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This utaite's song list is up-to-date and complete.

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Sana and kalon. Sana and Nayugorou The main theme of Final Fantasy X-2 is the search for the lost, as Kimahri's discovery prompts Yuna to set on a journey to find her lost love. The theme of memories and how they affect people is also prominent. Yuna, Rikku, and Paine think about the events of the past and find strength in them to keep going and look towards the future. As Shuyin's despair over the Machina War and his failure to save Lenne grew over a millennium and began acting on its own, he became a monster who wanted to destroy Spira.

Lenne's memories and emotions are shown through Yuna acting as her vessel, and she sought to have Yuna help her express the pain that results from war and stop Spirans from repeating their past mistakes, and ultimately help Shuyin find peace. Another prominent theme is friendship. Paine joins the Gullwings and initially keeps to herself, but learns to open up even though she is often annoyed by Yuna and Rikku. The party discovers Paine's past friendship with Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai, who are also a reason for Paine to join the Gullwings. Yuna's journey is that of self-discovery.

Since she is no longer a summoner and burdened by its responsibilities, she is free to embrace the life she believed she would have to sacrifice for Spira's sake. Through her time under Rikku's influence, Yuna finds her place in the new Spira, and finds a strong and confident woman inside herself.

Another theme is human conflict and change.

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Spira has changed since Sin's defeat and with the arrival of the Eternal Calm, a reformed Yevon fights with the recently formed Youth League over the control of Spira's future, while the Machine Faction tries to remain neutral by supplying machina to both sides. Now that Sin is gone the people are free to have fun in life and are no longer subject to Yevon's teachings.

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However, they have to deal with the repercussions of the actions taken to achieve that independence, and the people who lost their lives in the process, and have to come to terms with the changes overtaking Spira and the consequences that come with progress. Final Fantasy X wasn't originally planned to have a sequel, but after a strong fan reaction to the short story titled Eternal Calm included with Final Fantasy X International , the development team decided to continue the story in a sequel. The developers didn't want Final Fantasy X-2 to be a mere extension of the previous game. Even before the team had completed the story for the sequel, they had worked on recreating Yuna's look, and decided on a story to fit that style.

One other approach that had been discussed was depicting the story of Jecht and Auron 's generation, but the idea was scrapped for being too traditional, and also, the team didn't want a game with no female playable characters. Director Motomu Toriyama has commended that it's not uncommon for women to star as main characters in Hollywood movies and the team looked into films like Charlie's Angels and Tomb Raider for inspiration [8] , but the Hollywood stories were using "macho" women to fill the same type of roles usually played by men.

With Final Fantasy X-2 , ideas from movies were used as a starting point, but the goal was to base the story around cuter and more feminine characters. The developers wanted a change from the previous game's theme. The Final Fantasy X theme was described as independence from the ties of law and customs, whereas Final Fantasy X-2 was to be about the changes that occurred from the chaos after gaining that independence.

In Final Fantasy X , each character had something big to face, but in Final Fantasy X-2 the developers wanted to show their journey searching for their new self. To contrast with Final Fantasy X's at times sorrowful atmosphere, Final Fantasy X-2 was to have a "pop" and upbeat tone in the game's beginning. It was known since the beginning Final Fantasy X-2 was not going to have summons and that something was needed to take their place; this is where the idea for the spherechange system originated, since it provides something appealing both visually and in terms of gameplay.

The production team was only a third the size of the previous installment; because the team was already familiar with the material and content from Final Fantasy X could be reused, it allowed the game to be developed in one year, and at half the time it normally takes to produce a Final Fantasy title. One challenge with the localization was getting the tone right, as explained by Brian Grey who worked on the localization:. The game's music was composed by Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi , two composers who had also created music for the obscure racing RPG Racing Lagoon , a game from that was never localized and was developed under the former Squaresoft label.

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The regular series composer Nobuo Uematsu did not contribute a single track despite having composed the majority of the first game's soundtrack. The game's musical style is different from its predecessor's, including many lighthearted and upbeat tracks. Unlike " Suteki da ne ", the vocal theme of Final Fantasy X , " real Emotion " and " Words " received English versions for the global release.

When asked about the chosen composers, the game's director, Motomu Toriyama, stated, "As symbolized in Yuna's live performance in the opening, we wanted to incorporate a pop feeling even with the music this time, which is very different from the typical Final Fantasy world. Eguchi were a perfect fit to the changes we were trying to achieve so we asked those two to handle the music for FFX In fact, the drastic change in the music is one of the big differences that gave new direction for FFX Uematsu to participate but due to other projects, we weren't able to have him on board for FFX International and Last Mission.

While the dialogue is the English dialogue except for Last Mission , the subtitles and menus are in Japanese. International has general tweaks to the look, feel, speed, and dialogue; as well as two extra dresspheres , new Garment Grids, and the inclusion of a Creature Creator system similar to the Monster Arena of Final Fantasy X where fiends can be captured, trained and used in battle. Among these are Almighty Shinra a demonic-energy infused Shinra and Major Numerus the final boss of Last Mission, a four-headed snake beast that rivals other Final Fantasy bosses for the spot of most difficult.

Over additional party members can be gained through this system, with the majority having their own small storylines and endings some including familiar faces, such as Seymour and Jecht. Last Mission is a storyline-based mission set three months following the defeat of Vegnagun where Yuna, Rikku, and Paine meet up for the first time since going their separate ways after their victory to explore the recently-discovered Iutycyr Tower.

The tower has 80 levels with a boss battle on every 20th level. On every 10th level, the girls discuss the current events in their lives and in Spira, adding many post-game conclusions for many people the girls encountered three months prior. These conversations are altered depending on how the player begins the mission.

Selecting New Game at the start screen prompts the player to load a save game file from Final Fantasy X-2 normal or International, or to begin without loading. When beginning from scratch, the dialogue is based on the normal ending of Final Fantasy X If the player loads a save game file with the happy or perfect ending, Yuna will talk about her new life with Tidus on Besaid Island at 30th floor. It is possible to remove certain pieces of dialogue: On 19 March, , it was confirmed that Final Fantasy X-2 would be receiving an HD remastering alongside Final Fantasy X and that it would be based on the game's International version.

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The two games are available together on a single Blu-ray disc for the PlayStation 3 version. The PlayStation 4 version was announced by Square Enix via its official site. The game was released in May Final Fantasy X-2 sold well; within a few months of its North American release, the game had sold a million copies, on top of nearly two million copies in Japan. The game's stylistic changes from past Final Fantasy titles created controversy; Final Fantasy X-2 was the first direct playable sequel to a Final Fantasy title, and the game's atmosphere was a drastic change from that of Final Fantasy X.

The reuse of content also received criticism. Despite negative comments, the game's critical reception was largely positive. Final Fantasy X-2 makes numerous allusions to contemporary pop culture, among other subjects.