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Cloudflare will never store any information in our logs that identifies an end user, and all logs collected by our public resolver will be deleted within 24 hours. We will continue to abide by our privacy policy and ensure that no user data is sold to advertisers or used to target consumers. Without their years of research and testing, these addresses would be impossible to bring into production. Yet, we still have a way to go with that.

Stay tuned to hear about our adventures with those IPs in future blogs. For IPv6, we have chosen and for our service.

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But why use easy to remember addresses? Do you see the 4 and the 1? Four ones! If it helps you remember 1. This is no joke, this is no prank, this is no foolish act. This is DNS Resolver, 1.

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(ebook) 1001 Internet Jokes II - Travel Edition

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