiance bracelet that i feared to loose. I have lived my life believing Nothing is impossible,through the intercession of blessed saint Anthony. I have received un-deservedly on countless occasions. Presently I hope to start my graduate studies in September, and I applied for a Chevening scholarship, to help with the funding cost, the results for the second stage comes out soon and I humbly implore all anthonians and believers to pray for me, asking the good saint to help deliver my interview invite. I honestly need this opportunity.

My patron saint please come to my aid. Dear Saint Anthony, After many years of adversity in many facets of my life along with endless heartbreak I reconnected with someone who became the love of my life. It was short lived and the ramifications of the breakup have been life changing both personally and professionally.

I am now in counseling and medication just to be able to cope daily. My future living arrangements are completely unclear and I am desperate to become a mother. I understand people have free will and that affairs of the heart are likely to be more difficult for you to respond to However, I desperately ask for your intercession and selfishly request that M.

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This is mt last attempt and hope that my lost love will realise his way back to me. You have never failed me and I pray that this request is no exception. My heart and soul are broken but I have faith that you don't want this for me and will intercede so that I will be happy. Please allow him to realise my love for him and how happy both of us could be in a loving union.

Please remove all obstacles to ensure that this loving reunion can occur. I believe that of all the saints, Saint Anthony can make this miracle happen to me. Love Sofia. Dejar saint Anthony, please help me with this insomnia, I can't sleep without taking medication. You're the saint of miracles and I know the same way you helped me with my marriage you're going to help me with this situation, with you help and the intervention of God our father are goin to be fine.

Thanks, AYM. This my first time praying or even reading about Saint Anthony but I cried threw every comment I'm not Catholic but have prayed Novenas before and I am in need of a Miracle today My Boyfriend has been gone for two months since the passing of his Grandmother which caused a already strain on our relationship which pushed him even further in despair and away from me and his child. I'm desperate to get our Family back. We had Marriage plans Vacations plans and just Future plans now we haven't spoken in a week and I miss him and our child misses him and needs him.

But I'm praying everyday and now I will add St Anthony. As I am lost without him we belong together. Tear down these walls between us whatever they are and please hear my cry I believe in your blessings. Amen and Thank you Nickalette. Oh, most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven. To Completely and immediately Restore and lead Bryan back home to us. We miss him and end this Separation immediately Between us and our kids. Remove Doubt,Ego's,Family curses,selfishness,old and bad habits,ex's,ill-willed people and situations,Pride,fears,obstacle and road blocks.

Please pray that God will touch Bryan's heart and fill it with much love for me and make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. Pray that God will keep Bryan free of all temptations and guide him back into my loving arms permanently, and always put us in each others heart and mind. I ask this in the Most Holy Name of Jesus. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee There are none that can withstand your power.

Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands Amen. God our holy father and Saint Anthony please help my daughter. Anthony, Please bless my 3 children. Help them in their exams and to get good careers. Please grant them Divine guidance, protection and order.

Help my hard working husband in matters of health and work. Help me to get over my fear of driving and to pass my driving test. Help me to get good work, with good pay. Help us to have money for the holidays and for sending my kids back to school. Dear St Anthony. For the last one year I am facing lots of problems in life both legally and financially. I am jobless for the last one year and finding it difficult to lead the life with family.

Please prayer for me to find a good job and resolve all the legal problems currently facing by me. I apologize for the mistakes I had committed knowingly or unknowingly Yours Binu Mon.

St. Anthony & Lost Items

Dear St Anthony, Please pray for me to get a Job in a reputed company since my resume had forwarded to them. Dear st anthony i lift up to you my son miguel pls. Guide him and nurture him. Help him to have good school in 11th grade and in college. He is a good boy. Guide on his career. May you always guide him to enjoy life with reverence to the Lord. I also lift up to you my 2 daughters Dannie and Gabbie pls.

Protect them. Mama Mary always be with them cover them with your precious mantle and Jesus pour your most precious nlood to them. I offer you my sufferings and my life for the safety and future of my children. Marami pong salamat. My wife and I were going to the local store when I noticed a poison trap for rats had something in it.

