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While I enthusiastically grappled with this book, trying hard and failing to keep up with the wildly intelligent philosopher that wrote it, both he and I would admit that it is not a book for everyone. Infinite Resignation belongs on the shelf next to the likes of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, thinkers that Thacker quotes extensively, and it deserves to be studied and debated by rigorous students of philosophy.

A Dream Within a Dream

Thacker is the kind of thinker that should be high on the list when future generations are compiling collections of philosophers of the early 21 st Century that need to be studied. I can only hope that he is not lost to obscurity like many of the patron saints of pessimism and only discovered long after his death. Infinite Resignation is not an easy book to read, but show me a book of philosophy worth wrestling with that is not also difficult to examine and study and I will call you a liar.

But he would probably add something to it, something akin to life would not suck at all if we had never been born in the first place. Master classes have historically held in the walls of universities for students of the arts, but. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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I dismiss nit- picking criticism which flirts with philistinism. I bitch; I kibitz — griping whilst criticizing dimwits, sniping whilst indicting nitwits, dismissing simplis- tic thinking, in which philippic wit is still illicit. Pilgrims, digging in shifts, dig till midnight in mining pits, chipping flint with picks, drilling schist with drills, striking it rich mining zinc. Irish firms, hiring micks whilst firing Brits, bring in smiths with mining skills: kilnwrights grilling brick in brickkilns, millwrights grinding grist in gristmills.

Irish tinsmiths, fiddling with widgits, fix this rig, driving its drills which spin whirring drillbits. I pitch in, fixing things. I rig this winch with its wiring; I fit this drill with its piping. I dig this ditch, filling bins with dirt, piling it high, sift- ing it, till I find bright prisms twinkling with glitz.

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Dive in:. This excerpt is from a book-length poem called Eunoia that has five chapters, each one corresponding to a single vowel. Eunoia is the shortest word in the English language that contains all five vowels. What do you think the relationship is between the word eunoia and the experiment of this book?

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  • Note that all of the words in this excerpt feature words that only contain the vowel I. What is the effect of hearing the same vowel sound repeated over and over?

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    Do you feel that the vowel has a kind of personality of its own? If so how would you describe it? Who was Dick Higgins?