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    Absolutely huge wolf that lived with the grizzly bear and caribou of the Far North Cased No feet. Huge alpha female. Exceptionally nice color Hunter kept skin around for a year with result that some oxidation occurred on leather on posterior abdomen. Some blubber staining on lower jaw, underside of neck animal lived near ocean, fed on some seals, whales, etc. Would make tremendous wall hanger Northwest Canada. Fully furred abdomen; alpha male with some reddish hairs on underside of neck, in penis area.

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    Similar to those big wolves you see chasing woodland bison and moose on TV nature shows. Exceptionally nice skin. Nice big wolf. Gorgeous select quality fur No nose. Exceptionally nice, soft fur. Gorgeous thick fur on abdomen. Fully furred whitish belly Left dew claw missing, replacement provided. Nice color Exceptionally nice skin Fur on tail very slightly weak. Nice fully furred abdomen. Lots and lots of gorgeous select quality fur Fur very slightly weak probably not noticeable to untrained eye.

    Fully furred abdomen. Nice looking skin Lips of lower jaw not split. Extreme tip of ears bare.