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It was a kitten, barely weaned, he had wandered into the trap. I opened the trap, and the kitten immediately had a siezure and was very weak. We took him to the veterinary clinic, where they told us he had brain damage - probably from the poison, and he also tested positive for feline enteritis, - there was really very little hope for him but they admitted him.

Finally I prayed hard to both St Francis and St Anthony - having no idea until I read your article that they had known each other in life, and that St Anthony is the Patron Saint of lost things. The kitten was lost in every way possible, alone and very seriously ill. Now after six days, the kitten is much stronger, and is very loving.

His symptoms of brain damage have almost completely disappeared, and he has NO symptoms of feline enteritis. My faith has been very weak lately, but this has restored my faith completely. Thank you St Francis and St Anthony. Hi Anonymous, Thank you so much for sharing this heartwarming and inspiring story! St Francis and St Anthony, pray for us.

May God bless you and your loved ones, Glenn Dallaire. Almighty God descent the Holy Spirit on my younger daughter and give her a good life partner to marry her early and also on my elder daughter, so that she may conceive and give birth to health children through the intercession of Miraculous St. Dear St Antony of Padua, Thank you for all the answered prayers and also thank you for everything.

Antony, I'm lost, I'm hopeless but in you I know that I'll find strength and hope. My you help me o dear St. Let the thiefs be confused, may they not know what to do with the items they stole from me, they did this in darkness but may they be found in light. U did help me find my lost crucifix after four years in the lake, this will never be impossible to u. I pray, hope and believe. Dear st Anthony thankyu for helping me find my lost keys.

Anthony help Me find my friend Kelvin then I won't disturb you again many times. Humbly interceed for Me to Jesus I don't want to lose my friend I also keep him in your care. Dear Saint Anthony. I lost my glasses and a little pouch that I carry my medicine and Oxometer in. Please help me find them. I pray for your help. Thank you Saint Anthony.. My wife's wedding ring lost in the mud while washing clothes. At last we lost hope. My wife was full of tension because it was a wedding ring which was blessed in front of st Anthony statue in st Anthony church.

Next day morning we lighted candles in st Anthony church and attended mass and prayed. After came home from church we again started searching the ring. By st. Anthony miracle i found the ring just for one trial. Thank you st Anthony so much love you Jesus. Thank you St. Anthony for finding my lost things. Praise the Lord. Praise St. You always answer my prayers. Thank you very much. My Gratitude. Anthony for finding more than my lost things. I had to whip the cream to make butter and was not finding the whipping blade. A small whipping blade mattered so much. So after all these tedious efforts, I prayed to St.

Much to my surprise, instantly I found it in the usual place. So as thanksgiving, I decided to spend 10 minutes with St. He got me to say a rosary to Mother Mary. From then I continue to use the same rosary daily to say rosary and carry with me wherever I go. This testimony may look silly. But it is very important for me because St. Anthony connected me back to the blessed rosary through which I get guidance, revelation and protection.

I prayed for whipping blade, He got me connected to Mama Mary through rosary.

Dear Saint Anthony S. G You you always help me to find lost objects, even if they are day-to-day nonsense. What I come to ask for is not an object but a loved one. A few months ago I met a man, we had a very nice connection and I fell in love. He has personal difficulties and decided to finish everything because he feels confused, I am still very much in love and I feel that there can be a beautiful relationship of love.

I feel lonely and I ask you please a second chance with him, please make him open his heart and his eyes to me, that he remembers the love that he had towards me and that an opportunity of love can be born in us. Help him with his weaknesses and sorrows, give him strength and guide him. Please make M find that love again for me, I know there is still something special. I am so sad and lost, intercede for me this petition to the Child Jesus.

Let me see him once again and let him see me with eyes of love and opportunity of something beautiful. I love you Saint Anthony and thank you for always listening to me. In the name of Jesus, amen. We had such a connection and then obstacles and confusion set in our way. Specially in his mind and soul, please let him heal, guide him, let his fears and doubts disappear. Please I beg you intercede for us, that he can find the hope and love he had for me. Guide his heart to mine again. I will bring you a Sunflower and a Lily to your statue as gratitude for your help and I will always be devoted to you, guide me in the way of God always.

