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An overview

So where did I want to live? In La Pampa, where real gauchos cowboys still roam the unending plains in their traditional outfits?

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Having spent most of my adult life in big cities like Los Angeles and London, I opted for metropolitan life yet again. Buenos Aires was exciting and filled with places to go and things to see. Every apartment offered a new view of the city skyline, or a charming cobblestone lane, or an emerald park, or gray seas across the River Plate to Uruguay.

Eventually I left Buenos Aires, moving to the northwest of Argentina. We begin at one of the oldest and most colorful districts of Buenos Aires, La Boca the mouth.

Mi Buenos Aires Querido

There is a small harbor at the point where most visitors arrive by taxi or public transportation. Street vendors, selling curios and native handicrafts, line the way for the two block walk to the heart of La Boca. To the right, you can see the start of the Caminito little pathway , where artists display their works amidst statues that adorn the scene.

You can find watercolors and oil paintings of city scenes, landscapes, portraits, and non-representational modernist pieces. Many of the buildings lining El Caminito have galleries and shops inside, where you can buy both art works and handicrafts. While it might not be high art, another art form is very popular in La Boca.

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Posed on balconies or on the streets themselves, you will see humorous life-size statues, often caricatures of famous Argentine figures. And, well, this is Argentina so of course there has to be a cow around somewhere.

Carlos Gardel

When you get back to the main street, you might have worked up an appetite with all the walking. When your meal comes, be prepared for beef. A lot of beef. Unthinkable parts of beef. In addition to steak-ish cuts, there are regular sausages, blood sausages, and assorted organs.

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It will likely be served with a mysterious green sauce. Give it a try, you will probably like it.

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After your meal, stroll around a bit. Many years ago in Los Angeles, I took an introductory tango course for gay men. La Boca sometimes hosts the former but the popular established milongas of the latter sense are in other barrios of the city. An afternoon in La Boca will give you a crash course in Argentine culture, covering two of the three essentials: tango and beef.


But I will continue it, so just keep an eye on the Recent Diaries list if you want to see more of this remarkable city. Community This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.

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Recommend Unrecommend According to Grove Music, Gardel was a famous tango singer in Argentina, so this was undoubtedly composed for his own band, but the Grove article does not mention what the instrumentation of that band was. See Wikipedia article.

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Creative Commons Attribution 3. Naxos Javascript not enabled. Creative Commons Attribution 4. Tangos ; Dances ; Film scores ; Incidental music ; Theatrical Works ; Works with undetermined instrumentation ; For guitar arr ; Scores featuring the guitar ; For 1 player.