Thank you Saint Anthony. Post a Comment. St Anthony Guide -Miraculous letter deliveries. Miraculous mail deliveries in the lives of the Saints S. The letters stand for "St Anthony Guide" because of the miraculous story below. During his lifetime, God was pleased to work countless miracles in the life of the Franciscan Priest St. Anthony of Padua and his reputation for sanctity was universally acclaimed. So in a sense it is not surprising then that immediately after the death of St. Anthony the miracles worked at his tomb were so prodigious that the Bishop of Padua petitioned the Vatican for his canonization.

A judicial inquiry was instituted without delay, and by an exception regarded as unparalleled in history, on May 30, Pope Gregory IX, solemnly pronounced the decree of canonization, only eleven months after Anthony's death. His mother and two sisters who survived him had the extraordinary and extremely rare privilege of witnessing the canonization ceremony and joining in the festivities that followed the announcement.

Those familiar with the canonisation process know that such a speedy canonization is unheard of in the Catholic Church, as the normal process requires much study into the life of the proposed Saint, and as such they are normally canonised decades and quite often centuries after their deaths. Such was the remarkable holiness of St Anthony. The origin of the initials "S.

His wife, who remained in Spain, wrote a number of letters to him without receiving a reply. After many months full of worry and with the utmost faith and simplicity, she brought a letter with her to the Church of St. Francis at Oviedo. Anthony, and she placed a letter to her husband into his outstretched hand and prayed the following prayer with confidence, asking for his heavenly intercession: "St.

Anthony, I pray to thee; let this letter reach him and obtain for me a speedy reply.

Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony

Weeping in frustration that her letter had not been delivered, she attracted the attention of the Brother sacristan who listened to her story. Afterward, he told her that he had tried to remove the letter but could not, and he asked the lady if she would try to remove it. She tried, and she did so with ease. The letter she retieved from the hand of the statue of St Anthony was not the one that she placed there the day before; it was a letter from her husband.

As she removed the letter from his hand, three hundred golden coins fell from the sleeve of the statue. Astonished, a number of the friars were called and ran to the scene and waited while the miraculous letter was opened. The letter was dated July 23, and read: "My dearest wife. For some time I have been expecting a letter from you, and I have been greatly troubled and concerned at not hearing from you. But at last your letter has come, and given me joy. It was a Father of the Order of St. Francis who brought it to me. You complain that I have left your letters unanswered. I assure you that when I did not receive any from you I believed you must be dead, and so you may imagine my happiness at the arrival of your letter.

I answer you now by the same religious Father, and send you three hundred golden crowns [coins], which should suffice for your support until my approaching return. In the hope of soon being with you, I pray God for you, and I commend myself to my dear patron St. Anthony, and ardently desire that you may continue to send me tidings of yourself.

Your most affectionate, Antonio Dante" The original letter, written in Spanish, is affectionately kept and preserved at the Franciscan Monastery in Oviedo. In memory of this event, the practice of writing S. Anthony Guide on letters has became popular, thereby placing the letters under the protection of St Anthony whom they trust will get the letter safely to its proper destination.

Gemma Galgani Another more recent case of miraculous mail deliveries occured in the extraordinary life of the 20th century stigmatic and mystic Saint Gemma Galgani In the "Life of St Gemma Galgani" written by her spiritual director, Venerable Father Germanus Ruoppolo, a few years after her death we read how the extraordinary mystic was on such familiar terms with her Guardian Angel that she sometimes entrusted her letters to him for safe delivery: "One day, with the most charming simplicity, she prayed to her spiritual director's angel to take the letter she had written to him.

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Gabriel is an angel who serves as a messenger for God to certain people. He is one of the three archangels. Gabriel is mentioned in both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible. First, in the Old Testament, Gabriel appears to the prophet Daniel to explain his His mother Mary was either a sister or a close relative of the Blessed Virgin, and for that reason, according to Jewish custom, he was sometimes called the brother of the He was born around AD, in Stridon, Dalmatia. Today, the town, which ceased to exist in Jerome's time, would likely be in Croatia or Slovenia. The young Jerome was educated by Aelius Are you next?

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